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21st Chaos Communication Congress
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Day 2
Location Workshop
Start Time 12:30 h
Duration 00:30
ID 258
Type Lecture
Track AVIT VJ Conference
Language english

Introduction to 3DJ

VJing in the 3rd Dimension

3DJ is a piece of software for realtime visualization of video and sound- or music input in an interactive stereoscopic 3D environment. Made for the use in clubs and dicotheques with stereoscopic 3D-projections or regular video projections as an advanced 3D-VJ ("3DJ")-tool.

Any kind of soundsource like line-input, internal CD, internetradio, microphone, mixer... can be used for visualization in the "3DJ"-software. The user can choose from 5 different preset "theme-worlds" or import his own 3D-worlds to illustrate the music with animated 3D objects, videomappings and patterns of light, color and perspective. With computerkeyboard, midi-keyboard or onscreen-menue you can choose, modify and influence 3D-objects, colors, lights, cameras and animations in realtime in sync to the beat of the music.

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