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Assemblies – it’s about time!

tl;dr register your assembly asap

We’ll have a huge chunk of an exhibition hall for the Assemblies with nearly three times the space as there was in Hamburg. To transform a faceless and boring exhibition hall into a cosy, hacky, welcoming and inspirational place, we need you!

Over the last years the concept of Assemblies was constantly evolving and changing. With our move to Leipzig, there are new challenges and opportunities. In this huge space, Assemblies, people and groups will gather around different subjects, interests and competences. These will be represented by “Chaos Competence Centers.”

A Chaos Competence Center is a structure very much like a village at Chaos Communication Camps: The usual Chaos where Assemblies blend into each other and everyone cares.

Chaos Competence Centers can provide stages, workshop spaces, shared areas and cosy places to talk, discuss or chill, and much more – only your imagination is the limit! For a start, some bigger groups went ahead to form Chaos Competence Centers. They evolve around a subject, but are by no means limited to it:
“The Hive” will gather machines that fabricate anything out of digital bits and real materials; “Chaos West” will gather all objects that move over the floor, they even have a huge test track for your motorized couch; Freifunk will be bigger than ever – expect many more Chaos Competence Centers!

If your assembly covers similar topics and interests as one of the existing Chaos Competence Centers, please attach and join! Also, please feel free to create your own Chaos Competence Center and let gravity do its work to catch more assemblies, we’re curious!

Besides these Chaos Competence Centers, there will be a lot of space for your very own ideas and projects; have fun and let others participate in what you’re doing!

empty hall
The exhibition hall is an empty field where we’d love to see areas growing, spaces and places for things and people – we want to see rooms spawning where you place furniture and tools, host workshops and even provide stages next to them. As long as you meet the technical regulations of the Messe Leipzig (PDF) you can bring and build literally everything in there. (tl;dr tech specs: Max. 30qm² continuous ceiling, everything “B1 flame resistant”, maximum height 4.5m, no two-story buildings with both floors accessible by people, if in doubt: ask!!)

Certainly we’ll provide some tables and chairs “as usual” for all Assemblies who don’t want or can’t build big infrastructures and focus more on meet-up and work together on projects.

Due to the fact that this year all the assemblies will be sharing one big hall, there will be some challenges: light and noise. So if you plan to bring very bright or very noisy stuff, please keep in mind that there will be a couple of thousand people in the same room with you!

Leave the floodlights and Disco PAs at home, think about low ambient light design or table-spot-lights for hardware-hacking and be creative about noise pollution – you might also try concepts such as “silent disco”, DECT, rad1o or FM transmitted talks/workshops. Be prepared not to run your loud machines while your neighbors wanna run a workshop or host a talk. Dampening noise and blocking light pollution can also be accomplished by creating walls – from fabric or other materials; be creative! Transforming this huge hall into a maze of cozy corners is our quest for this year’s congress!

We can’t wait to see the huge space busy and full – also we’re curious to see your living room, workshop and hackspace on this empty field.

So now it’s up to you: Register your Assembly now, tell us what you want to bring, build and do!

Open, Shared and Reserved Tables OR How to find your place at 33C3

As explained in our previous post, placing all Assemblies and suiting everybody’s needs is next to impossible. This year we’re changing the concept a bit: Out of all applications, we selected the ones providing the most benefits to all visitors and reseved a fixed space for them. All the other ones can choose their place themselves.

That means, in addition to the Reserved Tables and the Shared Tables that you know from the previous years, we also have so called Open Tables. For the Shared Tables the same rules as last years apply: These aren’t intended to be occupied permanently by any Assembly. The Shared Tables are for people without an Assembly and for workshops organized by the surrounding Assemblies. The Open Tables can be used to stay longer and set up a home base. You can leave your stuff there, but if there are free seats people can join you, as it always used to be with the Assemblies. Don’t hog the whole table if there are free seats! There will be enough Open Tables for all registered Assemblies. The congress is a place where people share with each other, not just ideas and skills, but also the space.

How to find your place at 33C3:

  • If a space was reserved for you please call the DECT number ASSM (2776) to get information on where your Assembly is placed.
  • If you haven’t got a reserved space and want to occupy an Open Table, please have a look around yourself to find a good spot. Once settled down, please update your location in the wiki accordingly. Feel free to also enter your location into
  • If you have any other issues e.g. not finding a suitable Open Table please call ASSM (2776) on DECT, too.

Assemblies – get prepared to contribute and share!

Before we open the registration for Assemblies in the wiki, we want to let you know about some conceptual changes: Since 29C3 we’ve tried our very best to leave no Assembly behind and reserved space for (nearly) every group that applied. You all know the result: Each Assembly got less and less space each year for doing the things they’ve planned to do – even if that was just to hang out together. This year this is going to change. We will not allocate space for each individual Assembly, but rather allocate enough space for the ones actively adding value to our community on site – be it for 33C3 itself, or because of meeting and hacking together on site to create more helpful tools and knowledge to inure to the benefit of everyone!

What is an Assembly all about? When we invented them in 2012 for 29C3 (as an experiment!) we wrote: “Bring your toys, work on projects, have fun and let others participate in what you’re doing!” We also stated that the possibility to participate is central for everything at your C3-conference and that we want you to share your knowledge. All of this still applies, and this year we want you to focus even more on the participation and sharing aspect, as well as on the contribution to something useful for everyone. So we kindly ask you to highlight this more in your application for a reserved space, too.

You already learned about the ticket situation from the past blogposts: We are again running out of space. As the building is static, all of us need to adjust ourselves dynamically. That means we will only provide reserved space to some of the Assemblies applying, and leave it to you to share the rest of the space. By organizing yourselves in clusters you can help to decentralize further. Similarly for all the gear you’re bringing each year: It is amazing to see what one can do with all those tools, but if you need your soldering iron just twice during Congress – why not go down to the Hardware Hacking Area for doing so – and save space for everyone to spread and share? Instead of packing everything – think about what is unique or characteristic for your assembly. This makes your travel to 33C3 easier and everyone else will be able to understand what is important to you much faster.

The Assembly team will allocate resources in a similar manner as the Content team: There we also have the curated talks in the halls, and lots of space for the self-organized-sessions. Please take your application for a reserved space as serious as you would an application to talk on one of the stages! We want to see more extraordinary things, we want to have a diverse and mixed collection of passionate people doing exciting stuff. Showing off tools is nice, but sharing what and how everyone can hack and develop with them is even more exciting! Of course not every Assembly needs to show off and share their work – we welcome quiet Assemblies that meet to work together on their projects just as much!

To conclude: 42 3D-printers aren’t the answer to everything – but if you happen to have a thing that can beam us up, do not leave it at home!

Wiki is online; start entering Assemblies and Projects!

We are proud to announce that the wiki for the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress is up-and-running, please go ahead and participate!

If you want to announce and coordinate your assembly space, please apply soon.

Please be aware of the deadline on 1st of December. This already is in three two weeks!

See you there.

Assemblies at 31C3: Map available

Please go and have a look in the wiki (or direct link to the .png). Please be aware that this is only a beta version. Keep an eye on the version numbers, we’ll be updating from time to time.

Also there are now the lists of clusters in the wiki available. Please contact us on c3-assemblies (at) if you have any serious problems with your group. Please don’t forget that we can not fulfil every single wish in total, and tried to give everyone in average the best possible experience and place.

Feel free to give us some less serious feedback after Congress at the above mentioned address.

Brew-it-yourself mit den coffeenerds

(English text follows)


Liebe Kaffeeliebhaber,

im letzten Jahr fanden viele von Euch den Weg zu unserer Assembly – den Coffeenerds! Bei uns konntet Ihr Euch Euren einmaligen Kaffee selbst zubereiten!

Wir sind eine Gruppe von Nerds, die ihre Leidenschaft für guten Kaffee teilen und Euch die Möglichkeit geben wollen, in den Genuss einzigartigen Kaffees zu kommen. Nach dem brew-it-yourself-Konzept sollen möglichst viele unterschiedliche Zubereitungsmethoden wie Aeropress und V60 von Euch ausprobiert werden.

Letztes Jahr habt Ihr viel Kaffeebohnen und Equipment gespendet, so dass jeder kostenlos genießen konnte. Vielen Dank dafür! Das soll auch dieses Jahr so sein. Wir werden zwar auch wieder eigenes Equipment mitbringen, hoffen aber trotzdem auf Eure Spenden.
Also bringt Euer Equipment oder Eure Lieblingsbohne mit oder fragt Euren Röster des Vertrauens!

Die Coffeenerds danken Euch im Voraus!

English text:

Dear Coffee lovers,

At the last congress a lot of you already found their way to our assembly of the Coffeenerds, where you could brew your own delicious coffee.

We are a group of nerds, that like to share our passion about good coffee and we want to offer as many visitors as possible the taste of unique coffees. Following our brew-it-yourself concept, a lot of brewing methods like Aeropress an V60 can be tried out.

Last year you already donated lots of coffee beans and brewing equipment, so everybody could try and drink for free. Thank you for that! We will bring our own equipment again, but still hope for donations.
So bring your equipment and your beloved beans or just ask your local roaster!

We thank you in advance,
the Coffeenerds

A Respectful Goodbye

for your Beloved Old Hardware


Do you also have that one piece of hardware,
that you just can’t say goodbye to?

You sadly can’t use it anymore
and it’s been collecting dust for a while,
but you don’t want to just bin it
because it still has some meaning to you?

Bring it to 31C3 for a majestic farewell ceremony!

Whilst mechanically destroying your hardware
you can indulge in memories
and share them with your friends
at 31C3.

Our facility can fit hardware
from the size of a microSD up to a desktop computer.

Things that might break in spectacular ways are especially welcome.

Please don’t leave behind
the remains of your valued hardware,
remember to bring a bag
suited to collect the remainders
so you can dispose of them respectfully.
We don’t have the capacity to take care
of the loved hardware
of all 31C3 visitors.

Chaospatinnen – taking you by the hand since 2013!

Attention: registration for the chaos mentors program has closed”

Es ist wieder soweit – der 31C3 steht vor der Tür, und nach den tollen Erfahrungen auf dem 30C3 wollen wir das Konzept der Chaospaten und Chaospatinnen fortführen: Wir wollen Euch – die ihr zum ersten Mal den Congress besucht – dabei unterstützen, einen guten Start in den Congress zu haben.

The time has arrived again – 31C3 is coming up. After the premiere of our “Chaospatinnen” concept worked out really well last year, we are happily looking forward to continue the model at the 31C3. Chaosmentors are getting ready to support new visitors through their first Congress experience.
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31C3 Call for Assemblies

Der Congress wäre nicht, was er ist, wenn er nicht durch Assemblys mitgestaltet würde. Auch dieses Jahr wird es wieder Assemblys geben, und wir hoffen auf eure zahlreiche Teilnahme!

The congress wouldn’t be the way it is without assemblies. This year, of course, there will be assemblies again, and we hope to gain your active participation in it!
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