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21st Chaos Communication Congress
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Day 1
Location Saal 1
Start Time 12:00 h
Duration 01:00
ID 101
Type Lecture
Track Hacking
Language english


Introducing the 'lingua franca' of Instant Messaging

XMPP is a free, next-generation, feature rich instant messaging architecture and protocol, which perhaps cat put an end to the great IM war between propritary protocols. This talk introduces the basic protocol concepts (bidirectional XML streams, transports/gateways to other IM-networks), the general XMPP network architecture and features like GPG end-to-end encryption will be demonstrated.

In 1998 Jeremie Miller thought about how he could communicate with all of his friends online using only one program for several different Instant Messaging networks. He came to the conclusion that it is wise to implement the different protocols on the server and let the client only speak one protocol. Jabber was born.

Later the Jabber Software Foundation donated this protocol to the IETF and in 2002, a working group has been found which led to the release of XMPP/Jabber as a RFC in October 2004.

XMPP features a clean and simple procotol design and a decentralized server architecture. It can not only be used for exchanging messages and presence information, but also as a generic XML routing framework for transporting nearly real-time information like SOAP or XMLRPC.

The only requirement to understand this talk is a bit knowledge about how XML looks like and works.

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