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33C3-Tickets: Status und freier Verkauf

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Das Kontingent der ersten Vorverkaufs-Phase ist nun ausgeschöpft. Nur noch mit einigen Vouchern (z.B. denen der Engel), kann zur Zeit ein Ticket erworben werden.

Die zweite Phase – der freie Verkauf ohne Voucher – wird gestaffelt an drei Tagen starten:

  • 2016-11-07 20:00 (Mo)
  • 2016-11-19 15:00 (Sa)
  • 2016-11-25 10:00 (Fr)

(Alle Zeiten in UTC+01:00, Europe/Berlin, CET)

Wenn du noch Fragen zum Vorverkauf hast, schau bitte in unsere FAQ unter oder schicke uns eine E-Mail an


33C3 Tickets: Status and Open Sale

The ticket contingents of the first phase of our presale are by now exhausted. Only some vouchers (such as the ones sent to angels) can be redeemed from now on.

The second phase – the open presale without vouchers – will start in a staggered manner on three days:

  • 2016-11-07 20:00 (Mo)
  • 2016-11-19 15:00 (Sa)
  • 2016-11-25 10:00 (Fr)

(All times are in UTC+01:00, Europe/Berlin, CET)

If you have any further questions about the presale, please have a look at our FAQ at or contact us at

33C3 Ticket sales

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Der Vorverkauf für den diesjährigen Congress läuft in zwei Phasen ab, von denen die erste am Montagnachmittag begonnen hat.

In der ersten Phase möchten wir den aktiven Kern unserer Community einladen, am Vorverkauf teilzunehmen. In der zweiten Phase verkaufen wir, wie in den vorherigen Jahren, Tickets frei nach Reihenfolge der Bestellungen.

Phase 1: Durch diese Phase wollen wir sicherstellen, dass Aktive und Engagierte aus den letzten Jahren auch wieder zum Gelingen des 33C3 beitragen können. In den letzten Tagen haben wir an viele Gruppen Voucher verschickt, die eine Teilnahme an der ersten Phase ermöglichen:

  • Gruppen-Voucher: Die CCC-Erfas, Chaostreffs und verwandten Gruppen, sowie Congress-Crews und größere Assemblies haben jeweils eine Liste von Vouchern erhalten, mit denen Tickets erworben werden können. Wird ein solcher Voucher eingelöst und das Ticket bezahlt, generiert sich ein weiterer Voucher. Dies setzt sich so fort, bis alle für diese Phase verfügbaren Tickets verkauft sind. Diese Voucher sind alle bis zum 31.10.2016 gültig.
  • Engel-Voucher: Die Engel, die den letzten Congress möglich gemacht und als Dank ein T-Shirt bekommen haben, erhalten je einen Voucher, der ihnen bei Einlösung bis zum 10.12.2016 ein Ticket garantiert. Wird dieser Voucher eingelöst und das Ticket bezahlt, generiert sich einmal ein weiterer, nicht-replizierender Voucher, der eingelöst werden kann, solange noch Tickets verfügbar sind.

Wenn du der Meinung bist, dass du einen Voucher bekommen solltest, wende dich bitte zuerst an die lokalen Gruppen aus deiner Umgebung. Wenn wir eine ganze Gruppe übersehen haben, die deiner Meinung nach auf dem Congress vertreten sein sollte, schreibe uns bitte an

Phase 2: Wir haben ein festes Kontingent für diese Phase eingeplant. Es wird also wie jedes Jahr Tickets im freien Verkauf geben. Der freie Verkauf startet voraussichtlich Anfang November. Den genauen Termin werden wir an dieser Stelle und über die bekannten Kanäle frühzeitig bekannt geben.

Wenn du noch Fragen zum Vorverkauf hast, schau bitte in unsere FAQ unter oder schickt uns eine E-Mail an

Bis Dezember!
Euer 33c3-Presale-Team

The presale for this year’s congress is organized in two phases. The first phase has started on Monday afternoon.

During the first phase we invite the active core of our community to participate in the ticket sale. In the second phase we will (just as in the years before) sell tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.

Phase 1: During this phase, we want to make sure that those who made last year’s congress possible can again contribute to 33C3. In the past days, we sent voucher codes to a number of groups. These vouchers enable recipients to participate in the first phase:

  • Group vouchers: CCC’s local groups (Erfas, Chaostreffs) and related groups, as well as congress crews and major assemblies, have each received a list of voucher codes. When one of these vouchers is redeemed and the ticket is paid, another voucher code will be generated. This process continues recursively until all tickets available for the first phase are sold out. Group voucher codes are valid until October 31st, 2016.
  • Angel vouchers: The angels who made last year’s congress possible (and received a T-shirt for their work), receive one voucher each. This code guarantees a ticket if the voucher is redeemed before December 10th, 2016. When the voucher is redeemed and the ticket is paid, a second voucher will be generated. This second voucher can be redeemed as long as there are tickets left, and will not replicate.

If you believe that you should have received a voucher, please consult local groups first, or ask friends of yours that received vouchers. If we forgot a whole group that should be part of the Congress, please contact us at

Phase 2: We reserved a fixed contingent of tickets for the second phase. As every year, there will be tickets available in the open sale. This phase is expected to start in early November. We’ll announce the exact date on this blog and via the usual channels.

If you have any further questions about the presale, please have a look at our FAQ at or contact us at

See you in Hamburg!
Your 33C3 presale team

Call for Participation: 33rd Chaos Communication Congress [EN]

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

33C3 – 33rd Chaos Communication Congress
December 27. through 30. 2016, CCH, Hamburg

The Event

The Chaos Communication Congress is the annual symposium and hacker party of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). During four days between Christmas and New Years Eve, thousands of hackers, technology freaks, artists and utopians get together in Hamburg to communicate, learn from each other, and party together. We focus on topics such as information technology, digital security, making and breaking. We engage in creative, sceptical discourse on the interaction between technology and society.


32C3 at CCH.

We’d love to see your submission for one or more of these tracks:

  • Art & Culture,
  • Ethics, Society & Politics,
  • Hardware & Making,
  • Security and
  • Science.

Apart from the official conference program, the Chaos Communication Congress also offers space for community assemblies, developer and project meetings, art installations, lightning talks and workshops.


Art & Culture

One can create art and beauty with any technology, including computers. This track awaits submissions that address, from an artistic perspective, the societal changes and contradictions caused by computers, the internet, robots and general digitalization.
We’re open to lectures that include art installations, performances, concerts, readings, etc., that involve past, contemporary or upcoming technologies.

Ethics, Society & Politics

We’re looking forward to submissions which address present and future societal, ethical and political questions that arise from the technologization and digitalization of all aspects of life. What will the future bring? Which commercial and political interests are in the way of an utopia worth living, and how can they be overcome?
Any activistic, fantastical, solidary and commerce-free ideas and concepts are welcome here.

Hardware & Making

This track is all about developing and creatively using things that allow the digital to make a physical impression. Reverse engineers, micro-controller developers and quantum physicists are all very welcome. Decapped smart cards and system-on-chips, sanded-down PCBs and reverse-engineered firmware should feel right at home, next to the cocktail-mixing 3D-printer and the hidden nuclear reactors you are secretly operating in your basement. The focus is on all kinds of hardware design, the expansion and liberation of proprietary system, getting your hands dirty – and of course rockets!


For this track we would like to request submissions that show how hardware and software can be made either more secure or less secure. If you want to share your discoveries with thousands of fellow security enthusiasts, if you have developed new solutions to previously unsolved problems or if you have found new problems which we knew nothing about, then this is the right track for you.


We have science to thank for our blinking computers, but not just that – nearly all progress in society and technology is facilitated by science in one way or another. This track features talks that look into progress from a scientific point of view and evaluate what has been achieved by science, whether it happened in research institutions, in universities, or in your backyard.
Besides topics in the social sciences, such as the history of secret services, research of alternative coexistence or economies, we are also interested in pressing questions of humanity’s growing need for energy, drug-resistant pathogens or access to drinking water. Furthermore, the big questions are also relevant: Are we alone in the universe? How does life work? How do I detect an infinite loop?

Submission guidelines

For talks

Please send us a description of your suggested talk that is as complete as possible. The description is of particular importance for the selection, so please ensure that it is as clear as possible. Quality comes before quantity. Due to the non-commercial nature of the event, presentations which aim to market or promote commercial products or entities will not be entertained.

As it is likely that there will be multiple submissions on the same topic, please show us exactly why your talk should be part of the conference. Remember that the teams are diversely staffed, and not every reviewer knows every submitter and their background. Please write something about yourself, your research and your motivation. It does not matter if the talk has been held at another conference somewhere on this planet, as long as it is up to date and relevant.

Talks should be either 45 minutes long plus 15 minutes for questions and answers or 20 minute long plus 10 minutes for questions and answers. Longer slots are possible in principle. Please tell us the proposed length of your talk at the time of submission.

For lightning talks

Got something interesting to say but don’t want to submit a full talk? Consider doing a lightning talk instead. You will have five minutes to present your idea, project, or to do a rant. The lightning talks will only be organised during the event. A formal submission is not required.

For projects, installations, workshops and other fun stuff

A formal submission is not required. There will be a wiki page to keep track of requirements for space and other resources. Simply start considering already now what you would like to make, bring or show, and write it down once the wiki goes online. We are open to crazy and surprising stuff.

For Assemblies

Assemblies are places where communities around a certain interest can meet, talk, exchange ideas and be inspired. Assemblies play a huge part in creating the special „congress atmosphere“. They are comparable to villages at the Chaos Communication Camp. The assemblies are organized in the public wiki.


Although the Chaos Communication Congress is an international event and a lot of content is presented in English, this year there will again be a translation team that will simultaneously translate most German talks into English. So if you are not comfortable with presenting in English, don’t hesitate to present your lecture in German. If your talk will be held in English, your submission should also be in English.


Audio and video recordings of the lectures will be published in various formats under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. This license allows commercial use of excerpts by media institutions as part of their reporting. If you do not wish for material from your lecture to be published or streamed, please let us know in your submission.

Note: As German law (and therefore the license) might differ from the law of your country, please let us know if you should have any issues or questions regarding the exact implications. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a perfect translation.

Travel, costs & visa

The Chaos Communication Congress is a non-commercial event where neither the organisers nor the speakers are being paid. As a speaker you get free admission though. If necessary, we are able to provide limited support for travel costs and accommodation. If you need help applying for a visa, such as an official invitation to present to the German embassy, please let the content team know well in advance. Please be aware that the visa application procedure may take up to six weeks.

Dates & deadlines

  • September 30th, 2016 (23:59 UTC): Deadline for submissions
  • November 13th, 2016: Notification of acceptance
  • December 27th – 30th, 2016: Chaos Communication Congress

Online submissions only

Please submit your lecture to our conference planning system at

Simply follow the instructions there. If you have any questions regarding the submission, you are welcome to contact us via mail at 33c3-content(at)

Picture: CC-BY-NC 2.0, Sascha Ludwig.

MRMCD 2016: Presale is running

Monday, July 18th, 2016
Vorr. T-Shirt-Motiv

Vorr. T-Shirt-Motiv

English version below

Seit einigen Wochen läuft der Vorverkauf zu den MRMCD 2016. Tickets und T-Shirts können noch bis Ende Juli unter bestellt werden.

Die Teilnahme am Vorverkauf erleichtert unsere Arbeit sehr, da er uns eine bessere Planung ermöglicht und die finanziellen Mittel verschafft, die wir vor der Konferenz schon brauchen. Es wird eine Abendkasse geben, an der allerdings keine T-Shirts und nur begrenzt Goodies erhältlich sind.

Wir sind unter für alle Fragen erreichbar.

Die MRMCD (MetaRheinMainChaosDays) sind eine seit mehr als zehn Jahren jährlich stattfindende IT-Konferenz des CCC mit einer leichten thematischen Ausrichtung zur IT-Sicherheit. Seit 2012 findet die Veranstaltung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Fachbereich Informatik an der Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da) statt. Neben einem hochwertigen Vortragsprogramm bieten die MRMCD die Möglichkeit zum entspannten Austausch mit zahlreichen IT-Experten im Rahmen einer zwanglosen Atmosphäre. Das diesjährige Motto “diagnose: kritisch” setzt einen Themenschwerpunkt auf IT und Innovation rund um Medizin und Gesundheit.

Wir freuen uns bis zum 25.07. auch noch über zahlreiche Vortragseinreichungen unter Weitere Informationen gibt es auf unserer Website

The presale of this year’s MRMCD tickets has started a few weeks ago, you can buy your tickets and t-shirts at The presale runs until July 25th.

With buying your tickets in advance, you make organizing this conference a lot easier for us. It enables us to properly plan the event and gives us the money we need to have in advance to buy all the things a conference needs. There will be a ticket sale on-site, but no t-shirts and no guaranteed goodies.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

The MRMCD (MetaRheinMainChaosDays) are an annual IT conference of the CCC with a slight focus on IT security. MRMCD have been taking place in the Rhine-Main area for over 10 years. Ever since 2012 we cooperate with the the faculty of Computer Science of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (h_da). Apart from the conference program, the MRMCD provide the opportunity of exchanges with IT experts in a relaxed atmosphere. This year’s motto “diagnosis: critical” sets a special focus on IT and innovation in the medical and health field.

We are still accepting talk submissions until the 25th of July and we look forward to your submission at You can find all further information on our website at

Call for Subtitles

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Deutsche Version weiter unten.

As you might know, during 32c3 the Subtitles Angels created real-time subtitles for all the talks which took place in Hall 1 and 2. These allowed hearing impaired visitors to follow the talks, and also provided assistance to the non-native German or English speakers.

As the last recordings are being released, the task of creating subtitles for all recording has started. For this we need your help!
If you have the capacity to create subtitles for a talk (perhaps one you wanted to watch in detail anyway), could translate a transcript or would like to do quality control, please check out and join #subtitles on hackint.

Being new to subtitling CCC talks is not a problem at all. Getting started is easy. And if transcribing is not for you, you can always work on the translations and quality control.

If you are willing to help, please take a minute to read through the new work-flow and style guide.
Please also read through these if you have previous experience subtitling CCC talks, because we have redesigned the entire interface to include Amara.

The finished subtitles will be released into the CDN and announced via Twitter at @c3srt_releases.

P.S. Remember the audio problems during the opening eventSubtitles were available all the way through. :-)
And by the way, subtitles also allow machine-indexing of the recordings. That means things like searchable archives become possible.

Wie Ihr vielleicht wisst, haben die Subtitles Angels alle Vorträge des 32c3, die in Saal 1 & 2 stattfanden, in Echtzeit untertitelt. Dies erlaubte Besuchern, die schlecht oder gar nicht hören können, trotzdem den Talks zu folgen. Zudem unterstützte dies auch Hacker, die nicht muttersprachlich Deutsch oder Englisch sprechen.

german subtitles

Foto: CC BY-NC 2.0 by spanier via flickr

Während nun die letzten Aufzeichnungen des Congress veröffentlicht werden, hat die Untertitelung der aufgezeichneten Talks begonnen. Dafür brauchen wir Eure Hilfe!

Solltet Ihr Lust haben, ein Video zu untertiteln (vielleicht von einem Talk, den ihr sowieso schauen wolltet) oder Qualitätssicherung zu machen, indem Ihr den Talk anschaut und kleinere Fehler und Timings korrigiert, oder auch fertige Untertitel zu übersetzen: Schaut bitte bei oder in #subtitles (auf hackint) vorbei.

Solltet Ihr mit der Oberfläche von und dem Untertiteln von CCC-Vorträgen nicht vertraut sein, schaut Euch einfach den Workflow sowie die Untertitelstandards an. Fertige Untertitel werden im CDN veröffentlicht und via Twitter bei @c3srt_releases bekanntgegeben.

P.S. Erinnert Ihr Euch an die Audioprobleme während des Opening Events? Die Untertitel funktionierten den ganzen Talk hindurch. :-)
Übrigens: Untertitel machen ein maschinendurchsuchbares Vortragsarchiv möglich.

Live Interpretations at 32c3

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Following a couple of years of tradition, we will, at 32c3, interpret
all the talks.
Yeah, all of them. Live. German-English, English-German.
For you as a participant that means:

You can listen in on the streams by either selecting the appropriate
stream, or by changing the stream audio channel (if your player allows).
If you are on the Eventphone DECT network, you can dial in to various
streams: 8011 for Saal 1, 8012 for Saal 2, 8014 for Saal G, and 8016 for
Saal 6.

But that’s not all. In order pull this off, we need help. Never tried ?
Don’t worry, we’ll help you to find out if you’re talented. Expert
interpreter? Even better. So if you speak great English AND German
please contact us via e-mail:
or via twitter: c3lingo.
We usually meet twice per day, so don’t worry if you miss a meeting.
Just register at the heaven and ask for guidance.

Oh and if you use our services and like what we do, please let us know.
If you don’t like what we do, please tell us how you think we can improve.

#32C3 lecture streaming and recording

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Dear Congress visitors and those who didn’t make it: Like in the previous years, the Video Operation Center will provide you with live streams and recordings of all main lecture halls (1, 2, G and 6) and the stage at Sendezentrum. As usual, you’ll find the video and audio streams at and the recordings at
We also publish to our YouTube Channel “” to cater to those with broken playback devices. We’ll continually be publishing the recordings there during Congress. Please avoid linking other channels which re-upload our work (with ads).

If you are unable to join us at the CCH you can also participate in 32C3 remotely as part of Congress Everywhere and meet up at a hackerspace to watch the streams, drink some Mate and ask questions via IRC or Twitter.

Again, we’re happy to be able to bring you additional content: Audio from the “Podcaster-Tisch” (Podcasting-Table) of the Sendezentrum as well as music from the Chaos-West Assembly, the Lounge, the Anti-Error-Lounge and from the Dome on the roof of the CCH.

Like at the previous Congress and this year’s Camp, all videos will be produced and published in HD and we try hard to ensure the best image quality and correct metadata on the files. Thus, we ask you not to record the streams (or at least not to publish such recordings), as those do not live up to the standards we set for our recordings. For the time between a talk and when we publish the recording, you can use the Relive system. We wrote more on the topic of stream dumps in this blog post.

We also did some upgrades with the live subtitles. They should now work on more devices and also when watching the video stream in fullscreen mode. The subtitles team will focus this time exclusively on halls 1 and 2 and wants to cover those 100%. In both halls the live subtitles can be watched on two screens in the front rows as well as on an arbitrary device via a web frontend. For this Angels are still wanted, both for live transcription and as responsible contact person for a hall.
Twitter: @c3subtitles
IRC: #subtitles auf

32C3 Video Operation Center

Twitter: @c3streaming

Search, find and be found: c3nav – 32C3 Indoor Navigation

Friday, December 25th, 2015

c3nav logoDeutsche Version weiter unten.

Even for regular visitors the CCH building with all it’s corridors, foyers, and halls can be a hard to navigate maze. Thankfully some hacker was too lazy to think about how to get someplace and thus built the first congress indoor navigation system.

Check it out at

In order for your favourite places to be found c3nav needs your help. Go to the project’s github page and create a pull request with your favorite place’s position. Or drop them a tweet to get in touch. And then you can create a QR code encoding that position, hang it up and every visitor can find out exactly where she is by just scanning that QR code.

If you own an Android device you can also install the c3nav app from F-Droid and Google Play or as .apk and use wireless location instead of scanning QR codes to enter your current position. The app also supports sharing of routes and positions, which is really great if you want to help someone finding you. Just send them a c3nav link with your current position. You can also add your favourite places as a quick link to your homescreen, so you can find your way to them with a single touch.

Well, isn’t that pretty cool? Unfortunately it seems like iOS doesn’t offer a wireless scan API, so some hacker has to take a look at that.

c3nav AusschnittSelbst für regelmäßige Congress-Besucher ist das Gebäude des CCHs mit seinen ganzen Korridoren, Foyers und Sälen ein schwierig zu navigierendes Labyrinth. Glücklicherweise war eine Haeckse zu faul darüber nachzudenken, wie sie irgendwo hinkommt und hat deshalb das erste Congress-Indoor-Navigationssystem gebaut.

Schau’s dir an auf

Damit auch Dein Lieblingsort gefunden werden kann, braucht c3nav Deine Hilfe. Gehe auf die github-Projekt-Seite und mache einen Pull-Request mit der Position Deines Lieblingsortes. Oder tweete sie an, um mit ihnen in Kontakt zu kommen. Und dann erstelle einen QR-Code mit der Position Deines Lieblingsortes, hänge ihn auf und jede Besucherin kann ihn scannen und genau herausfinden, wo sie gerade ist.

Falls Du Besitzer eines Android-Devices bist, dann kannst Du die c3nav-App von F-Droid oder Google Play oder als .apk installieren und auch WLAN-basierte Ortung benutzen, statt QR-Codes zu scannen, um Deine aktuelle Position herauszufinden. Die App kann außerdem Routen und Orte teilen, was zum Beispiel ziemlich großartig ist, wenn Du jemandem helfen möchtest, Dich zu finden: einfach ihr einen c3nav-Link mit Deiner Position zusenden. Du kannst auch Deine Lieblingsorte als Quick-Link auf Deinen Homescreen packen, so dass Du mit nur einer einzigen Berührung dorthin navigieren kannst.

Ist das nicht ziemlich cool? Leider scheint iOS keine WLAN-Scan-API anzubieten, also müsste sich irgendeine Haeckse das mal anschauen.

No Ticket? Try Congress Everywhere!

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Deutsche Version weiter unten.

Can’t be in Hamburg? No Ticket? No Problem. Try Congress Everywhere!

congress everywhere

Congress everywhere
CC BY 2.0 via flickr/Morgan

There are still various reasons to experience the Congress from a safe distance. Family, job, travel expenses or this year again, no ticket. We are very sorry but the capacity of the building is limited. But we invite all interested people to attend the 32C3 via Congress Everywhere. Watch the streams, participate via twitter or IRC, celebrate your own Hackcenter experience, drink Tschunk, cook together and have a good time.

You can ask a question to a speaker via IRC or Twitter, you can listen the audio streams and the simultaneous translations via phone (also SIP). You can join the 32C3 network via VPN. You can dispatch a signal angel to an area in the CCH. For an online interactive coming together just use the IRC-channel #32C3-everywhere at hackint.

No 32C3 location in your city? Create a new Congress Everywhere space and add the location in the wiki. During 29C3 we had 34 places in 9 countries, last year even so 31. This year we are very happy to say hello to the already announced spaces in Graz (Austria), Antwerp (Belgium), Sofia (Bulgaria) and in Germany: Berlin, Bochum, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Freiburg, Heilbronn and Siegen.

Please, participate and add your own location!

Nicht in Hamburg? Kein Ticket? Kein Problem. Probiere doch Congress Everywhere aus!

Es gibt viele Gründe, den Congress aus der Ferne miterleben zu wollen oder zu müssen. Familie, Beruf, Reisekosten oder – in diesem Jahr wieder aktuell – kein Ticket. Es tut uns sehr leid, aber die Gebäudekapazität ist begrenzt. Wir laden aber alle ein, via Congress Everywhere am 32C3 teilzunehmen. Schaut die Streams, beteiligt Euch via Twitter oder IRC, macht Eure eigenen Hackcenter-Erfahrungen, trinkt Tschunk, kocht zusammen und macht Euch eine schöne Zeit.

Du kannst über Twitter oder IRC Fragen zu einem Vortrag an Referenten stellen. Du kannst Dir die Vorträge und Simultanübersetzungen per Telefon (auch SIP) anhören. Du kannst Dich per VPN mit dem Congressnetz verbinden oder einen Signal-Engel bitten, vor Ort im CCH etwas für Dich zu tun. Der zentrale Online-Treffpunkt ist der IRC-Kanal #32C3-everywhere auf hackint.

Es gibt noch keinen Treffpunkt in Deiner Nähe? Dann starte Deinen eigenen „Congress Everywhere“-Space und trage ihn im Wiki ein. Während des 29C3 gab es 34 Spaces in 9 Ländern, im letzten Jahr immerhin 31. In diesem Jahr können wir jetzt schon die ersten Spaces begrüßen, und zwar in Graz (Österreich), Antwerpen (Belgien), Sofia (Bulgarien) sowie in Deutschland in Berlin, Bochum, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Freiburg, Heilbronn und Siegen.

Wir freuen uns, wenn Du Deinen „Congress Everywhere“-Ort hinzufügst!

32C3 Lightning Talks

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Did you think that the thrill of sharing your ideas in front of a huge audience at a C3 was something you’d never do? Do you work on a cool project and want to get the word out? Was your talk one of the hundreds that got rejected? Did you come up with an awesome hack that you need to share? Well, you’re in luck because there will be Lightning Talks at 32C3.

Taking place at 12:45 on Days 2, 3 and 4, these fast paced sessions are perfect for pitching new software or hardware projects, exploits, creative pranks or strange ideas you need to get out to a global audience. Even if you don’t have an awesome idea or project to share, a Lightning Talk is perfect for pitching your self organized session, assembly, or even a longer talk you’ll give at the speaker’s corner.

Registration is now open for the Lightning Talk sessions at the 32C3. Act fast to reserve your slot – the last couple of times, lightning talk slots filled up on Day 1, so better hurry! More Lightning talk information can be found at

The submission form is at: