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More awesome photos from Day 2!

Thanks to tef, netwalkerz_net, kap4001, and Security4all. Don’t forget to tag your photos “25C3” and if possible, license your photos with a Creative Commons license. If there’s a particular picture you would like to see, leave a comment in this post!

Day 3 Schedule Updates

Here are some quick updates to the schedule that do not appear in the printed program:

  • Analyzing RFID Security with Henryk Plötz and Karsten Nohl will be appearing in Saal 1 at 16:00: “Many RFID tags have weaknesses, but the security level of different tags varies widely…we illustrate the complexity of RFID systems and discuss different attack vectors…we release an open-source, software-controlled, and extensible RFID reader with support for most common standards.”
  • DECT: The Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications standard will also be appearing in Saal 1 at 17:15: “Most parts of the DECT standard are public, but all cryptographic algorithms used in DECT (authentication and encryption) are secret and not known to the public. Nevertheless we decided to investigate the security of DECT closer …”
  • A new round of lightning talks has been added! They will be in Saal 3 at 20:30. Check the Lightning Talks Wiki Page for more information.
  • The “Xbox360 – Rebooter” talk scheduled for Saal 3 at 20:30 has been cancelled.
  • Weizenbaum: Rebel at work is appearing in Saal 3 at 21:45: “Bekannt wurde er in den 70er Jahren als scharfzüngiger Wissenschafts- und Gesellschaftskritiker. Sein Buch “Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft” ist zum Klassiker geworden, sowohl unter Philosophen als auch unter Informatiker.”
  • The “We got owned by the (rhymes-with-unease)…” talk scheduled for Saal 2 at 23:00 has been cancelled.
  • As announced yesterday, Hacker Jeopardy will be live translated into English in Saal 3 beginning at 23:00.

Thanks to MrTopf for the great photo from this morning’s Privacy Workshop Project talk.

The funny events are being translated into English!

Non-German Speaking peoples! Now you too can find out what’s so funny about the Fnord News Show, and Hacker Jeopardy. These really popular events will be live simulcasted and translated into English for your viewing pleasure in Saal 3 on Day 2 (today) and Day 3 (tomorrow)!

Phonoelit party tonight!

The Phonoelit party is almost upon us. Come join us at the c-base as Dj Vela of Dangerous Drums and Mumpi of Phenoelit push you to the limit yet again. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, this year Phonoelit is kicking it old skool with special guest CMOS! He entertained some of you at the first and the third ph-neutral. Hell yes !!1!

Doors open at 22:00 PM, party starts at 23:00. A big group of us will be heading over after the Soviet Unterzoegersdorf talk at 0:00. Rumor has it that certain dissidents will be in the audience, but security will be heavy in the event of any disturbance.

Foodhacking tickets still available!

On the evening of Day 3, please join us at the c-base for an evening of events to help support the “mothership” hackerspace in Berlin. We’ll have talks, a chill lounge, an auction of really cool stuff and a special dinner prepared by the foodhacking workshop that you can be a part of. The evening is a fundraiser party for c-base to pay down their legacy power debt- that’s why we’re calling the evening “Power to the People”. It will be a lot of delicious fun, hope to see you there!

As part of the evening’s festivities, you can learn all about foodhacking! Starting at 2 PM, you can help prepare the evening’s dinner with the foodhacking gurus. If you are interested in buying a ticket to help prepare food, help the c-base and learn about foodhacking, e-mail or stop in at the area on Ebene C (we’re right across from the Big Schauble banner) and ask for Astera.

We’ll provide more details and a reminder about the party at the c-base tomorrow!

Lots of great photos from Day 1, don’t forget to post yours!

Day 1 is over, and there are a lot of awesome photos leaving very little of the 25C3 to hide. Here are a few prime examples. Don’t forget to post your photos with the tag “25C3”. Photos with Creative Commons licensing might be posted here! Thanks to MrTopf, nennett, revolvingdork, Angelol and Security4all.

An update on the ticket situation

The 25C3 twitter has been abuzz with questions regarding the ticket situation. We hope this post answers your most pressing concerns.

  • If you are traveling to the conference from outside of Europe you will get a ticket. We know many of you were affected by snowstorms in the Midwestern USA and we will be saving tickets for you.
  • If you are already en route to the Congress, we will have tickets available for you.
  • Otherwise, please do not travel to the Congress if you have not yet left.
  • Approximately 3,000 tickets for the entire conference have been sold. The exact number will be available on Day 4 during closing ceremonies.
  • Day tickets will be available, but in limited quantities. The cash desk will open at 08:00 and close at 02:00 (2 AM) every day. (This is for those of you who need tickets to the gym.)

Please leave a comment here or write an @25C3 response on Twitter with any other questions you may have and we will try to answer them in as timely a fashion as possible. For those of you here at the bcc with us, we hope you enjoy the most popular congress ever! As was said at the hackerspaces panel, be excellent to each other!

Lost in Interpretation …

This year, we will continue a tradition started last year with the “spontaneous simultaneous” interpretation of the Hacker Jeopardy. As of tomorrow, we will interpret one event in Saal 1 each day.

On day 2, we will give it a try with the Fnord News Show (11pm). On day 3, we will continue with the traditional Hacker Jeopardy (11pm as well). This is always a lot of fun for the participants, the audience, and the interpreters as well. On day 4, the finale will be the Security Nightmares 2009 at 4:30 pm.

If you would rather listen to bad English than perfect German, you can dial in to 8101 using your DECT phone. Your team of hobby simultaneous interpreters (volty, ixs and alech) will try to make the talks more understandable to you—if that’s possible at all :-) For the Hacker Jeopardy, we recommend to follow the interpretation from outside the lecture hall, because otherwise the funny bits will be hard to understand on the phone while people are rolling on the floor, laughing.

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