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Jon Erickson



Dynamic Secret Sharing Scheme based on Factoring and LaGrange Interpolating Polynomials
Elliptical Curve Cryptography

Über den Referenten:

Jon Erickson is a genetic algorithm. Thousands of personalities living, fighting, and dieing inside the head of a walking experiment. He has existed as a varity of different people in the past as different personas bubbled to the surface and fought for dominance. He studied Computer Science, Acting, and Directing in the US, and Japanese Language and Culture in Japan. His computer based interests range from AI to Parallel Processing to Algorithm Design. Artistic influences brought him to study improv with Second City, write a feature, produce several shorts, and DJ a techno/industrial/punk radio show for 3 years.

Heartbroken and waiting for a lost girl, he turned down a position building Artificial Intelligence for the US military with Lockheed & Martin ATL and a job doing special effects with ILM, until he came to his fucking senses and became the Lead Cryptologist and Security Designer for the Research and Design division of a company in northern California. He has spoken at a variety of computer security conventions such as DefCon in Las Vegas, and Rubi-Con in Detroit. He continues his obsessive quest to solve impossible math problems through a lifestyle of constant learning and exploration. He aspires to learn everything and see everything, yet lives an irresponsible, insouciant, Taniyama-like existence. Taniyama couldn't hold it together. Evolve or Die. We intend for Jon to evolve.