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Chaos Communication Camp 2015

Lost something at #cccamp15?

Camp is over since long, but some people are still working hard to get all the things back into place. There is still plenty of stuff in our storage that needs to get cleaned and stored back, to be ready for the next congress! One of those piles is the famous lost’n’found, you might have heard about it :)

All those things are idling now in Berlin, and waiting patiently to get back to you!

Please write to if any of the found items listed there belong to you. Please write us some details about your lost thing, so that we can be sure that the item actually belongs to you. Thank you!

Last chance to collect your pre-ordered CCCamp merchandise!

Please seize the final opportunity to collect your pre-ordered shirts, zippers and hoodies:

Sunday, August 16th
from 16:oo-18:ooh (4 to 6 pm)

…at the Infodesk.

Chaos Communication Camp Merchandise

Today (Day 2) you can pick up your pre-ordered shirts starting from 18:00 at the merchandise store next to the Infodesk (crossing of Bardeen Boulevard and Shelley Street).

Furthermore non pre-ordered clothing will be sold!


  • T-Shirt: 20 EUR
  • Hoodie: 35 EUR
  • Zipper: 45 EUR

Cash only.

Chaos Communication Camp 2015 – Impressions

Camp 2015 Mosaik
The first camp day is drawing to a close and we provide you with some impressions (mirror). Feel free to download, copy, reuse and share it. It’s released under Creative Commons. Enjoy.

Bus Transit from Camp to Gransee and vice versa

English version below.

Es gibt nun endlich genauere Informationen zu den Fahrzeiten des Bustransits Gransee <-> Camp. Diese haben wir hier veröffentlicht:

Um die Fahrtkosten zu decken, wird um einen freiwilligen Beitrag von ungefähr drei Euro gebeten. Diese kann am Eingang am dafür vorgesehenen Tisch entrichtet werden. Danke!

Achtung: Die Busse fahren nur in eine Richtung!


There are finally more information on the timetables of the transit busses Gransee <-> Camp. We have published them here:

To cover the travel expenses you will be asked for a donation of about three euros. It can be paid at the designated table located somewhere around the entrance. Thanks!

Attention: The busses only drive one-way!

Last chance to pay for your preorder

For technical reasons, we’ll be unable to process payments or Golden Token redemptions after Tue Aug 10 2015 23:59:59 CEST. Please make sure that your order is marked as paid and your ticket is downloadable before that date.

If your order is not marked as paid yet, and you sent a SEPA transaction more than 2 days ago, please contact us ASAP. Be sure to include your transfer reason, sender IBAN and account holder’s name.

If your order is not marked as paid yet, and you did not pay already, go to the ticket shop right now and pay via credit card.

If you have a Golden Token that is not redeemed yet, go to the ticket shop right now and redeem (and pay for) it.

If you have a cancelled preorder because you failed to pay in time, you do not have a valid ticket reservation anymore (regardless if you transferred money or not). Please do not travel to the camp site as you will be denied entrance.

Please be aware that there will be no ticket sale on site at all (no full tickets, no day tickets, no night tickets)! If you don’t have a preorder, do not travel to the camp site.

If you have a preorder which is marked as unpaid but you did transfer the money (and are able to prove it) and didn’t care to solve this issue in advance, you may travel to the camp site but you may have to wait up to several hours before we can solve that issue.

Camp CTF

Dear Camp visitors,

As with most of the recent CCC events, there will be a CTF contest.  Past CTF competitions (C3, Sigint) have been designed to be appealing for experienced teams.  The Camp CTF will be different: The challenges will cater to beginners and hints and help may be provided during the competition.  To emphasize the educative character, participants are encouraged to present solutions to their competitors at scheduled times for extra points.  The possibility to present solutions will be open to on-site participants only.  Apart from classical exploitation challenges, we will provide some on-site challenges for you totinker with. Despite this, the CTF is open to online participants as well.

Please register here [1]. It is also considered best practice to join #campctf on hackint IRC. Details on where you can meet us on-site and when presentations are scheduled, will be published soon. We hope to see you and enjoy our challenges. The CTF starts Thursday, 18:00h and we’ll schedule presentations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Happy pwning,
Stratum Auhuur



Video and audio streaming during #cccamp15

As with most chaos events, c3voc and friends will cater for recording and streaming of the lectures in the two main tents. On the campsite you will be able to watch them on DVB-T channels 35, 40, 49 or listen to them on your DECT or GSM phone (numbers 8001 & 8002 and 8011 & 8012 for simultaneous interpretation). There will be programming broadcast on FM radio at 89.30 MHz and DAB at 211.648 MHz (channel 10B).

If you participate via the internet, you can enjoy our live streams using your favorite device at If all goes well, we will also provide ReLive streamdumps there, in case you missed a lecture. We’ll experiment with multicast streams, check back with us at for more information. After the event, all recorded lectures will be available in better quality on Beware of lectures marked as „optout“ in the schedule – we will neither stream nor record them!

As a special service for the villages and their participants who’d like to broadcast, we will also provide a free audio-streaming infrastructure. It’s for everybody on the Camp site, who wants to transmit music, sound or noise to the world wide webs. Those streams will appear side-by-side with the main video- and audio-streams at If you would like to publish one or more such streams, please visit the corresponding wiki page. We’ll publish more information there, once the service is up and running.

If you are interested in our activities or just want to visit, you can find us on the campsite in our container next to the big lecture tent „Project 2501“, or follow us on twitter.

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