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The BOC ( Beverage Operating Center ) is responsible for the bars and also offers a central ordering for beverages for villages and attendees. Volunteers are greatly appreciated.


The BOC needs angels to volunteer at the different bars. To be able to angel for the BOC you just have to register for Shifts. No Angeltype or Instruction needed.


There will be 2 Bars on the camp site.

Main Bar

Opening hours: 24/7


Opening hours: TBA

Crate Sale

Opening hours: TBA

Beverages available for Central Ordering
Beverage Bottles/Crate & Bottlesize Price
deposit/Crate - 5€
Club Mate 20x0.5L 25€
Flora Power Mate 20x0.5L 35€
Premium Cola 24x0.33L 30€
Pilsner Urquell 24x0.33L 30€
Viva con Agua 12x1L 15€
Viva con Agua 20x0.5L 15€
Infos regarding other Types of Beverages will be added soon!

We try to provide the Beverages Cooled. However it might not always be possible.
Beverages are payed cash on pickup or in advance via our Presale.
The Deposit (5€ per Crate) is mandatory and has to be payed in Cash (please bring the correct Amount as we might be unable to provide Change)

Location Map