23C3: Who can you trust? (2006)

Cold, hard facts on voting computers

We all need to have people after whom we can model our lives. We are not sure everybody knows Rop Gonggrijp but if you don’t you should. He is the one who will take a look at some cold, hard facts on voting computers on day 1 at 8:30 PM.

Amsterdam just dismissed electronic voting computers for the elections. Rop will talk about his fight against this computers and for (not only) Dutch voters to verify their votes. You will learn why there are many reasons to not placing the whole system of hand counts in jeopardy: simplicity, transparency, and plenty of witnesses who can understand the voting process.

Of course, there are more scheduled events on voting machines, including appearance by Ulrich Wiesner.

We don’t need a better voting computer as much as we need fewer voting computers. Let’s learn how to stop the unstoppable trend!

Do you want your own room?

As we told you at the Congress Website:

We encourage you to come up with good ideas, interesting projects and general feedback at any time.

But to do interesting projects you need space and time to discuss, to present some ideas and to work in a smaller group of people on a hands-on basis. The place to do that is the workshop room, where some tables and 23 chairs, a video projector and up to two hours time give you the opportunity to be part of the congress program.

There already are some very cool workshops:

So be quick and reserve some time for your interesting project, too.

It’s there…

The Fahrplan is out. Have a look.

The conference will present about 120 lectures ranging from an report about the RFID Hacking efforts of the CCC in the last year, to a discussion of State Authorities Access to Sensible Information, to an overview about Culture Jamming & Discordianism. Voting Computer will be a topic too, of course.

If you miss something in the schedule or just want to tell something, you have still the opportunity to do so. Present and discuss your own topics in the Workshop Room or give a Lightning Talk. Just reserve some time in the Wiki.

Fahrplan is close to release

Good news everyone. The official 23C3 schedule is mostly done. It will be released with the week. Stay tuned.

Stay tuned

We have had our share of problems getting out to you and the 23C3 website is in need of an significant update. But we are working on it.

23C3 is on track and welcomes everybody at the end of the year. We try to make it enjoyable and interesting as you expect it to be. The content is mostly fixed and we will try to get the schedule done as soon as possible. We might release a preview list of lectures before putting out the fully timed schedule.

Give us some pressure by putting up questions for the stuff you miss the most so that we can make sure we provide everything you need to know now. Feel free to provide additional information about your projects at 23C3 or to coordinate with others using the Wiki. Please note there is a RSS feed of the Recent Changes of the 23C3 Website available for subscription. This is an efficient way to keep up with every bit of information that might worth knowing about our event.

We are not going to put up a separate web site this year (the 23C3 schedule will still be separate) as we think the wiki much better servers our needs. We will protect a few pages in the wiki that provide “official” information such as ticket prices (which will be basically unchanged from last with just a few smaller exceptions).

We will use this blog to provide continuous coverage of 23C3 and we are looking forward meeting you at the 23rd iteration of our little crazy space at the end of the universe.

Submit your lecture proposal for the 23C3 now!

As stated in the Call for Participation we await your lecture proposals for the 23rd Chaos Communication Congress until September 15th. That is today. So don’t hold back any longer.

If you have any questions about giving a talk at the 23C3, about our submission system or anything else related to the conference program please contact us via 23c3-content at cccv dot de.