14th Chaos Communication Congress
The European Hackerfest

Eidelstedter Bürgerhaus
Alte Elbgaustraße 12
27. - 29. December 1997

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December 27th 1997 it will happen again: the Chaos Communication Congress opens its doors for the 14th time and again the agenda is stuffed with interesting topics concerning technology, computers in general, info tech, politics, data security........ and so on...

The congress lasts three days from December 27th until 29th (Saturday, Sunday, Monday), every day filled with talks, discussions, workshops and much more.
The days start about 9-10 AM and things will be going until late at night.
In the evenings there will be movie shows and other hilarious things going on. Anyone is welcome to enjoy him/herself in the Hack center until he/she passes out.

Hack center

This time the Hack center takes place in two separate rooms to cope with the expected hardware rush. Bring your Computers and don't forget your Ether net , because on site there will be a gratuitous Internet connection for everyone (never mind the admissions).
The Hack center is open until 22hrs and thus the perfect hangout spot.

Event site

As usual, the Congress takes place in the Bürgerhaus in Hamburg-Eidelstedt. A road- and site map can be found below.

General Info

Where do I sleep?

Anyone in need of a place to stay overnight? No prob: for only 5DM per night you'll get a dry place within reach of the Congress, where temperatures are clearly above zero. Tickets are available on site at the box office or the Info stand.

Please bring your own sleeping bags/isolation mats, since they can't be furnished!


On site there will be a lot of tech...but...the more the better.
Therefore: bring your stuff. Favorable are TV-Sets of all kinds, which can be put to good use for our internal info system.


The Chaos Net connects with the Internet with up to 512 kbps bandwidth. Anyone who wants to connect needs an Ether net card with either Twisted Pair (10Base-T) or Coaxial (10Base-2, RG58) connectors.

Of course your machine must support the TCP/IP-protocoll. Addresses will be given out on site. Please bring your own connector cables, coax-T-parts, terminators - especially ­ Hubs (!!!!).

Remember also to bring enough AC distributors (230V) which should cause a lack of non available AC sockets, which is of course the way we like it. Also bring all of your AC cables. Anyone with a cellar full of cables, connectors and distributors is welcome to put a sticker with his name on and take them along.

BTW:There is no insurance for any equipment you bring along.
          That's understood!

Anyone taking along equipment, should definitely bring a photo for the congress pass. On site, equipment is only to be moved in combination with an equivalent photo.

Planned Topics

Karl Koch in movie format, Packet-Radio, Commercial Broadcast Services, Hacking Chip cards in one or the other way, Crawling, EC-Card insecurity, Lock picking, IP for beginners and the advanced, 1998 and new net operating companies, Premium Rate Services, Net connections of the future(ADSL, XDSL etc.), Robots and other pets of the future, Perl as a hacker tool, Crypto Regulation and Background, GSM-Hacking, Satellite Lurking, Pay-TV Hack & Crack, Techno-Terrorism, Business Espionage, Open Source Information Processing: do-it-yourself secret service, Presentation of an ISDN-Cryptodevice, Cellular broadcast for the advanced, Spammers: how to treat (or lynch), fight the DNS-Monopoly, Database/SQL Workshop, a.m.o.

Special Event: German Lock picking championships

Admission Fees

Full Trip

"Ideal Standard" DM 42,-
CCC e.V. members DM 23,-
Press DM 75,-
Business DM 230,-
Students, Zivis, Pensioners  DM 36,-

One day pass

"Ideal Standard" DM 20,-
Students, Zivis, Pensioners DM 15,-

How to get there

By car

Citizens of Hamburg got it easy: from the City in the direction of Stellingen  you need to find the Kieler Straße an to follow it until you´re outside of town. It ends at the Eidelstedter Platz. Finding a parking place might be a hassle (since the residents need to exchange their christmas presents for something else), the little streets Lohwurd and Ekenknick might accommodate someone here and there.

Everybody from out of town takes the A7 Autobahn with Exit Stellingen. This will take you directly to Kieler Straße and then as described above.

By rail & bus

Taking the Subway you'll get easily from the city to the stop Elbgaustraße. For the lazy among you there is still Bus 182, who will be glad to take you the last few meters to Eidelstedter Platz.
From the subway station Sternschanze there is also Bus 184 which takes you directly to Eidelstedter Platz.

There are Online timetables of the HVV (Hamburg Public Transportation).

The last few meters

The Eidelstedter Bürgerhaus is a large detached building, directly behind the Eidelstedt Center, one of those ugly Glass-Chrome-Marble-Malls right on Eidelstedter Platz. The building has somewhat of an L-shape and the entrance is right there in its corner.

Site map

This map was stolen at Hamburg-Info. Thanks a lot.

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