31C3: A New Dawn (2014)

Chaospatinnen – taking you by the hand since 2013!

Attention: registration for the chaos mentors program has closed”

Es ist wieder soweit – der 31C3 steht vor der Tür, und nach den tollen Erfahrungen auf dem 30C3 wollen wir das Konzept der Chaospaten und Chaospatinnen fortführen: Wir wollen Euch – die ihr zum ersten Mal den Congress besucht – dabei unterstützen, einen guten Start in den Congress zu haben.

The time has arrived again – 31C3 is coming up. After the premiere of our “Chaospatinnen” concept worked out really well last year, we are happily looking forward to continue the model at the 31C3. Chaosmentors are getting ready to support new visitors through their first Congress experience.

english version below

Für Patenkinder:

Du interessierst Dich für Computer, Technik, Hacken und Netzpolitik? Du würdest gerne am 31C3 teilnehmen, weißt aber nicht genau, an wen Du Dich wenden kannst oder hast Dich bisher noch nicht so richtig getraut? Du denkst, Du bist eigentlich gar kein richtiger Hacker oder Programmiererin und hast Bedenken, ob du so gut zum 31C3 passt? Hast du Angst davor, nur eine Frau unter Wenigen zu sein? Du würdest aber gerne lernen, wie man lötet, Roboter baut, programmiert, verschlüsselt oder Schlösser knackt?

Dann fühl Dich herzlich willkommen auf dem Chaos Communication Congress und bei den Chaospatinnen! Du bist hier genau richtig. Wir möchten Dich dazu ermuntern, dieses Jahr am 31C3 teilzunehmen und wollen Dir dabei helfen, einen spannenden und schönen Aufenthalt zu haben. Wir suchen mit Dir gemeinsam Patinnen aus, die Dich an Deinem ersten Tag willkommen heißen und mit Dir das Gelände erkunden. Gemeinsam finden wir raus, wo es für Dich interessante Workshops und Talks gibt – und natürlich wo Du Mate herbekommst.

Auch im Vorfeld sind wir Ansprechpartnerinnen für Deine Fragen. Egal, ob es dabei um generelle Unklarheiten oder um Deine Sorgen, Bedürfnisse oder Wünsche geht.

Wie das geht?

Melde Dich bis zum 15. Dezember bei uns an, indem Du eine Mail mit ein paar Infos über dich an chaospatinnen@lists.ccc.de schreibst. Verrate uns, wofür Du Dich interessierst und wieso Du dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal auf den Kongress kommen willst. So können wir für Dich einen passenden Paten oder eine passende Patin suchen, die Dich dann bald kontaktieren wird.

Wir können nur Leuten Patinnen und Paten vermitteln, die sich angemeldet haben, versuchen aber immer, jemanden an der eigens eingerichteten Assembly “ChaospatInnen” zu haben, um auch neuen Patenkindern weiterzuhelfen und zuzuhören.

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!

Für Paten und Patinnen:

Natürlich suchen wir auch dieses Jahr wieder tatkräftige Unterstützung von netten, erfahrenen und zuverlässigen Paten und Patinnen. Wenn Du Lust hast, Dich einer Gruppe von Neulingen anzunehmen und sie zu betreuen, dann melde Dich bei uns unter chaospatinnen@lists.ccc.de.

Erzähle uns etwas über Dich und womit Du Dich gut auskennst, damit wir passende Patenkinder für Dich suchen können. Schonmal vielen Dank im Voraus!

Link zur Assembly

Link zum Twitter-Account

For mentees:

You are interested in Computers, Technology, Hacking and digital Rights? You’d like to participate, but feel alone with your questions?
You don’t think you count as a hacker or programmer and have doubts if you fit at 31C3?
Maybe you worry you’ll be in a minority? But you want to find out how to solder, build robots, or you are curious about programming, encryption or lockpicking?

We are happy to welcome you at 31C3 and to get you started – just mail to our list chaospatinnen@lists.ccc.de. Please let us know about your interests and special needs, if there are any, so that we can find a suitable mentor.

We will try to consider your interests and needs when assigning a mentor. To give us some time, please sign up by the 15th of December.

If you miss the signup deadline, we won’t be able to assign you a mentor and we can’t include you in our Welcome activities. We will try to always have someone at our assembly though, to help and listen to new members.

Like last year we need and appreciate support from friendly, reliable and experienced Congress visitors. If you want to welcome a group of mentees and support them, let us know and drop us a line about yourself, your interests and skills at chaospatinnen@lists.ccc.de.

Link to our Assembly

Link to our Twitter-Account

Let’s do the halfnarp

Placing lectures into time slots is the most crucial part of constructing a solid Fahrplan. Some speakers like presenting early in the morning, while some entertainment sessions belong to the night program for obvious reasons. That’s the easy part.

But minimizing potential collisions between events is an art, as we’ve learnt over the past years. Sometimes, we underestimate the interest in certain events or fail to anticipate two lectures’ attracting a highly similar crowd.

Such collisions can cause quite some frustration. Imagine not being able to attend one of two (or even two of three) highly anticipated lectures just because we put them all into the same time slot. So this year, we kindly ask you for help in balancing our Fahrplan according to your interests.

We have created a little service called halfnarp, which allows a glimpse at our preliminary outline. All we ask you to do ist pick lectures that you’re interested in. Later, you can even refine your choice to give us a more precise picture of your interests. Also note that not all lectures have been re-confirmed by their speakers yet, so the list is due to change over the next days.

With this data, we will apply all kinds of fancy statistics to minimize the conflicting concurrency problems in our Fahrplan. Since we know that the data will be highly biased, we will not consider absolute numbers, but only positive correlations.

The halfnarp project is open source and – apart from a random uid to later identify you (if you like) – all our server learns about you is the integer array of lecture IDs you submit. If the Fahrplan app developers’ time allows it, you may even later import your selection into your apps.

31C3 Ticket Shop Has Opened

Need to say more?

We’ve opened the 31C3 ticket shop. You can buy tickets online at https://tickets.events.ccc.de/.

You’ll notice we had to raise prices slightly.

It is awfully difficult to predict the total income for an event of this size. Maybe the price for a standard ticket is 10€ too much now, depending on how many people will come. If that turns out to be true, we’ll reduce it again next year.

In the meantime, if you can’t afford to pay the standard price, don’t hesitate to use the “Apply” button on the bottom right of the page. It will present you with a text input and send a mail on your behalf to 31c3-friends@cccv.de. Of course you can send a mail without using that button, too. Rest assured, we’ll find an agreement that makes both sides happy.


Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Julia, dodger and erdgeist, the 31C3’s “meta content team”. Our mission is to coordinate the five so called “track teams” introduced for the 30C3 conference. We would like to give you a better idea of how the 31C3 Fahrplan is orchestrated, for what reasons lectures are accepted and rejected and how we strive to make the conference program even more interesting.

From the introduction you might have noticed that there is not a single entity deciding what you see at the conference and there is not a benevolent dictator judging by personal preferences, but rather five very different committees working through all your submissions and reviews. This concept was conceived after learning some scalability issues the hard way:

After a stressful content organizing session for 29C3 we understood that the amount of work to cope with 300+ submissions was killing the mood. We also faced the danger of not committing an appropriate amount of time on each submission. The content team met for three whole weekends but we had only two minutes to discuss each submission between the 23 members before making a decision. (Do the math!) In the end we had to acknowledge that we were actually left with enough work for five hacker conferences at once.

The growing scope of what we consider our community now also meant that a monolithic team of content coordinators would require a broad overview over a range of topics and – to be honest – not everyone in one huge content team was predestined to judge each submission from every weird corner of the hacker’s universe.

So we decided to split the review and talk invitation process between five different content coordination teams, called “track team” for the tracks “Science”, “Art & Culture”, “Security & Hacking” [1]1, “Hardware & Making” and “Ethics, Politics & Society” [2]2; each completely independent in how they select team members, reviewers and how they incorporate the reviews in their decisions. The teams were boot strapped by appointing experts in the field – this year the team leads in three of five track teams are not even members of CCC.

Knowing that each track gets its fair share of attention gave us confidence to guarantee time slots for invitations, when in previous years an invitation stood a chance to be voted off the schedule by the commission. With that freedom the track teams could actively look for cool lectures waiting to be submitted, define interesting topics and find suitable coordinators in those track teams with differing world views (to put it mildly).

All that’s now left to do for the meta content team is to brew coffee, dedicate time slots to each track team, (leaving time for CCCs very own content), solving differences when submissions do not precisely fit a track’s description and when teams require more time for cool lectures.

For the track teams however the real work usually starts exactly at the last day before submission deadline ;). Around 400 submissions arrived 2014 at our cool conference planning tool frab. Some submitters come every year, some prepared a spontaneous lecture, some were invited by track teams and friends.

Reviewers – some coming from our ranks, some volunteering for years now – are then asked to commit themselves to one of the tracks and help our track teams by adding meaningful reviews about how important they feel the topic is, how well the speaker seems to understand the topic, whether they’ve seen the submitter giving lectures before and so on. These reviews are an important tool to judge which submissions are then put on the top of the list – remember that for each accepted submission, three have to be rejected.

While each track team is independent in how they chose their content, some basic rules apply for all of them. It’s important to understand what the congress is not: a platform to advertise for your product or tell heart warming stories of how your project came to be. Another thing that we try to avoid are boring, uncontroversial panels staffed with people who more or less agree on the topic – we’ve all seen too many of those. Neither do we strive to be a scientific conference where you can present your underlings’ work to get academic publishing credits. We want see and hear the people who actually do the work.

And before you start an online Fahrplan petition – we know that some controversial lectures were accepted at every congress, while others were rejected that appear to be clear keepers in your peer group – it’s important to remember that the congress is not a place to practise grass root democracy. It’s a conference organized by CCC, after all and we do have a strong impulse to not only entertain but also to educate.

After a busy month of heart breaking rejection decisions, desperate negotiations between the track teams and joint meetings to also fit an overreaching thematic arch over the conference, the submitters get a first round of acceptance or rejection notices. Lots of work still need to be done until the first version of the Fahrplan will be published: many questions of the speakers need to be answered, itineraries need to be synchronized, hotels and flights booked and the best lecture hall and time slot for each talk needs to be found. But in the end we’re proud to present what we strongly feel to be the best Fahrplan ever and look forward to see you in Hamburg.

1 /2013/11/16/the-30c3-security-track/
2 /2013/11/15/on-the-acceptance-and-rejections-in-the-30c3-society-politics-ethics-track/

31C3 Call for Assemblies

Der Congress wäre nicht, was er ist, wenn er nicht durch Assemblys mitgestaltet würde. Auch dieses Jahr wird es wieder Assemblys geben, und wir hoffen auf eure zahlreiche Teilnahme!

The congress wouldn’t be the way it is without assemblies. This year, of course, there will be assemblies again, and we hope to gain your active participation in it!

English Version Below

Was ist überhaupt eine Assembly?

Eine Assembly ist das Congress-Äquivalent zu einem Village auf dem Camp: Gruppen aus einem Hackerspace oder mit gemeinsamen Projekten oder Interessen finden sich in einer Assembly zusammen. Gemeinsam verbringen sie Zeit und schmieden Weltherrschaftspläne oder halten kleine Workshops und Vorträge (Sessions) ab.

Können wir als Assembly auch Inhalte schaffen?

Ja, genau das wünschen wir uns! Im Idealfall wird es neben den Haupt-Vortragstracks des 31C3 auch noch eine Parallelwelt von Vorträgen und praktischen Workshops geben, allein geschaffen durch Assemblies.

Wir freuen uns auch, wenn ihr zur dekorativen Gestaltung des Gebäudes beitragt. Ob ihr nun euren Assembly-Platz und Umgebung gestaltet oder große Objekte (Spieleautomaten, krasse Sachen, etc.) mitbringt, die von anderen benutzt werden können, alles ist willkommen.

Wie melde ich eine Assembly an?

Eine Assembly ist kostenlos, lediglich der normale Eintritt für die Teilnehmer muss natürlich bezahlt werden. Weitere Informationen finden und anmelden kann man sich über die Assembly-Seite im 31C3-Wiki.

Bitte füllt vor allem die Tags und die Zugehörigkeit bzw. Verwandtschaft zu anderen Assemblies vollständig aus und gebt Planungen, voraussichtliche Größe und benötigte Infrastruktur so bald wie möglich an, damit ihr passend platziert werden könnt.

Team Assembly

What exactly is an assembly?

An assembly is the congress equivalent of a village at the camp: Groups of people from hackerspaces, with common interests or working on the same projects gather in an assembly. They spend their time together, plan world domination or hold workshops and talks (sessions).

Can we also produce content?

Yes, this is exactly what we want! Ideally, besides the main tracks there will be a parallel universe of talks and practical workshops at the 31c3, driven by the assemblies.

We are also keen to have your help decorate the building. Whether you decorate your own assembly area and its environment, or bring large objects like arcade machines for other participants to see and use, everything is welcome.

How to register an assembly?

An assembly is free, only the normal entrance fee for visitors has to be paid. You can find further information and register your assembly in the form at the assembly page in our 31C3 wiki.

Please fill in carefully the affinity and relationships to other assemblies and the tags and state your plans, approximate size and required infrastructure as soon as possible to achieve a nice and fitting arrangement for all assemblies.

Team Assembly

Mit der Bahn zum Congress / Take the train to the Congress

Symbolbild à la Bahn: Hacker auf dem Weg zum Congress

Symbolbild à la Bahn: Hacker auf dem Weg zum Congress

Wie in den letzten Jahren, bietet die Deutsche Bahn zum Congress wieder ein spezielles Veranstaltungsticket an. Der Mindestpreis ist wie im vergangenen Jahr bei 99,00 Euro.

Alle Informationen zum Ticket und zur Buchung des Tickets finden sich im Wiki.

Ab dem 04.11.2014 erhebt die Deutsche Bahn jedoch ein Zahlungsmittelentgelt für Zahlungen mit Kreditkarten und/oder PayPal ein – eine weitere indirekte Preiserhöhung. Wir empfehlen daher Bahntickets schon jetzt zu kaufen, bevor die Gebühr greift.

Außerdem gibt es im Wiki eine ausführliche Liste an Hotels und anderen Unterkünften: Einige Hotels bspw. das Radisson Hotel und das Generator Hostel bieten sogar spezielle Raten für die Congresszeit an.

As in previous years, the German railway company (Deutsche Bahn) is offering a special ticket for your travel to the Congress. The cheapest fare is, like last year, 99,00 Euro.

All further information regarding this special offer and how to book it can be found in the Wiki.

Starting 04.11.2014, Deutsche Bahn is asking for a payment-transaction-fee for payments made with credit-cards or PayPal – another indirect increase in prices. We would like to advise you, to book your tickets before that date.

Furthermore, an extensive list of hotels and other accommodations can also be found in the wiki: Some hotels like the Radisson Hotel and the Generator Hostel even offer a special rate for stays during the congress.

31C3 special terms at Generator Hostel

We’ve blocked some rooms in the Generator Hostel, which is close to central station

Double rooms are available for 70.00 Euro, a bed in a six-person dorm 17.00 Euro per night.

Please book your room by sending an eMail to groupshamburg@generatorhostels.com – don’t forget to say the magic word “CCC2014”!