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21st Chaos Communication Congress
Lectures and workshops

Picture of reboot  cubensis ^ incognita reboot cubensis ^ incognita
Day 1
Location AVIT
Start Time 02:15 h
Duration 00:30
ID 296
Type Movie
Track AVIT VJ Conference

Showcase: Cubensis

Demoscene inspired 3D visuals from Spain with Cubensis VJ software

Cubensis is a small group of Vjs, Djs and computer programmers based in Madrid, Spain. Their audiovisual adventures began in late 2003 - their intentions were clear since the beginning: To be able to see sounds and hear light. None of their visual material is pre-recorded, they manipulate shapes and hues in realtime to perfectly fit the mood of the most advanced psytrance and ambient sounds. At 21C3 they will be showcasing the first version of their custom made Vj software. This is Cubensis' way of contributing to the Vj and digital art scenes.

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