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IRC: #QueerFeministGeeks @ Freenode

Description A home for all queer&feminist geeks !
Members 0ntological, Agnez, Berndlauert, C3o, Csk, Danohu, Elise, Gedankenstuecke, Goldjian, Kai, Lenaschimmel, Lobot, Maha, Maltman23, Member, Mfb, Milizeus, Nica, Nienor, Obaz, Ontological, Ooooo, Pixi, Questionatic, RougeLapin, Scar, Sirenensang, Stefan, Stoopt, Theresa, Vegavita
Projects Anti-harassment fairies, Code of Conduct of the Feminist Queer Trans Village, Queer Feminist Geek Manifesto, Queersplaining
Self-organized Sessions Anarchaserver: a feminist server, Creating Queer Feminist Geek Spaces, Multiple identity management, Polyamory discussion, Programming pronouns, gender identities and titles, Queer Feminist Geek Manifesto Discussion, Queer Feminist Geeks Gathering, SchLAu - Queer Education, SchLAu - Queer Education (English), Selfdefense for womenlesbiantrans*
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Location 132.09632, 112.44466
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Needs network 2) normal wired Villages describe network needs
Needs power 1) Only one or two tents (up to 10 citizens)
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Village constraints We would like to have trees on our village area, We do not like to be filmed or photographed
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This assembly is home to all queer|feminist people attending camp to find each other & hang out. If there are enough of us, it should be easy to make this assembly possible & wonderful. So please join and help to realize this! :) This assembly is meant to be a space of non-oppression, non-hierarchy, and non-discrimination. Please be kind to each other.

We are a few queer/feminist/intersectional people who want to meet each other, feel safe, and make friends. You can bring yourself, drinks, food, or anything you like. We will discuss about what it's like to identify as queer in tech, as a feminist, as an intersectional person concerned with oppression in a predominantly white-male-heterosexual context.

Maybe it's nicer to ask people what's their preferred pronoun if you're not sure. "Are you a boy or a girl" is not an accepted question.

If you do not self-identify as queer and feminist, you are allowed to attend but please be mindful to not take up all the space for yourself, like by asking questions that are answered in easily accessible resources such as the Geek Feminism Wiki. This is neither a place to ask people what they mean by basic terms such as "privilege" or "toxic masculinity", nor for discussing these terms. Educate yourself via the Wiki.