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Information about the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress

Hello, this is 33C3 „works for me“

33c3 theme

33C3: „works for me“

works for me
A commonly used phrase by software developers to indicate that the bug reported by a user is not repeatable on their machine, and will therefore receive no more attention. Usually connotes a dismissive approach, where anything that is not visible immediately to the developer is „someone else’s problem“ and is therefore not worth fixing.

Like no other, the year 2016 pointed out how well „works for me“ works for us.
It does not. Mutual hate, envy, insensibility and exclusion have driven us apart.

Feeling isolated and threatened, we turn further against each other, take less care of each other and worry even more about ourselves. And yet, we are never alone: Excessive surveillance is now politically normalized, if not for all then at least for those who are different, intractable, foreign.

Let’s break this vicious circle.
Let’s get together and live our utopia.
Let’s strive for something that works for all of us.

And let’s fight those, who will not let us!

Welcome to the party! :-)

PS: You can also make the Design work for you


Enter your Self-Organized Sessions and Lightning Talks!

The Call-For-Participation to submit a talk for the main halls is long over – but congress wouldn’t be congress if there weren’t many more options to get on a stage to tell a crowd of curious listeners what you have to say!

Two of those options are waiting for your entries:

Lightning Talks:

These fast paced sessions are perfect for pitching new software or hardware projects, exploits, creative pranks or strange ideas you need to get out to a global audience. Even if you don’t have an awesome idea or project to share, a Lightning Talk is perfect for pitching your Assembly, your workshop or even a longer talk you’ll give as a Self-Organized Session.

Did you think that the thrill of sharing your ideas in front of a huge audience at a C3 was something you’d never experience? Do you work on a cool project and want to get the word out? Was your talk one of the hundreds that got rejected? Did you come up with an awesome hack that you need to share? Go ahead and enter your Lightning Talk now!

Self-Organized Session:

Self-Organized Sessions used to be called “workshops”, but we changed the name to include everything – even if it’s not hands-on or about making things – as long as it’s done by you for all of us!

It doesn’t matter whether you want to give an introduction to your favorite programming language or want to make new friends with similar interests, if you want to screen a movie or if you want to organize a follow-up from a presentation on the big stages: All you have to do is use the wiki to create a Self-Organized Session and choose a free space and time to get going!

As usual both options come with the first-come-first-serve principle, please check the calender carefully to see what rooms and slots are still available.

33C3 halfnarp: The talks that ‚work for us‘

English version below.

33C3 halfnarp: Diese Vorträge funktionieren bei uns!

Voller Stolz präsentiert das 33C3-Content-Team die Auswahl der Vorträge für den 33. Chaos Communication Congress. In harter Arbeit haben unsere fünf Track-Teams die besten 150 aus rund 500 Vortrags-Einreichungen für das beste Vortragsprogramm ausgewählt, das wir Euch an den vier Tagen des 33C3 in sechs Tracks anbieten wollen.
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Chaos Mentors: We make congress work for you!

English version below.

Es ist wieder soweit – der 33C3 steht vor der Tür, und die Chaospatinnen werden auch dieses Jahr wieder Menschen willkommen heißen, die zum ersten Mal den Congress besuchen. Wir freuen uns auf Euch und darauf, Euch einen guten Start zu ermöglichen!

Für alle Menschen, die zum ersten Mal den Congress besuchen:

Du wolltest schon immer mal am Chaos Communication Congress teilnehmen, weißt aber nicht, an wen Du Dich wenden kannst oder hast Dich bisher noch nicht so richtig getraut? Oder hast Du das Gefühl, dass Du eigentlich gar keine richtige Hackerin bist und deswegen nicht auf den Kongress passt? Hattest Du bestimmt wenig Kontakt zur Welt der Hacker und Technologie? Gibt es bestimmte Hürden für Dich, welche Dir die Teilnahme erschweren?

Aber Du interessierst Dich für Computer, Technik, Hacken oder Netzpolitik? Du würdest gerne den Vorträgen lauschen und lernen, wie man lötet, Roboter baut, programmiert, verschlüsselt oder Schlösser knackt?

Dann fühl Dich herzlich willkommen auf dem Chaos Communication Congress und bei den Chaospatinnen!

Du bist hier genau richtig. Wir möchten Dich ermutigen, dieses Jahr am 33C3 teilzunehmen, und wollen Dir dabei helfen, einen spannenden und schönen Aufenthalt zu haben. Als „Chaospatenkind“ bekommst Du einen Paten oder eine Patin und eine Gruppe, die zu Dir passt. Die Paten sind im Vorfeld für Eure Fragen da, heißen Euch am ersten Tag willkommen und erkunden mit Euch das Gelände. Gemeinsam finden wir raus, wo es für Dich interessante Workshops und Talks gibt. Auch im Vorfeld sind wir Ansprechpartnerinnen für Deine Fragen, Sorgen, Bedürfnisse oder Wünsche.

Wie geht das?

Melde Dich bis zum 10. Dezember bei uns an, indem Du eine Mail mit ein paar Infos über Dich an unsere E-Mail-Adresse chaospatinnen at lists punkt ccc punkt de schreibst. Schreib uns aber bitte so früh wie möglich. Verrate uns, wofür Du Dich interessierst und wieso Du dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal auf den Congress kommen willst. So können wir für Dich einen passenden Paten oder eine passende Patin suchen, die Dich dann bald kontaktieren wird.

Warum machen wir das?

Wir selbst haben seit 1, 2, 10 oder 30 Jahren immer wieder eine großartige Zeit auf dem Congress. Wir wissen aber aus eigener Erfahrung, wie schwierig der erste Schritt sein kann. Eine große Hacker-Konferenz, passe ich da überhaupt hin? Aber ist der erste Schritt getan, warten tolle Menschen und die Gelegenheit, unheimlich viel zu lernen auf Dich. Aber nicht nur Ihr könnt etwas Neues auf dem Kongress lernen. Auch für die vorhandene Community ist es wichtig, immer wieder ihre Tore für neue Perspektiven und Menschen zu öffnen und von denen dazuzulernen. Deswegen wollen wir mit den Chaospatinnen auch solche ermutigen, die sich von alleine nicht getraut hätten.

Für Paten und Patinnen:

Natürlich suchen wir auch dieses Jahr wieder tatkräftige Unterstützung von netten, erfahrenen und zuverlässigen Paten und Patinnen. Wenn Du Lust hast, Dich einer Gruppe von Neulingen anzunehmen und sie zu betreuen, dann melde Dich bei uns per Mail an chaospatinnen at lists punkt ccc punkt de.
Erzähle uns etwas über Dich und womit Du Dich gut auskennst, damit wir passende Patenkinder für Dich suchen können.
Vielen Dank im Voraus!

Arne, Anja, Ryan, starbug, Fiona, Johannes, Jan, Nixen

Twitter: @chaospatinnen
Chaospatinnen Assembly

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The wiki works for you!

The Chaos Communication Congress lives off your participation and engagement. It is an event for the community by the community. In the long and colorful tradition of utter chaos, we foster decentralization and self-organization. In an attempt to offer some orientation and coordination, we keep a wiki.

The wiki works for you (and everyone else, we hope!) to find information about congress, but its main purpose is enabling you to contribute and make congress work for everyone.

The 33c3 Wiki is now online, you can enter Assemblies and share useful information.
(Registration for self-organized sessions will open in some time)

If you just want to have a look around for now, the FAQ page is a good entry point.
Also, the startpage lists and links to lots of relevant info.

We are trying to organize each C3-Conference as decentralized as possible, so this is one of the multiple bits where everyone can participate and contribute. Please go ahead, it’s a wiki!

Please note that the deadline for submitting your Assembly is (as usual) the 1st of December at 23:59 CET.

Assemblies – get prepared to contribute and share!

Before we open the registration for Assemblies in the wiki, we want to let you know about some conceptual changes: Since 29C3 we’ve tried our very best to leave no Assembly behind and reserved space for (nearly) every group that applied. You all know the result: Each Assembly got less and less space each year for doing the things they’ve planned to do – even if that was just to hang out together. This year this is going to change. We will not allocate space for each individual Assembly, but rather allocate enough space for the ones actively adding value to our community on site – be it for 33C3 itself, or because of meeting and hacking together on site to create more helpful tools and knowledge to inure to the benefit of everyone!

What is an Assembly all about? When we invented them in 2012 for 29C3 (as an experiment!) we wrote: “Bring your toys, work on projects, have fun and let others participate in what you’re doing!” We also stated that the possibility to participate is central for everything at your C3-conference and that we want you to share your knowledge. All of this still applies, and this year we want you to focus even more on the participation and sharing aspect, as well as on the contribution to something useful for everyone. So we kindly ask you to highlight this more in your application for a reserved space, too.

You already learned about the ticket situation from the past blogposts: We are again running out of space. As the building is static, all of us need to adjust ourselves dynamically. That means we will only provide reserved space to some of the Assemblies applying, and leave it to you to share the rest of the space. By organizing yourselves in clusters you can help to decentralize further. Similarly for all the gear you’re bringing each year: It is amazing to see what one can do with all those tools, but if you need your soldering iron just twice during Congress – why not go down to the Hardware Hacking Area for doing so – and save space for everyone to spread and share? Instead of packing everything – think about what is unique or characteristic for your assembly. This makes your travel to 33C3 easier and everyone else will be able to understand what is important to you much faster.

The Assembly team will allocate resources in a similar manner as the Content team: There we also have the curated talks in the halls, and lots of space for the self-organized-sessions. Please take your application for a reserved space as serious as you would an application to talk on one of the stages! We want to see more extraordinary things, we want to have a diverse and mixed collection of passionate people doing exciting stuff. Showing off tools is nice, but sharing what and how everyone can hack and develop with them is even more exciting! Of course not every Assembly needs to show off and share their work – we welcome quiet Assemblies that meet to work together on their projects just as much!

To conclude: 42 3D-printers aren’t the answer to everything – but if you happen to have a thing that can beam us up, do not leave it at home!

33C3 Tickets: Freier Verkauf / open presale

English version below.

Erinnerung: Kommenden Montag (2016-11-07 20:00 Uhr, UTC+01, Europe/Berlin), geht die erste Runde des freien Ticketverkaufs los.

Der Ticketshop ist unter erreichbar, und die meisten Fragen lassen sich mithilfe der FAQ beantworten.

Ticket Preis
Standard-Ticket 100 EUR
Supporter-Ticket 120 120 EUR
Supporter-Ticket 140 140 EUR
Supporter-Ticket 250 250 EUR
Business-Ticket 450 450 EUR
Business-Ticket 600 600 EUR
Business-Ticket 750 750 EUR
Up-and-coming 25 EUR
Mitglied des CCC
Member of CCC
90 EUR
Day Passes

Es wird keine Abendkasse geben.

An folgenden Tagen werden weitere Ticketkontingente freigegeben:

  • 2016-11-19 15:00 (Sa)
  • 2016-11-25 10:00 (Fr)

Alle Zeiten in UTC+01 (Europe/Berlin).

Reminder: The first round of open ticket presale will start on next Monday (2016-07-11 20:00 Uhr, UTC+01, Europe/Berlin).

The ticket shop is available at, most of the questions are answered in the FAQ.

There will be no ticket sale at the venue.

At these dates we’ll release additional tickets for sale:

  • 2016-11-19 15:00 (Sa)
  • 2016-11-25 10:00 (Fr)

All times in UTC+01 (Europe/Berlin).

Call for Heralds 33C3


Are you able to speak English (and ideally also German) fluently in front of a large crowd?
You have a ticket or you are sure to get one? (This year we can not help you to get one if you are to late)
Be prepared – for the time being, you might be the face of the Congress!

We are in the process of building our team of Heralds in preparation for 33C3. We will use a similar process like last year. Before the Event, we will have a short Video call with you. Please be prepared to show us your stageskills with a short improvised moderation in front of your webcam.

What are Heralds? Heralds vocalize general announcements to the audience, manage the Q&A after the talks and – most importantly – introduce the speakers to the crowd. Like last year, we want Heralds to be able to focus solely on the speaker and the topic of the talk at hand.

We want you to be the best Heralds possible, so from now on, Heralds will not only be responsible for all the talks within a four hour time slot, you are also given the possibility to sign up early (read: now!), enabling you to prepare in advance of the Congress. We hope this will put Heralds less „on the spot“ and provide an even better Congress experience for everyone involved.

Mail us!
and answer the following questions :-)

– Realname
– Nickname
– Do you have a Ticket?
– Have you been Herold before? (When, on which Stages?)
– If not, what’s your motivation?
– Will you be there at the evening of Day0 (26.12.2016) for the introduction Meeting?
– What is your T-Shirt size?

If you feel up to the job, please send us an email with the above mentioned informations to 33c3-herald(at)

Please do so until December, 6th, 2016!

More information about Heralds can be found in the 2015 wiki.

If you want to be a Stagemanager, attend the Stage manager Meetings from day0 – day3 in the evening. Shifts will be distributed for the following day on every meeting.

More information about Stage managers can be found in the 2015 wiki.

Best regards,
your Herold Team

Picture: CC BY-SA 2.0 by hudson

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