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15 Jahre netzpolitik.orgIm Sommer 2004 erschienen die erste Artikel auf Was als Seitenprojekt begann, entwickelte sich in 15 Jahren zu einer der schlagkräftigsten Organisationen zur Verteidigung von digitalen Grundrechten in Deutschland.21 August 2019 17:45:04
2050: A Co2 OdisseyOur "little" journey to understand how to save the human species and presentation of our project to save us all.23 August 2019 00:25:05
2m FoxoringFind small hidden radio transmittersRealD31 August 2019 07:05:49
2nd Camp Pride Orga MeetingPlanning the Camp Pride. Come along and make this Pride nice (for you).Jou22 August 2019 09:06:02
A capellaEinsingen, Zusammen singen18 August 2019 21:10:23
APRSAutomatic Packet Reporting System23 August 2019 20:30:27
AREDNEine Einführung in die Installation auf dem Camp20 August 2019 22:06:27
Advanced Probiotic BrewingHands on workshop and discussion.Algoldor23 August 2019 17:53:16
Advanced web tracking methodsAdvanced browser tracking techniques have developed over the last decade that allow remote sites to leverage the increasingly feature-rich web to track users without their knowledge or consent. Not only are distinct visits across sites logged via techniques such as browser fingerprinting, sites that handle our most intimate details are monitoring our behavior on pages and handing that information to third parties with little to no regard to our privacy. This will cover some of those advanced techniques that have emerged, and how to protect yourself against pervasive web tracking.Hainish14 August 2019 21:54:53
Advi Weekly AufnahmeAufnahme des wöchentlichen TagebuchpodcastsAdvi13 August 2019 15:56:58
AfD-Plakate entsorgen!Lets go to Zehdenick and dispose the AFD election posters23 August 2019 08:56:39
Aktuelle DigimodesEin Blick in die Trickkiste der modernen Digimodes JT65/JT9 und FT8/FT4.Pylon20 August 2019 22:27:59
Algorithms and AI for democratic governanceThis workshop introduces into the need and the current developments of digitizing democratic politics. It's main focus is to assess and discuss options to use data analytics and plattform technologies to advance national and international governance. It includes the consideration of data and copyright politics and other essentials for change.24 August 2019 13:16:10
All Creatures WelcomeVorführung des Films "All Creatures Welcome"22 August 2019 11:07:59
Als Netzaktivistin im Bundestag – Insider Einblicke und MitmachmöglichkeitenDer Bundestag ist anders als man denkt.21 August 2019 17:39:19
Amateurfunk für Dummies20 August 2019 22:17:33
An introduction to the post-apocalyptic skill of spinning yarnWe will show you and explain how to make your own yarn from wool and other fibres.21 August 2019 16:41:56
Analog Photography: Borrow a Camera + FilmBorrow a camera and free film from us, bring it back and get it developed the old school way!23 August 2019 12:32:48
Analoge neuronale oszillatorenin dem workshop bauen teilnehmer*innen analoge neuronale schaltungen mit denen ein netzwerkmodell, wie es shun-ichi amari in den 70 er jahren entwickelt hat, realisiert wird.21 August 2019 17:43:11
Anarchist Networking Party w/ Las Vegas Lady and Planète Concrète21:00 Anarchist Networking Party starting 22:00-23:00 Las Vegas Lady Sensual tunes and electronic beats: Welcome to this shiny abyss. 23:00-00:00 Planète Concrète is an open universe staged by strange / loving creatures. Diy instruments, music performance and visual elements are the main instruments of this pink noise constellation August 2019 12:08:54
Anfänger/Kinder-Lötworkshopwe solder a small beginners badge with a rgb-light23 August 2019 09:06:01
Anti Capitalist CTFWe are tired of this oppressive capitalist system24 August 2019 12:51:09
Arch Linux MeetupArch Linux user meetupFoxboron18 August 2019 11:11:27
ArduTouch music synthesizerLearn to solder together a cool, powerful music synthesizer,
       and learn to make cool music, sound, and noise!

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout CCCamp 2019 at the Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given:
   Day 4: 30-Dec, 1pm - 4pm
Maltman2323 August 2019 17:28:18
Arduino For Total NewbiesLearn Arduino using TV-B-Gone as an example project

You've probably heard lots about Arduino. But if you don't know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you. As an example project, we'll be creating a TV-B-Gone remote control out of an Arduino you can take home with you.

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout CCCamp 2019 in the huge Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given twice
(both identical):
   Day 2: 22-Aug, 1pm - 4:30pm
   Day 3: 23-Aug, 1pm - 4:30pm
Maltman2315 August 2019 11:35:15
Argumentationstraining DatenschutzGnunicorn9 August 2019 18:33:07
Arranged MarriageWe choose your partner for you, then tape you together at the wrist.22 August 2019 22:09:10
ArtesMobiles - SpeculativeAIPerformance // audiovisual experiment // @12m long white Bus with rooftop terasse24 August 2019 11:34:35
Aufbau eines Sensornetzes mit LoRaWANKurze technische Einführung in die Grundlagen von LoRa und LoRaWAN23 August 2019 10:03:56
Aus- und Weiterbildung im Amateurfunk20 August 2019 22:19:40
Awarenessteam-VorstellungVorstellung des Awarenessteams und dessen KonzeptSistason
19 August 2019 10:24:28
BSD Users and Developers MeetupMeetup for BSD Users and DevelopersAdventureloop8 August 2019 10:32:24
BandpläneBedeutung, Aufbau und Verwendung der Amateurfunk-BandplänePylon20 August 2019 06:14:02
Bandwidth Matters, Information controls in a conflict state in IndiaWhat does information controls look like in conflict states of India? How does indias surveillance apparatus further intensify the information controls in conflict areas? How does this affect the everyday life of people esp women living and promoting peace in these regions?Gnunicorn9 August 2019 21:38:34
Bare Metal CampBare_Metal_Camp meetup. If you plan to come to Metaldays 2020 and need a friendly group to camp with. Meet us here.22 August 2019 21:03:27
Based solutions to the EU table Illegal content online – Bringing rights-based solutions to the EU tableGnunicorn12 August 2019 06:52:47
Be a Wiki WriterDiverse and inclusive content on Wikipedia23 August 2019 11:52:02
Beer TastingTaste a variety of beers from FranconiaJur24 August 2019 09:27:08
Befreie deine WLAN SteckdoseFreie Firmware Tasmota auf WLAN Steckdose flashenMischk23 August 2019 06:57:44
Between rationality, transhumanism and AI alarmismSome groups believe that intelligent machines are going to take over the world sooner or later. Part of the transhumanist movement sees this as redemption, another part is prophesying human extinction and working frantically on solutions. What should we make of this? This session will start with an introduction to the topic that leads into a critical, open, political, philosophical and technological discussion.Morn24 August 2019 13:49:55
Binärgewitter HörertreffenHörertreffen des Binärgewitter PodcastsMakefu23 August 2019 08:49:22
Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum for newbsbasics : how to create a crypto wallet, backup and to transactPolto23 August 2019 11:13:32
Bits&Bäume & Co: How to shape a responsible world?Als AktivistInnen streben wir einen grundlegenden Wandel in dieser Welt an hin zu einer gerechten und verantwortungsvollen Gesellschaft. Die Ziele sind dabei angelehnt and Bits&Bäume-Bewegung, also eine Zusammenarbeit von Techies und Ökos.Blipp
25 August 2019 15:15:44
Bits&Bäume wächst: Forderungen und eine neue BewegungWir stellen die Bits&Bäume-Konferenz, die -Bewegung und die B&B-Forderungen vorRainer
21 August 2019 11:28:18
BlinkenpoiBuild a BlinkenPoi23 August 2019 12:39:43
Blinking Selfmade LED Ear Ring WorkshopSoldering Blinking Ear RingsM1P322 August 2019 12:28:49
Blockchain InteroperabilityProof-of-Burn formalisation, schemes and cross-chain utilizationGtklocker
24 August 2019 13:39:14
Blockchain: Proof of ignoranceA rant about liberty and autonomy for some! (Recorded)Rainer26 August 2019 09:45:43
Blåhaj-VersammlungBlåhaj-Versammlung23 August 2019 13:05:04
Board MeetingMeetup for e-longboards and related e-vehiclesRnbwdsh21 August 2019 07:08:21
Body Workout Sessionwe will do some physical activity together (probably jogging)Matejo22 August 2019 12:03:04
Body/Mind Hardware/SoftwareEightOS bodymind operating system - physical practice sessionAerodynamika23 August 2019 00:31:59
Bodymind Operating SystemPhysical practice session where we explore the notions of hacking through the human body.Aerodynamika23 August 2019 00:29:20
Bootstrapping NixOSlearn how Nixers bootstrap their hosts9 August 2019 20:17:36
BornHack PartyA party to celebrate that BornHack 2019 went well, and to drink the leftover booze23 August 2019 11:40:10
Brainstorming about Camp/Congress Schedule 2019 for AndroidLet's brainstorm about the Camp Schedule app for Android. Anything goes. I - the author - am looking forward to your input. Let's meet at gate next to the TV tower at c-base.Tbsprs24 August 2019 08:33:27
Bristlebots for kids!DE/EN/FI Build a little electronic insect robot from a toothbrush and a motorKliment19 August 2019 14:57:51
Buchclub: Texte im Feminismuswas haben wir, ihr gelesen, was lohnt sich zu lesen?18 August 2019 21:30:51
Building dome tarps with PVC fabricBuilding tarps for the Metalab DomeRipper22 August 2019 11:39:17
BurnerConnectHacking burners, let's meet!Verr23 August 2019 00:43:14
Burners Out of BoundsHacking on information systems used to organize participatory events (in specific, The Borderland) in a collaborative way.Verr2 August 2019 14:43:50
Böser SprechworkshopSprechworkshop, um beim Reden ernstgenommen zu werdenPiko18 August 2019 20:03:39
C3Sus Ride excellent with each othermake something better than August 2019 07:10:05
CCC-CH GettogetherDas Gettogether des CCC-CH am CCCamp1914 August 2019 16:19:30
CCChoirOffene Chorprobe und physikalische Grundlagen der Musik18 August 2019 09:45:25
CCClasse – bezahlen für Arbeit? / CCClass – to pay for work?talk about CCClass politics - input über CCClassen politik25 August 2019 18:06:07
Camp CTFCamp CTF 2019Leo22 August 2019 14:01:53
Camp PrideLet's come together to celebrate, dress up, have fun and be visible.Jou22 August 2019 09:04:06
Camp Pride Orga Meeting, 1st (open for all)Planning the Camp Pride. Come along and make this Pride nice.Jou21 August 2019 16:57:28
Camp Pride Route ScoutingWe want to check out and scout a route for the Camp Pride on Friday. Disabled people with/out reduced mobility especially welcome!Jou21 August 2019 22:17:01
Camp19-SchnitzeljagdCamp2019 Schnitzeljagd. Find new Locations by searching for hidden Hints.22 August 2019 11:37:26
Camping Cryptographers MeetupFree meetup of people interested in cryptography. Do not confuse with cryptocurrencies.BenBE
24 August 2019 15:23:34
Capitana vs. Benito Salvini - über die Erosion von Grundrechten und was wir dagegen tun können21 August 2019 18:00:06
Card10 ECG Cable WorkshopSoldering ECG cables for your card10Schneider24 August 2019 10:25:50
Chaos BallettArgumente fühlen statt gefühlter Argumente24 August 2019 11:30:03
Chaos Microgrid Working GroupWe want to meet and discuss the requirements and possibilities of setting up a microgrid solution for future camping events.Hadez26 August 2019 10:20:45
Chaos macht Schule MeetUpMeetUp von Menschen, die sich für Chaos macht Schule interessieren oder schon dabei sind.21 August 2019 18:46:16
Chaosradio 254Chaosradio 254 live von der THM-Stage auf dem Chaos Communication Congress 2019. Die erste Folge nach der Pause!21 August 2019 18:01:29
Cheese RendezvousSelection of delicious cheeses and condiments for you!Algoldor20 August 2019 18:36:41
Chilli tastingWe will be eating raw chillies or from the oven with Gouda and wrapped in bacon.Vtor23 August 2019 17:49:00
CiTiZEN KiNOCiTiZEN KiNO #81: Embedded Dystopias - A situationist cinema for our futurist-fed times.Gnunicorn20 August 2019 09:29:24
Cidre FlowsDégustation of cidres.Algoldor13 August 2019 20:06:52
Climate breakdown – the bleak realityHeat waves, wildfires and new movements like Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion have brought the climate crisis back into the news. However, meaningful political action is still not happening and the world is on track to three to four degrees of warming. Where are we heading and why did humanity fail so badly at tackling the problem?21 August 2019 17:59:19
CloudlogWebbasiertes Amateurfunk-Logbuch20 August 2019 06:10:06
Club culture against the monopoly of FacebookReclaim Club Culture goes Fediverse, we want to learn about alternatives to facebook: We need a platform that includes social multimedia feeds and most importantly: a calendar for mobilization/invitation. We will prepare a campaign to get institutions of the cultural scene to use that alternative platform.22 August 2019 19:11:08
CoderDojoCoderDojo - between 12 and 18 years old yourh people19 August 2019 13:54:36
ConTeXt für AnfängerIntroduction into ConTeXtHraban17 August 2019 22:36:34
Contributing to nixpkgs for NewbiesLearn how you can contribute to the nixpkgs git repo23 August 2019 08:57:30
Creating Z-Wave controllers and devicesHacking around Z-Wave smart home protocolPoltoS23 August 2019 23:52:48
Creative commonsEin Vortrag über Creative Commons. verstehen, anwenden, weiterdenken.Tunda23 August 2019 07:28:36
CryptoPartyGnunicorn22 August 2019 18:33:49
CryptoParty Meet & GreetPre-CryptoParty Meetup of organisers and those, who want to help,Gnunicorn9 August 2019 17:44:51
Cryptography of Killing Proof-of-WorkWe briefly discuss the range of cryptographic primitives being used by protocols that seek to make proof-of-work protocols obsolete. We shall focus primarily on these cryptographic building blocks themselves, not overly on the different protocols built form them.21 August 2019 17:48:16
CryptpadInstalling, configuring and customizing CryptpadPromasu23 August 2019 13:28:35
Customizing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi FirmwareIntroduction talk to binary patching with Nexmon for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Followed by a practical part with a focus on patching Bluetooth on off-the-shelf smartphones and laptops with a Broadcom Bluetooth chip.21 August 2019 14:26:28
DIY Merch - Print your own T-Shirt!Print your own camp shirt, Datenhörnchen, Datenknoten or Fairydust onto a T-Shirt!23 August 2019 15:39:23
DIY electronics recycling into jewelryRecycling of old electronics into jewelry18 July 2019 16:19:58
DIY reading session / DIY lese sessioncome by read something - also reading out is welcome / komm vorbei und lese was - auch vorlesen willkommen24 August 2019 12:29:16
Debate Night - Bitcoin for Socialists and EnvironmentalistsDebate Night - Bitcoin for Socialists and Environmentalists23 August 2019 00:45:39
Decentralized Autonomous Organization.Hands on Decentralized Autonomous Organization - Aragon DAO.Polto23 August 2019 11:57:13
Decentrathonthe decentralisation hackathonGnunicorn24 August 2019 17:37:25
Denn so wissen wir, was sie tun: Das Berliner TransparenzgesetzEin Hoch auf Volksentscheide! Wir erzählen vom Berliner Volksentscheid für ein Transparenzgesetz, das wir ins Leben gerufen haben. Hier könnt ihr unterschreiben. Und wir zeigen, wie ihr mitmachen könnt.21 August 2019 17:41:18
Der Goldene Schuß - Lesung am SpätiDie Redaktion des Goldenen Schusz liest Klolektüre vor22 August 2019 09:10:02
Der Haecksen-HackDie Haecksen erklären das Memorial-Projekt und die Briefmarken und freuen sich auf konstruktive Kritik und IdeenPiko19 August 2019 15:47:25
Developing Film with CoffeeWe develop some black and white films with coffee. Visit us to see how that's done (boring) or take a look at some developed films and get paper prints of them.21 August 2019 17:52:10
Deviser & trummerschlunk – Modular Synths Impro LIVE performancemodular synths improBenks22 August 2019 13:24:51
Digital Activism Training - Infrastructuring for the upcoming rave protests for climateWe are looking for supporters and advisors, because we would to upgrade our communication infrastructure being used in mass scale demonstrations in the city.23 August 2019 14:19:50
Digital Self-Defense WorkshopLearn about the basics of practical cryptography and privacy enhancing measures for your digital devices in the spirit of a CryptoParty.CryptGoat19 August 2019 14:57:36
Digital Services Act: The future of Internet in the next rules on Intermediary LiabilityCDT - Center for Democracy & Technology, will discuss with valuable guests the political and legislative initiatives already in place and the safeguards that the new Digital Services Act must take into consideration in order to do not harm freedom of expression, access to information, and innovation and entrepreneurship on the internet.22 August 2019 18:06:06
Digitale Werkzeuge zum Verständnis der EnergiewendeGnunicorn21 August 2019 11:30:03
Digitale Werkzeuge zum Verständnis der Energiewende Digitale Werkzeuge zum Verständnis der Energiewende9 August 2019 21:58:42
Digitale Werkzeuge zum Verständnis von Klima und WetterGnunicorn20 August 2019 11:02:21
Digitale Werkzeuge zum Verständnis von Klima und Wetter Digitale Werkzeuge zum Verständnis von Klima und WetterGnunicorn9 August 2019 21:56:17
Discussion on privacy-friendly green policies in the European UnionHow can we combine environmental issues with privacy-friendly solutions? Knowing that privacy comes at a cost of efficiency, what should the red lines be in the privacy VS environment debate? Is the fight for privacy in green policy the beginning of the end for surveillance capitalism?Blipp
Andreea (EDRi)
24 August 2019 10:00:30
Dissecting the AMD Platform Security ProcessorThe AMD Platform Security Processor (PSP) is a security subsystem in AMD CPUs comparable to the Intel ME and was introduced in 2013. It is essential for system startup – in fact, in runs before the main processor is even started – and offers runtime services to the main processor. For this, it has full access to the system memory space (inlcuding MMIO). The PSP runs undocumented, proprietary firmware. This talk presents efforts of investigating what the PSP does and if it's secure. For the first time, it documents the PSP firmware's proprietary filesystem and provides insights into reverse-engineering such a deeply embedded system as the PSP. The talk further sheds light on how we might regain trust in AMD CPUs despite the delicate nature of the PSP.21 August 2019 17:39:24
Distortion Social PartyDist0rtion Party. Continuous music and more the whole night.24 August 2019 16:22:43
Do you hear the people sing – the song of the Hong Kong protestsSinging the song and learning about it's background in the Hong Kong protestsPiko26 August 2019 20:30:18
Dogeville18 August 2019 12:22:25
Draht, Blut, und schwarze MagieAntennentechnik20 August 2019 22:15:24
Drumm and bass - benksdrumm and bassBenks23 August 2019 23:03:30
E-Mail-Privatheit und Mailbox-VerschlüsselungÜberblick über den aktuellen Stand der Privatheit von E-Mails und Präsentation von Userli, einer Webapplikation um E-Mailboxen zu verschlüsseln.21 August 2019 17:51:11
EU Feedback Wallcreativly air your opinions about the EU and Europe22 August 2019 10:32:01
Educational Filk: Der Hacker-SongWir schreiben gemeinsam ein Lied, das auf unterhaltsame Weise Muggles erklärt, was Hacker sind und machen.Advi20 August 2019 04:05:29
EightOS!!! Time change !!! A physical practice session: bodymind operating system — human firmware update. Hackcenter is the meeting point. We will do the session at a space outside.24 August 2019 11:30:16
Einführung in LaTeXShort introduction into typesetting with LaTeX for complete beginnersNils7 September 2019 14:52:05
Einführung ins Podcasting mit Reaper/UltraschallEinführung ins PodcastingAdvi16 August 2019 05:57:05
Elektroschrott - Welchen letzten Weg geht mein PC?Elektronikschrott ist eine Handelsware. Schrott wird zu Gold. Geräte werden überall in der Welt mal gut, mal nicht so gut zerlegt. Wer verdient daran? Und was können wir tun, dass sich der Export nicht mehr lohnt?21 August 2019 17:50:33
Emulate, fuzz, break kernelsThis talk will give an introduction to kernel fuzzing using unicorefuzz.21 August 2019 17:46:49
Environmental and IMU sensors on the card10 badgeIn this workshop we're providing some more insights on the environmental and orientation sensors on the card10 badge and how to use them.Frederik22 August 2019 15:47:31
Erfahrungsbericht Coder DojoWir erzählen unsere Erfahrungen mit Coder DojosAdvi22 August 2019 05:46:46
Esperanto – a planned nerd language actually spokenA short introduction into the international language Esperanto. A planned language actually spoken by nerds all over the world21 August 2019 15:08:35
Espresso all day longWe love espresso and share it with you : )Moeglichewelten23 August 2019 11:15:14
Estimate and calculate carbon footprintsMake a broad calculation of carbon emissions of <foo>.Gnunicorn21 August 2019 18:26:55
Ethical hosting: where are your data?feedback from CHATONS MarsnetFlorence2Marsnet23 August 2019 10:18:44
Explore the botany of the camp with plant identification appslets go plant hunting at the lake and test some plant identification appsMinoi18 August 2019 21:01:16
Extinction Rebellion: planning civil disobediencePlanning an action and discussing communication tech during our rebellion week in october23 August 2019 13:38:23
Extra Thumb WorkshopMake yourself an extra functional thumb, and see if you like it.27 August 2019 18:20:25
Eye ContactFocus on a form of human connection that gets in a world full of technology. Nothing is required. It's a good idea to bring something comfortable to sit for the floor.24 August 2019 22:24:36
FIfF-Stammtische everywhere - gründet Ortsgruppenfound local discussion groupsGnunicorn
22 August 2019 10:18:31
FNIT VernetzungsworkshopVernetzungsworkshop der FNIT Gruppen im CCC RaumMelzai19 August 2019 20:51:57
FPVracingFPV racing (Quadcopter flying & racing outside camp)Xeniter22 August 2019 12:01:59
FabScanPi - 3D Laser Scanner WorkshopBuild your own Open Source 3D Laser Scanner.24 August 2019 11:46:23
Fabmobil - Kids WorkshopFabmobil is open for Kids and everyone new to creative technologies. Come by and explore our bus.22 August 2019 18:43:42
Fabmobil - Open DoorsFabmobil is open for everyone.22 August 2019 18:48:15
Fair Ticket Sales on a Capitalist WorldIn this open discussion we will discuss solutions taken by organizations to address ticket sales at fair prices when demand significantly outgrows supply14 August 2019 10:46:17
Fairydust JewerlyBend wire into shape!Abcdev24 August 2019 09:57:54
Fediverse-MeetupA meetup of people doing stuff in, around and with the fediverse.Clerie22 August 2019 19:05:49
Feierliche Verlesung des gesammelten ÄrgersSolemn reading of the collected angerPiko19 August 2019 16:00:17
Finding insecure third-party librarys in dependencies, containers, APIs (OWASP Top10 - A9)The OWASP Top Ten project lists the top 10 (web) application security risks. In this Workshop we will take a close look at number 9: "Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities". we will try to use (open source) tooling to find known vulnerabilities in 3rd party libraries, containers and APIs, then take a look at how we can automate those tools in our ci/cd pipelines you don't need to know about security or vulnerability management to do the workshop, we will cover the basics and you can a lot on the way21 August 2019 17:48:28
Flippie - Hacking Flip-Dot DisplaysHacking flip-dot displaysSsaschaa19 August 2019 07:18:14
Fomu, the FPGA in your USB PortCome get an FPGA dev board in your USB port and start hacking!
Get toolchain setup and you can get free hardware!

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout CCCamp 2019 in the huge Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given multiple times (all identical):
   Day 1: 21-Aug, 10:00pm - 11:30pm
   Day 2: 22-Aug, 2:30pm - 4:30pm
   Day 3: 23-Aug, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
   Day 4: 24-Aug, 3:30pm - 5:00pm
24 August 2019 11:33:37
Forderungen des B & BRescheduled auf Tag 2, siehe Link. :)Rainer
21 August 2019 11:31:11
Freak ShowDer Freak Show Podcast live on stage21 August 2019 18:04:03
Free Software Song sing-alongEveryday at 19:30 in the Cluster about:freedom we invite you to sing together the Free Software song; We have the lyrics and a conductor. Simply come, bring your hacker buddies and your voice and maybe an instrument and we form an ad-hoc choir and sing out loud our love for Free Software!Eal18 August 2019 09:37:11
Freedom Cruise, about:GFF9 August 2019 21:17:31
Freedom Cruise, about:PNRGnunicorn9 August 2019 21:33:52
Freedom Cruise, about:policelawsGnunicorn9 August 2019 21:48:04
Freedom to go - an interactive workshop from An- to F- to G-DroidAn interactive workshop to present the Free Software App repository called F-Droid and the outstanding functionalities of its clients called F-Droid and G-Droid. After that we discover the best (imho!) Android-based Free Software apps including methods of anonymization and encryption - and you will have the possibility to present your personal favorite Free Software app as well.Gnunicorn12 August 2019 09:35:24
Freezing your crypto-currencies - very cold storage solutionVery cold storage for your cryptocurrenciesPolto25 August 2019 10:45:16
Freifunk Drink-UpSocial gathering for the Freifunk community and everybody interested in community networks.Math21 August 2019 15:22:19
Fridays for Future - A camp for futureES GIBT KEIN RECHT AUF KOHLEBAGGER FAHREN22 August 2019 14:36:58
FridaysForFuture was, wie, warum?“Wir sind nicht nur verantwortlich für das, was wir tun, sondern auch für das was wir nicht tun”21 August 2019 17:34:08
FunkwellenausbreitungAusbreitung von Funkwellen rund um die ErdePylon20 August 2019 22:12:39
GNU Radio WorkshopIntroduction to GNU Radio WorkshopCrofton23 August 2019 19:10:29
GNUMPFs Realtime DemoshowWatch award-winning demoscene productions (c64, pc, amiga) with us in the GNUMPF village21 August 2019 15:44:15
GOCGin Operation CenterFraxinas13 August 2019 06:48:21
Gaby Weber @ CCCamp 2019Filmvorstellung durch und Diskussion mit der investigativen Journalistin Gaby WeberRainer24 August 2019 18:32:54
Gameboy Musik WorkshopEin Einsteiger-Workshop für alle die schon immer mal Musik mit Gameboys machen wollten.26 August 2019 10:58:48
Gameboy Tetris TournamentGameboys! Link Cables! Tetris! Competition!23 August 2019 10:19:40
Geiger Counter WorkshopBuild a working Geiger CounterMightyohm22 August 2019 12:41:52
Get to know Eco Hacker Farmcome and get to us know what ecohackerfarm is all aboutAimeejulia21 August 2019 09:07:24
Getting to know the HaecksenDie Haecksen - eine Vorstellungs- und Fragerunde für zB MännerMelzai19 August 2019 21:01:33
Gigatron TTL ComputerGigatron TTL computer introduction and workshopKerouanton21 August 2019 23:18:00
Global Climate Strike: exchange of ideas and experiences about organizing strikes and demonstrationsThe climate crisis is an emergency but we’re not acting like it. Especially in political organizations like the Chaos Community this topic has to be more present, more visible. Our hotter planet is already hurting millions of people. We are not only in one of the best positions to provide technology for change, but we also should show that we belong to the people behind the movements like Fridays For Future or Global Climate Strike.Gnunicorn
23 August 2019 14:12:22
Global Warming Sucks!Alle reden vom Klimawandel, doch niemand erklärt was da gerade passiert. Wird es in Zukunft einfach nur schön warm oder wird die Veränderung der Umwelt die Menschheit in die Knie zwingen? Warum der Temperaturanstieg der Atmosphäre einzigartig ist und welche Folgen dies für Land, Meer und Gletscher hat, erklärt die angehende Polarforscherin Maria-Elena Vorrath.21 August 2019 17:57:25
GranderwasserWe are going to inform the water of the lake nearby with our root CA, which will enable us to verify the water later and use the subwaterkeys to create a trust chain along the Havel.Dkl23 August 2019 07:24:57
Graphics with LaTeXintroduction into generating graphics with LaTeXDantetante13 August 2019 12:04:41
GroupShowerlet's shower together, shall we?22 August 2019 06:59:15
HAMNETHighspeed Amateurradio Multimedia NETwork20 August 2019 22:03:27
HFOS - The Hackerfleet Operating SystemHFOS is the opensource vessel computer systemRiot17 August 2019 22:34:57
Hack your nailsWe will paint nails with nail polish and have a good timeEfsho24 August 2019 19:43:15
Hacker Coop GenossenschaftHacker eG Meetup16 August 2019 13:52:58
Hackers Against Climate ChangeMeetup/Discussion for Hackers concerned with Climate Change22 August 2019 13:52:23 meetupan opportunity to get involved and catch up with the communityAimeejulia8 September 2019 22:22:21
Hacking ChromebookReinstall any OS other than Chrome on a ChromebookSnotje23 August 2019 14:10:45
Hacking LicenceYour daily basic hacking learning lesson.25 August 2019 08:15:42
Hacking on nix-bitcoinLearn how to write modules for nix-bitcoin22 August 2019 10:57:53
Hackleman badge buildingBadge building session for HackLeman residents, outsiders also welcome. Badges cost 5 CHF/EUR/USD/Units of money20 August 2019 20:39:34
HaeckenfryhstyckHaecksenfryhstyckJanepie19 August 2019 20:57:29
Hambi.freifunk.netWir binden den Hambi ans WWW an.22 August 2019 17:17:56
Hello Badge WorkshopSolder a hello badge (only four easy solder joints)Underhand21 August 2019 16:45:35
Henna Tattoo WorkshopMake henna paste from scratch and hack your skin with it22 August 2019 11:53:43
Home made syrupsYou will learn about fruit syrups and make some for yourself to keep.Algoldor21 August 2019 14:41:11
Hosting for non-geeks: communication needsMaking ethical hosting projects accessible to non-geeks needs good communication. If you want people to use your hosting services, they should be able to find and use them. I think every hoster should be a team of technicians and communicators. Communication means heaps of work, maybe we can do it together in a network? If we want a change and make people (some/many) turn away from the GAFAM we have to explane and translate tech topics to simple language. Collaboration is necessary to manage this big task. Can we work together on this in the Librehosters network? This session is an invitation to talk about that.Agnez23 August 2019 17:31:30
How to collaborate better23 August 2019 10:23:57
How to design a DIY keyboard for youDescribe my experience of DIY keyboard and introduce important points to do it by yourself. I am a DIY keyboard enthusiast. I made several keyboards and found some techniques to customize sold products for me. I will talk about my latest keyboard in order to transfer knowledge behind it. I also discuss about working environment, related to keyboards.24 August 2019 13:01:28
How to get ordinary people using Jekyll, LaTeX, Gitlab CI and other magicHow to set up a Gitlab project to automatically generate a Website and PDFs from the same source and make normal people use it...Nils5 August 2019 18:10:52
How to talk to the badge - a (micro-)python introduction for BEGINNERS!@Heart of Code dome in the 1komona Village. We will give a short python introduction and then focus on finding out together how to talk to the badge, let LEDs blink and use the environment sensors :-)23 August 2019 15:52:02
How2kicadkicad pcb schematic beginner workshop23 August 2019 15:24:17
Hybrid DTN & Mobil Adhoc Routing ProtocolWe currently develop a network agnostic routing protocol which covers mobile ad hoc routing as well as delay tolerant package store and forward routing. This routing protocol is part of the project, an Internet independent wireless mesh communication app. In this session we would like to discuss and develop our ideas and concepts further. Everybody is invited to contribute ideas and/or just learn more about the subject.22 August 2019 14:26:54
IXP MeetupMeetup for Camp IXP members and friendsQ3k23 August 2019 09:53:55
Ice Dragon - A Lightning Network paywall serviceWe're going to present the project Ice Dragon that we created during a hackathon22 August 2019 11:44:29
Icibicibuild a simple brain-computer interface for €20Espero24 August 2019 07:46:00
Illegal content online – Bringing rights-based solutions to the EU tableEDRi proposes a political workshop to stress-test human rights-based solutions to ongoing debates in EU Brussels bubble: platforms' responsibilities towards illegal content online, prosecution of online crimes and conditions for law enforcement to access online evidence.Gnunicorn24 August 2019 13:27:01
Implementation of the Copyright Directive: How to prevent the worst in your home country?Gnunicorn9 August 2019 22:01:03
Implementation of the Copyright Directive: How to prevent the worst in your home country? Implementation of the Copyright Directive: How to prevent the worst in your home country?9 August 2019 22:01:18
Improvisation für EinsteigerEin praktischer Einstieg in die Improvisation25 August 2019 10:52:45
Information Overload e Social OverloadDigital Right23 August 2019 08:42:21
Ink!: Write Wasm smart contracts with RustA comprehensive, end-to-end tutorial for building an ERC20 token using Parity Substrate and ink! - build on Rust and wasmGnunicorn22 August 2019 11:03:47
Intergalactic Hacker Face PaintingLasst euch von uns tolle Motive ins Gesicht malen. Wir haben auch UV-reaktive Farbe!23 August 2019 14:33:33
Introduction to Lindy Hop / Swing DanceA brief introduction to Lindy Hop dancing for beginners.21 August 2019 17:52:04
Introduction to Live Coding with Sonic PiLearn how to create music with codeSohalt22 August 2019 10:17:03
Introduction to LoRaWANAn introduction to building IoT sensors and applications using the LoRaWAN standard The Things Network as free network providerTiefpunkt14 September 2019 22:33:08
Introduction to Tempeh MakingYou will learn how to make your own tempeh.Algoldor13 August 2019 20:07:14
Introduction to infoshopwhat is a infoshop - a short input / was ist ein infoladen - ein kurzer input24 August 2019 12:51:44
IoT MeetupOpen meeting to discuss design & ethics of IoTRoeckoe
15 August 2019 09:03:58
IsomerIsomer is a new distributed application frameworkRiot11 August 2019 15:36:57
ItalianGrappa PartyItalianGrappa Party23 August 2019 08:47:58
Join CCC Sustainability (c3sus) and help make CCC events sustainableCCC Sustainability is a young orga team that tries to make CCC events more sustainable by proposing solutions to existing teams and help to implement themBlipp23 August 2019 00:55:22
JuggerWir spielen Jugger an der BadestelleNiccokunzmann21 August 2019 10:29:01
Junges Chaos Bildet BandenWir wollen Junge Leute im Chaos Umfeld vernetzen und die Jugendarbeit in den einzelnen Spaces stärken. Komm vorbei, trink eine Mate und lass die Welt verändern.Scammo12 August 2019 11:53:49
Kidspace-SchnitzeljagdSchnitzeljagd für KinderDondario21 August 2019 22:58:40
Kidspace-Schnitzeljagd-OrgatreffenIdeen zusammenwerfen und startklar machenSkyr18 August 2019 08:43:27
Kimchi MakingHands on making kimchi.Algoldor23 August 2019 17:52:02
Knoten für AnfängerHands-on Workshop begleitend oder alternativ zum Vortrag Knoten 101.21 August 2019 16:20:23
Kubernetes Security OverviewKubernetes makes it easy to deploy microservices. However, the price is a huge amount of complexity. If you use Kubernetes, it is high time to learn the basics of container and Kubernetes security. Handson workshop on selected topics of Kubernetes security.21 August 2019 13:09:36
Learn To SolderLearn to Solder! A large variety of way cool kits are available, all designed for total beginners to complete successfully -- and intriguing enough for the total hardware geek.

This ongoing workshop will be happening concurrently with lots of other way cool workshops at the Hardware Hacking Area! All day & all night, throughout all of CCCamp2019.
Maltman2317 August 2019 22:33:55
Learn to drive unicycleLearn to drive unicycleJur22 August 2019 23:09:09
Learning to see in 3DCan you hack how you see with Virtual RealiTy to rediscover your full sense of 3D? Try out the new system, meet other interested people, plot and plan.19 August 2019 10:15:11
Let's go there by land not by airSuffering of flygskam? Find your therapy here.Gnunicorn21 August 2019 18:24:44
Let's hack words!Let's hack words is a session for everyone, who wants to explore creative writing, build worlds and lets characters dive into adventures. Or - for a start - just wants to get rid of hacker's block.22 August 2019 22:56:16
Let’s play EmptyEpsilon (Bridge Simulator)Let’s play a spaceship bridge simulator together (we are noobs)23 August 2019 18:44:17
Lh lightning talks24 August 2019 12:17:18
LibrePCB MeetupLet's meet to talk about LibrePCB, the free EDA software. We can also give you an introduction if you don't know the software yet.23 August 2019 10:18:28
Like2hear OpenHearingAid for field researchIntroduction to and testing of the #like2hear hearable research prototype23 August 2019 12:17:28
Liquor TastingI made some liquor with fruits and herbs and you can try it23 August 2019 08:43:24
Logbuch:NetzpolitikLive-Podcast21 August 2019 17:42:29
Make a FOSS iPod Touch / Secure MessengerReverse24 August 2019 13:29:24
Make-up & Styling Sharing and SupportLet's support each other in getting ready for Camp Pride. Bring your stuff and talent <3Jou21 August 2019 22:43:09
Maritime Hackers MeetupMaritime hackers meet for socializing and discussionRiot11 August 2019 15:21:36
Mastro Gippo's Ghost TalkPen Test of security controls23 August 2019 08:36:16
Mechanical Keyboard MeetupTry out a mechanical keyboard or show off your collection.Roeckoe
28 August 2019 23:48:12
Meet CADUS! Humanitarian Aid goes Open SourceMeet CADUS, the humanitarian aid organization with its Crisis Response Makerspace in Berlin. During the "consultation hours" you can ask all the questions you may have about CADUS and humanitarian aid, hear about its projects, and gather ideas how to get involved.23 August 2019 20:20:05
Meet librehostersA daily timeslot to meet existing librehosters members and an open invitation to join the discussion of the directions of the network.Agnez
23 August 2019 20:19:06
Mental Training Against Sexual HarassmentOnce I told a friend about a situation where I was sexually harassed and froze, could not move, shrinked. She asked me to describe the situation and about my preferred reaction. Then we role played the situation. This scheme helped me a lot for real situations. This is what we want to do. More info below...Karlabyrinth23 August 2019 13:06:14
Mine cart dance partyParty at the mine cart (de: Lore) at the crossing 'Royal Raceway' and 'Kalimari Desert'Vimja24 August 2019 00:57:15
Mobile Sauna Festival MeetupWe are organizing a mobile sauna Festival in Berlin at the Plötzensee. We are searching for Saunaenthusiasts and People who are interested in making an festival or someone who has a mobile sauna to participateBbux24 August 2019 14:20:05
Modding Milliways - Low-poly WhiskyleaksA livestream at Milliways of CCC being modded into a videogameAwtnmy23 August 2019 20:19:17
Movie screening "weird Germany series" - day 2 : Kasper Hauser goes technoAn even weirder movie about the story of Kasper Hauser starring a beautiful soul called Bruno S. in the role of the legendary German foundling boy.Agnez22 August 2019 13:53:40
Movies screening "weird Germany series" - day 2 : The old Kasper HauserFeature movie about the story of Kasper Hauser starring a beautiful soul called Bruno S. in the role of the legendary German foundling boy.Agnez23 August 2019 10:01:56
Moving objectsTreffen von Leuten, die gerne fahrende Dinge bauen. Hier gibts support und tipps für alles mit elektrischem Antrieb, insbesondere mit Hoverboard-Teilen. Hauptsächlich Elektronik-und Firmware-patching, aber auch vorort-Grobmechanik ist wohl möglich.21 August 2019 13:02:32
Märchenstunde (für Erwachsene)Achtung, fällt aus! Tag 3 gehts los24 August 2019 13:10:02
NacktbadenLet's go skinny dipping!23 August 2019 16:56:11
Naked Tea PartyCozy tent plus tea minus clothes23 August 2019 02:59:31
Naked Walklet's walk together, shall we?23 August 2019 02:50:13
Net Neutrality updates: How 5G is used to water down the protections of the open internetGnunicorn9 August 2019 21:53:25
Net Neutrality updates: How 5G is used to water down the protections of the open internet Net Neutrality updates: How 5G is used to water down the protections of the open internet9 August 2019 21:53:47
Networking Basics on the Command Line@Heart of code-dome, by Theresa! What's an IP address and how do you get it? How does your computer manage to reach the whole world? How can you check what part of it went wrong? This hands-on workshop will give a basic overview of some networking concepts and tools, such as ip, ping, and traceroute. Then you will have time to try out the tools for yourself. Please bring a laptop.21 August 2019 15:24:13
New Packet RadioEinführung in New Packet Radio20 August 2019 22:01:26
News Nerds Meetup -- Hacks/HackersMeetup for news/journalism nerds23 August 2019 16:11:47
Nice View ReporterProjektwoche an einer Schule in Msambweni, Kenia21 August 2019 17:33:21
Nix packagingA social ad-hoc Nix packaging workshop, we try to solve packaging workshop together and get a feel for how to upstream Nix packages.22 August 2019 13:26:42
NixOS / QubesOS fusion23 August 2019 09:31:22
NixOS Group PhotoGroup photo for everybody interested in Nix/NixOSHaslersn25 August 2019 08:33:42
NixOS Install PartyTry NixOS on your laptop or in a VM21 August 2019 13:31:03
NixOS contribution discussiondiscussion about NixOS contribution workflowPalo22 August 2019 20:50:36
NixeryNixery builds container images on-demand via Nix and serves them via the standard Docker registry protocol. In this talk we look at how it works, which implementation challenges came up and how it is useful in the so-called "real world".Tazjin18 August 2019 19:31:27
Numerical Weather Prediction tutorialRun your own weather modelTecer21 August 2019 16:25:29
OONI HackathonCome join us to hack on OONI code: August 2019 15:56:50
OONI: Measuring internet censorship around the worldParticipate in a global community measuring internet censorship around the world.Gnunicorn9 August 2019 21:42:40
OctoPrint User MeetupMeet and greet of OctoPrint users at the camp. foosel will also be there and bring stickers!Foosel21 August 2019 14:09:31
Offene Werkstätten und Hackerspaces: eine Community?Was haben Offene Werkstätten und Hackerspaces gemeinsam?Ma vo24 August 2019 14:27:07
Ola Bini: unfairly persecutedOla Bini has been unfairly persecuted for almost 130 days in Ecuador. Let's discuss about that!Sofia Celi22 August 2019 18:16:55
Open Yoga LessonSun salutation and deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra.23 August 2019 19:22:47
OpenCMOS: the why and how of truly open hardwareWith so much activity in the the open hardware world, why do we have no open source silicon chips yet? Why do we need them and what do we need to do to get them?Morn23 August 2019 14:08:20
Oscilloscope Music WorkshopOpen lab on how to create music that generates images and animations when graphed in x/y mode25 July 2019 19:46:23
Oscilloscope Music: Jerobeam Fenderson PerformanceCome see Jerobeam Fenderson perform his mind-blowing music that when graphed out in x/y mode on a oscilloscope makes amazing visuals24 August 2019 10:57:44
Ottobot WorkshopWir basteln gemeinsam einen laufenden RoboterSkyr23 August 2019 13:08:49
P2pandap2panda is the idea of a p2p protocol to run decentralized and self-organized festivals initiated by the association "Liebe Chaos Verein e. V." based in Berlin - this session is a discussion of interested people of all directions, a space for strange, challenging and radical ideas on how we want to run the festivals of the future 8-)Adz23 August 2019 20:45:04
Packet Radio MeetupPacket Radio Enthusiasts get togetherHibby9 August 2019 10:59:50
Particle Matter Sensor WorkshopBuild your own particle matter sensor by using COTS electronics components even without soldering (design by OK Lab Stuttgart)Ulib23 August 2019 13:02:26
Patterns for Decentralization@Heart of Code dome, by Eileen! Discussion and hands-on workshop on UX patterns we want to see in decentralization. Open to all, prior knowledge on decentralization required (you should be familiar with at least one decentralization protocol/app/platform, such as dat, XMPP, Mastodon, Tor, ...). We'll bring sharpies!21 August 2019 15:22:58
Payment Systems in India (Rescheduled)A primer to the state of Digital Payments in IndiaNemo24 August 2019 18:54:33
PentagameNew abstract board game explained and played24 August 2019 10:20:04
Permaculture for hackersa presentation and discussion about how hackerculture can be mixed with permaculture and the benefits of this unionAimeejulia21 August 2019 10:58:14
Pile FartyBring your Files, we are having a Party!14 August 2019 11:03:23
Pimms O' ClockPimms O' Clock, drink some pimms!Pezmc22 August 2019 15:00:29
Planet A Handshaking Party - Popcorn and Berliner Luft available!Come to the Social Dist0rtion Protocol Village to get your Planet A passport and meet fellow players to handshake and coordinate!23 August 2019 15:28:48
Planet A Networking Party. Bring your LinkedIn and enjoy some soothing lounge music!Come to the Social Dist0rtion Protocol village, hang out, enjoy the music and handshake with others!24 August 2019 10:17:45
Planet A embassy is open! Come and get your passport!The Planet A embassy is open. Come to the Social Dist0rtion Protocol village to get your passport and play the game :)23 August 2019 00:09:35
Plant & growVernetzungstreffen Basics vertical gardening with solar power and LED.22 August 2019 20:33:45
Pluto is a planetWe want Pluto to be a Planet againRipper24 August 2019 12:34:40
Poly*-/RA-MeetupLet's hang around, talk about concepts of interpersonal relationshipsBinbash
24 August 2019 13:39:16
Portraits of Hackers - 2019Come and have your own Portrait taken!Lastknight23 August 2019 21:25:50
Postapokalyptic jewelleryliving in the postapocalypse and noticing the beauty of relicts of human civilisation, we start to adorn and grace ourselves with it. the workshop offers to create more or less pretty jewellery things out of a big collection of found objects. bring your own nuggets or choose from provided material. there will be a donation box as sad enough the apocalypse didn't make capitalism history.23 August 2019 20:18:34
Powerplant team meetingan opportunity for the powerplant team to meet and discuss progress in personAimeejulia16 August 2019 21:36:51
Powerplant: an opensource permaculture garden planner for everyonea perfect opportunity to find out what powerplant is all aboutAimeejulia23 August 2019 12:06:35
Project novis - free & open amateur radio web servicesWe want to establish an open and free platform for amateur radio related web services everyone can participateElnappo24 August 2019 12:14:07
Proof of ignoranceRESCHEDULED TO THM Day 1 (recorded) – A rant about liberty and autonomy for some!Rainer26 August 2019 09:43:45
Pseudo-YogaKleine Trainingssession für den RückenPiko19 August 2019 06:16:32
Public Viewing - Dota2 InternationalThe biggest eSport tournament of the year21 August 2019 12:20:09
Quadcopter HelpJust two guys who want to help you if you have Quadcopter build, config or repair questions. Read full Text for Details. Or contact before the camp. DECT 270614 August 2019 17:40:10
Quereinstieg ITErfahrungsaustausch23 August 2019 08:16:16
R5 Meeting (CCC working group)Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Rethink, Redesign (R5) is a working group of the CCC. This session is for people that are already part of it, and people that would like to get involved.Blipp
11 August 2019 07:51:59
RSA Verschlüsselung selbst rechnendeleted, sorry!21 August 2019 11:43:01
Re-boot yourself!Yoga für diejenigen, die bisher hauptsächlich die Computer-Asana praktizieren. Auf deutsch, bei Bedarf auch Englisch. (Asana= (sitzende) Körperstellung im Yoga) Yoga for people who practice Computer Asana most of the time. In German, english as needed. (asana = (sitting) body posture in Yoga)24 August 2019 18:32:33
Reaper on Linux - let's make it workI'm looking for people who are using Reaper on Linux already to produce,mix/master songs including the use of VST plugins known from windows21 August 2019 19:01:49
RedhatRHEL/CentOS meetupFuero20 August 2019 23:28:25
Regio MediationStreitigkeiten, die sich schon tiefer in einen Verein eingetreten haben oder sogar mit Machtgefällen behaftet sind, sind nicht einfach aus der Welt zu schaffen und können eine gute Vereinsarbeit über lange Zeit lähmen. Wir glauben, um diese Probleme zu lösen, könnenn uns die Techniken der Mediation weiterhelfen. Wir vermuten außerdem, dass schon viel Erfahrung im CCC und seinen Mitgliedern schlummert und wollen euch einladen mit uns Idee noch weiter auszuarbeiten.Susi
22 August 2019 18:00:49
Reproducible Builds MeetupMeeting and discussion about the Reproducible Builds project.Foxboron
21 August 2019 13:48:18
Restauration antiker AutoradiosTechnische und optische Restauration antiker Autoradios für Oldtimer20 August 2019 22:02:40
Retro hardware meetingRetro Hardware meetup - bring your old computers and consoles, or just talk about them!Js24 August 2019 12:08:40
Robot SoccerRoboCup: demonstration of humanoid robots playing soccer autonomously. ⚽Mellmann22 August 2019 19:38:46
Role-Play GamesWe play role-play games with you.Advi21 August 2019 13:59:30
Run your own Matrix serverHands-on matrix server23 August 2019 12:57:05
Rust l0dables on the card10 badgeWrite applications for the card10 in the Rust programming languageAstro21 August 2019 19:37:27
SDR-Stick als SpektrumskopZF-Auskopplung als Spektrumskop mit RTL-SDR-Stick und HUP-RF Auskoppelverstärker20 August 2019 22:25:45
SUSI.AI Open Source Voice AssistantWe are developing a smart speaker that can play music through voice commands. Users can play music from online resources such as radio stations, YouTube, their cloud folder (e.g. Nextcloud) as well as from locally connected USB sticks or music available in the local network.MarioB23 August 2019 21:59:01
Scottish Drinking NightCome and join The Scottish Consulate for our semi regular outreach event, learn to drink like a true scotsperson.Adventureloop8 August 2019 11:20:25
Scottish Pro WrestlingCome and watch some wrestling with usHibby25 August 2019 11:41:46
ScreenprintingPrint CCC and Hacker designs on your textiles, laptops, whatever (flat surfaces). Get Information on how to set up your own screenprinting operation.24 August 2019 08:13:04
SingerundeWe are singing using analog instruments and our very own voices. Bring some instruments, songbooks and candles if at hand.Hoechst22 August 2019 10:42:13
Sinn von Unsinn unterscheiden - Glaub ich's oder glaub ich's nicht?Pyramiden wurden von Außerirdischen gebaut! Impfen macht Autismus! Gott hat die Welt geschaffen!21 August 2019 17:44:37
Smart Contracts with ink!A comprehensive, end-to-end tutorial for building an ERC20 token using Parity Substrate and ink! - build on Rust and wasmGnunicorn12 August 2019 08:59:56
SocialTechWorkshop: Accessibility and Inclusion - Hacking everyday communication practices to change the world.Erdbeerblau
22 August 2019 14:03:03
Soft circuits: sew a tiny squishy torch with DIY pressure sensorMake a tiny squishy torch with DIY pressure sensor: an introduction to soft circuits7 August 2019 18:04:03
Soldering WorkshopLearn solderingVenti23 August 2019 13:43:39
Soldering last thingssolder your last things before leavingSnotje25 August 2019 12:52:38
Solifoto für UnteilbarWir machen ein solidarisches Foto für die Unteilbar-Demo am Samstag in Dresden.23 August 2019 13:39:10
Sonne, Socken - solare EinsatzleitungAutarkes PV-Inselsystem zum Laden von allen elektrischen Verbrauchern24 August 2019 17:20:45
SpaceAPI MeetupLet's meet to talk about the SpaceAPI!23 August 2019 00:24:11
Spreading nix to the Bitcoin ecosystemCANCELLED: Why Nix and Bitcoin are a perfect match24 August 2019 12:05:19
Stainless Steel Etching - Edelstahl ätzenWe will etch your cutlery set or coffee mug. Bring your vector graphics.User:mist
23 August 2019 11:34:47
Stand with HongkongWe want to meet, discuss Hongkong / Chinese Politics and come up with ways to support HK24 August 2019 09:49:47
Stargazing with a telescopeWir beobachten Planeten und Sterne mit einem Teleskop. We are gazing at stars23 August 2019 12:44:18
Sticker Exchange PartyCome together and have fun exchanging stickers at mobile infoshop. Infoshop has a large collection of political stickers.24 August 2019 14:49:07
Substrate Collectibles - Build your own blockchain-backed asset exchangeThis workshop will take you through building your own collectibles blockchain - think "CryptoKitties" - using Substrate, Rust and WebAssembly.Gnunicorn22 August 2019 11:02:53
Substrate verifiable credentials - build your first infrastructure blockchainIn this workshop you'll learn to build your own infrastructure blockchain (for verifiable credentials) using Substrate, Rust and WebAssembly.Gnunicorn22 August 2019 11:03:19
SumoRobot programmingDECT 7866 - You will be able to write your awesome algorithm and get a blast on the SumoRobot match.Silbo
24 August 2019 17:15:11
SumoRobot solderingDECT 7866 - Come solder your own SumoRobot and have a blast later at the SumoRobot match.Silbo
24 August 2019 17:11:42
Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified BeginnersSurface mount electronics for terrified beginners. Learn to assemble tiny parts on circuit boards by building a working power supply. Anyone can do it. Yes, even you who never touched anything electronic before. 90-100mins, 20€/kit, avoid caffeine immediately before. Max 17 participants per session, there is a PAPER!!1! signup list in the hardware hacking area.Kliment19 August 2019 14:58:32
Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners - electronic kitten EXPERIMENTAL WORKSHOPExperimental new workshop - Surface mount electronics for terrified beginners. Learn to assemble tiny parts on circuit boards by building an electronic touch-activated purring kitten. Anyone can do it. Yes, even you who never touched anything electronic before. 90-100mins, 20€/kit, avoid caffeine immediately before. Max 5 participants per session, there is a PAPER!!1! signup list in the hardware hacking area.Kliment20 August 2019 17:43:45
Surviving Calc/Excelbasic formulas for sorting data without as much pain as usual18 August 2019 21:07:41
Systemabsturz - Datenschutzelektropunkstrash KonzertDatenschutz-ElektropunktrashBenks21 August 2019 16:15:45
Systemabsturz - KonzertvorglühenDatenschutz-ElektropunktrashBenks21 August 2019 16:15:55
TaiChi - IntroductionGet to know the first 3 basic forms of Tai-ChiHoloToadWalker22 August 2019 14:22:44
TaiChi - Introduction 2Get to know the remaining 3 basic forms of Tai-ChiHoloToadWalker22 August 2019 14:23:00
TechCoop MeetupMeetUp for worker owned collectives and interested people22 August 2019 19:19:59
Ternet censorship around the world` OONI: Measuring internet censorship around the world9 August 2019 21:40:20
Terraform and Docker to selfhostNemo23 August 2019 16:10:21
TerranixA NixOS way to create terraform json files.Palo17 August 2019 21:29:24
Tesla coil showOmega Verksted will demo their home-made tesla coil, now in the dark..23 August 2019 17:45:24
Testing economic incentives on the Kusama Blockchainsoon Kusama, the Polkadot Chaos Canary network, is going to launch. In this session we'll dive into how this blockchain network will be used to test ecnomic incentivesGnunicorn22 August 2019 18:23:21
TetrapixelsWe build blinking objects with Tetrapacks and ArduinosMelle21 August 2019 07:57:09
The Future of HOPEThe HOPE conference run by 2600 Magazine is in trouble and needs your helpAestetix
16 August 2019 12:36:45
The camp LTE networkThe camp LTE networkLaF0rge23 August 2019 12:49:18
Toki Ponaan introduction to the language of goodPiko18 August 2019 21:02:55
Tor Project: running Tor trainings with human rights defenders in Global SouthMeeting the Global South community and usersGnunicorn19 August 2019 10:33:10
Tor Relay Operator MeetupCome learn about Tor Project and privacy, and hang out with Tor contributorsGnunicorn10 August 2019 13:59:51
Tree climbing (with ropes and knots)(Again on day 4!) Do you want to try out how tree climbing feels like? Hambi forest is too far away? We prepared a short climbing course, feel free to join us!24 August 2019 09:23:12
Treffen und Diskussion zur Netzpolitik in der SchweizNetzpolitik-Frühstück: Kaffee & Gipfeli ab 10.30, Vorstellung und Diskussion der aktuellen und anstehenden Themen im Herbst (E-ID, E-Voting, Datenschutzgesetz, Netzneutralität, ...) ab 11.00 UhrKire17 August 2019 08:16:50
Trickmisch - Trickfilme erstellenAnimate your own drawings or use our huge collection of images made by newcomers. you are kindly invited to animate them analog on a lighting table or online on You find us in the heart of code dome. (a very warm thank you at this point to Heart of Code for hosting us! :)23 August 2019 09:39:43
TschernobylTschernobyl Reisebericht + Q&A / Chernobyl travel report and Q&A23 August 2019 10:49:27
UnisonTo everyone with a sound system, let's play this amazing song all together at 4:20 PM, CCC Time. We have to be in unisone. Link: August 2019 10:53:42
Verstehbahnhof and beyond -- building the ultimate digital playgroundLess than two years ago, we set out to create a hacker-and makerspace in the rural countryside of Brandenburg, twenty something minutes north-west of camp, in Fuerstenberg/Havel. Dubbed "Verstehbahnhof", as it is located in the local (and still operating) trainstation, the space was setup as an open educational space for the up- and coming and a shared workshop and space for like-minded grown-ups. This project, by now, has grown into much more than that. And we think it is time for you to know about a few things.21 August 2019 18:02:41
Visit Zehdenick Farmer's Market by BikeSupport your local food supplier, but don't go alone.Coco15 August 2019 09:28:20
Vorlesestunde / reading hourKinderbücher vorlesenCkeen19 August 2019 14:52:36
Werdeteildesgesamtwiderstandeswerdeteildesgesamtwiderstandes ist eine Objekt gewordene Handlungsanweisung die dazu anregt sich mit anderen menschen zu verbinden. Im Workshop bauen wir diesen analogen synthesizer, jeder kann mitmachen, vorkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich, für menschen ab 8.21 August 2019 17:38:31
What the weatherLearn about how models are used in weather prediction and more24 August 2019 10:35:01
Whiskey tastingTasting different whiskeysAlgoldor21 August 2019 14:30:17
WhiskyleaksThe traditional Milliways Whiskyleaks, bring a nice bottle of liquor and a glass and share it with other fine human beings, donations welcome.Adventureloop17 August 2019 14:21:06
Why NixOS?A Presentation about NixOS for newcomers.Palo21 August 2019 13:28:56
Wie funktioniert ein SicherheitsgurtHow seatbelt retractors work18 August 2019 21:13:07
Wifi4EU - broken by technical specificationsWith the Wifi4EU programm the EU is planning to spend 100 million € by 2020 to subsidise a centralized surveillance infrastructure for centers of public life in the EU. The talk will lay out how Wifi4EU is supposed to work both administratively and technically, where there are problems with the later and what is and can be done about it.Gnunicorn21 August 2019 19:42:32
Wikipedia Edit-a-thon about wom*n in STEMWe will imporve wikipedia by starting, adding, and translating pages about wom*n in STEM fields24 August 2019 09:40:28
WoW! Dancing like a Blood Elf...Learn how to dance for real like the male blood elf in world of warcraft in 5 steps. Beginner's class. All gender welcome!20 August 2019 19:14:08
Workshop feminist libraryWorkshop to start the feminist library19 August 2019 19:54:59
Xspace – Solution to an annoying TeX quirkLet's have a look how xspace.sty makes TeX's treatment of whitespace more predictable!Fröbelsuppe15 August 2019 23:48:31
You broke the internet, let us build a GNU oneGNUnet meetup for the community21 August 2019 15:36:36
YunoHost workshop: install your own!Self-hosting apps for your friends and organization should be easy!23 August 2019 12:59:09
ZpS - Bildung einer kriminellen VereinigungZentrum für politische Schönheit21 August 2019 18:01:21
Über die Nachhaltigkeit von SoftwareSoftware ist essenzieller Bestandteil und Ressource unserer Dienstleistungs- und Wissensgesellschaft sowie unserer Infrastrukturen. Als Ressource betrachtet verhält sich der Konsum und Erhalt von Software jedoch in vielen Dingen konträr zu natürlichen Ressourcen. Eine Reflektion über die besonderen Eigenschaften der "Ressource Software" und wie wir diese nutzen können um Software nachhaltig zu gestalten und damit auch für die Zukunft zu erhalten.21 August 2019 17:34:05