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Description We are a Network of People who do some more or less creative projects to supply the digital community with new mindsets. While keeping balance between art and science we never forget the fun. The name Frubar is a mixture of foo bar and the german word for copious (fruchtbar). We thought it would describe best what we are doing. ;-)
Members Amoksepp, Baerli, Bluemaex, Brosys, Carlos, Chriss, DEvil0000, DrScream, Eki, EleRas, FiveF, Ganbarutobi, Hacky, Jay2k1, Kabel, Lelith, Mark2D2, Nb, Roo, Rooky, Silvia, Sodoku, Ssaschaa, Taknil, Wiedi, Xythobuz
Projects Illumos, PDP11 Retrocomputing, UbaBot
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port (SSL): 7000
channel: #xchannel

Village DECT number on site will be 3781 (FRU!).

Travel Service

To plan a good and easy travel system and fill it with structure please add yourself to the list. Please fill out your profile page as well with the village information. It would help us to calculate the people who are joining.

User Location (From) Wish or Comment Arrival Date
DrScream Berlin with caravan 2019-08-18 afternoon
Wiedi Berlin
roo Tettnang travel by car 2019-08-20 morning
lelith Berlin travel by rental car with Mark2d2 & Irene 2019-08-20 afternoon
Mark2D2 Berlin travel by rental car with lelith& Irene 2019-08-20 afternoon
Chriss Berlin travel by own car / Project 4BFT on c-base village 2019-08-17 during the day
Amoksepp Ravensburg travel by car with rooky 2019-08-20 morning
Carlos Markdorf/WGT travel by car with motu 2019-08-21
Motu Weingarten travel by car with carlos and jana 2019-08-21
hAcky Hamburg travel by car / could someone pls collect my tent in Tettnang?
EleRas Düsseldorf travel by train to Berlin / car to camp with Kabel 2019-08-18 afternoon
Niklas Göttingen Train to Gransee with Eki / Would appreciate ride from Gransee to Camp 2019-08-21 14:34
Bro Berlin travel by own car and trailer and bring Mary and Sophia on the weekend
Eki Hannover Train to Gransee with Niklas / Would appreciate ride from Gransee to Camp 2019-08-21 14:34
Kabel Brandenburg Travel by car picking up EleRas along the way 2019-08-18 afternoon
Baerli Berlin Travel by car with Tobi and Robin 2019-08-21 afternoon
Ssaaschaa Berlin near Hbf By Sprinter, still some space left (~500kg) and 2-5 seats available - possible pick up at Berlin Hbf 2019-08-20 afternoon


Big Tent & Stuff

A large 54m^2 Tent (6m x 9m) has been ordered. Also 10 tables (160x80cm) and 21 chairs.

What Location (From) Who Comments
1x big tent (54m^2) CCCamp Orga DrScream provided by the orga
10x tables CCCamp Orga DrScream provided by the orga
21x regular chairs CCCamp Orga DrScream provided by the orga
2x awning (6m x 3m + 2m x 3m) with pole Berlin Ssaschaa if of interest, bring them anyway


What Location (From) Who Comments
Uplink Cables Roo Roo 1x ~60m SMF, 1x ~90M SMF, 2x 50m MMF OM3, 2x 30m cat 6a, 1x ~50m cat6a outdoor
Switch Roo Roo 2x 48x gb, 1x 24x gb+ 2x sfp+
Network Cables Everyone Everyone

Light & Sound

Light & Sound
What Location (From) Who Comments
DMX lights Berlin Wiedi 1x dmx pi, 1x dmx usb pro, 4x rgb, 1x uv, cables
Speakers Berlin Wiedi sub/left/right, 2x xlr cable, 2x speaker stand
Mixer Berlin Wiedi djm-500 + usb soundcard


What Location (From) Who Comments
BBQ gas bottle Berlin Bro
Coffee machine
Fridge Berlin Bro my garage fridge
Toaster Weingarten Motu
Induction cooker plate + bialetti (coffee) Weingarten Carlos needed? (Bro: needed!)
gas stool cooker (9 KW) + big pot (50 L) Weingarten Carlos / Motu requires gas bottle

Mary had the idea to do some chilli con carne or Solijanka ("gemeinsames Schnippeln"). She attends the camp on weekend - so cooking is probably on Friday evening or Saturday.



Drinks (pre-order)
What Location (From) Who Comments
3x Club Mate 20x 0,5L CCCamp Orga DrScream provided by the orga
4x Flora Power Mate 20x 0,5L CCCamp Orga DrScream provided by the orga
6x Premium Cola 24x 0,33L CCCamp Orga DrScream provided by the orga
1x Pilsner Urquell 24x 0,33L CCCamp Orga DrScream provided by the orga
4x Agua leise 20x 0,5L CCCamp Orga DrScream provided by the orga
4x Agua laut 20x 0,5L CCCamp Orga DrScream provided by the orga
  • Gösser Radler
  • Limo
  • Augustiner Edelstoff
  • Tegernseer Hell (mmhhh delicious, will bring a crate @Ssaschaa)
  • Fassbrause

Other stuff we plan to bring

TODO: Dieser Abschnitt muss auf Aktualität überprüft werden

What Who Comments
240V power cables everbody please bring some 240V caples, adapters, etc.
power adapters everbody please bring your own power adapters you need
Sofa bro my garden sofa
1-2 Flip-Dot displays SSsaschaa Old BVG/Bahn flip-dot displays and some modules

Tables and Chairs
What Who Comments
10x tables User:DrScream Provided by the camp orga
21x chairs User:DrScream Provided by the camp orga
more tables everyone We need more tables, maybe:
more chairs everyone

Money Money Money

Yes the camp costs money, yes it's vacation and yes we do our best to provide everything possible. This category contains some big invests we did so far. We're happy about any donations from you on the camp site :-)

Money Money Money
How much What Comments
tent, chairs, tables
drinks (beer, limo, etc.)
extra water day -1 / -2