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Description Paparazzi UAV is a free and open-source hardware and software project intended to create powerful and versatile autopilot system for fixed wing aircraft as well as multicopters. The project includes airborne hardware and software (from voltage regulators and GPS receivers to Kalman filtering code) and also a powerful ground hardware and software.
Members Byoil, Dok, Eazy, Esden, Flixr, Jogiwan, Martinmm, Piezza, Sim, Steff, Teemee, X75
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Related to village Village:UAVP-NG, Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Tags open source, hardware hacking, flyingthings
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Citizens 20
Needs network 2) normal wired Villages describe network needs
Needs power 1) Only one or two tents (up to 10 citizens)
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Village plans ... bring light installations, ... build up a big tent, ... install a fridge or a freezer
Village constraints We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans A flying field for small copter or planes would be great.
Likes to rent a tent No
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Has order interest No
Planning notes near the flight area if that exists


Paparazzi is a free and open-source hardware and software project encompassing an exceptionally powerful and versatile autopilot system for fixedwing aircrafts as well as multicopters. Being open enables you to add more features and improve the system. Using and improving Paparazzi is wholeheartedly encouraged by the community. Because of lots of enthusiasts like you, Paparazzi is swiftly evolving into an even more powerful system.

The project includes not only the sourcecode with great code like Kalman filtering code but even all airborne hardware information needed, from Autopilot boards to zesty designed IMU's. A powerful ever-expanding array of ground hardware and software including modems, antennas, and a highly evolved user-friendly ground control station is included as icing on the cake. All hardware and software is open-source and freely available to you under the GNU licencing agreement.

Several vendors are currently producing and selling Paparazzi autopilots and popular accessories, making the system easy and affordable for everyone.