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| [[User:skade|skade]] || Berlin ||
| [[User:skade|skade]] || Berlin ||
| [[User:opn]] || London || looking for travel company
| [[User:gorhgorh|gorhgorh]] || Paris || I'll be in Berlin already so need travel from there to the camp
| [[User:gorhgorh|gorhgorh]] || Paris || I'll be in Berlin already so need travel from there to the camp
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| [[User:sangyye|sangyye]] || Cologne || looking for travel company
| [[User:sangyye|sangyye]] || Cologne || looking for travel company
| [[User:ksenya]] || Stockholm ||
| [[User:ksenya]] || Stockholm || looking for travel company

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Website https://github.com/opencodetown/Chaos-Communication-Camp-2015
Contact florian@rubyberlin.org
Description Providing free teaching for Ruby, Rust, JavaScript and more
Members Bryce, Feross, Finn, Gorhgorh, Ksenya, Lelith, Mdik, Moonglum, Nerdbabe, Opn, Sangyye
Projects Sketchnotes: Let's Draw Together, WebTorrent
Self-organized Sessions IPFS: The Permanent Web, Interplanetary Federated Wiki (FedWiki+IPFS), MaidSafe - A Decentralised Internet built in Rust, NodeBots, NodeSchool: Learn JavaScript!, Rust Beginners Workshop, Rust Bring Your Own Project, Rust Meetup, Sketchnotes and Drawing
Tags ruby, rust, nodeschool, javascript, learning
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions Yes
Other villages by tags...
Location 134.49277, 128.63574
Orga contact florian@rubyberlin.org
Citizens 42
Needs network 3) more than normal Villages describe network needs running workshops in the tents for people who need internet
Needs power 3) Village with up to 60 citizens (32A CEE 400V)
Power comment Peak usage at workshops where everyone is using a laptop
Village plans ... build up a big tent, ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... run a kitchen for our citizens
Village constraints We are a quiet village and will not make much noise. So we like to be placed on a quiet location., We will provide space to hang out for other camp participants on our village, We would like to have trees on our village area, We would prefer a spot near the water, We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans - Tent will be rented

- Gas powered kitchen.

Likes to rent a tent Yes
Descibing tents to rent One big tent with woodenfloor: 8mx12m (96qm)
Likes to rent chairs 90
Likes to rent tables 15
Provides transport for
Has plans with tracks
Size needed
Has order interest No
Planning notes


Code of Conduct

Attendees & Travel

help planning our stay please add yourself to the list if you want to attend our village

User Location (From) Wish or Comment
lelith Berlin needs someone with car
Malwine Berlin
jhilden Cologne looking for travel company
eljojo Berlin
anderspree Berlin
bitboxer Berlin renting a car
Finn Berlin
ralphtheninja Linköping looking for travel company from Berlin
skade Berlin
User:opn London looking for travel company
gorhgorh Paris I'll be in Berlin already so need travel from there to the camp
christophe Berlin
sangyye Cologne looking for travel company
User:ksenya Stockholm looking for travel company


Big Tent

Other stuff we plan to bring

  • Power
    • power cables (everyone)
    • power adapers (everyone)
  • Network
    • Switches
    • Uplink cable, 50m CAT7
  • Computer hardware (everyone)
  • Fun (everyone)
    • Lights
    • DECT phone (everyone)
    • Soldering Station
    • Soldering equipment
  • Everything else
    • first aid equipment
  • tools
    • cable strap (everyone)
    • GAFA-tape
    • cord
    • clothes line
    • flipchart
    • paper
    • pens
    • hammer
  • 0xf00d
    • bbq
    • camping stove
    • fridge
    • cleaning supplies (garbage bags, sponge, spüli)
    • electric kettle
    • pan
    • toaster
    • knife, fork and spoon (everyone)
    • coffee
    • coffee mug (everyone)
    • drinking glass (everyone)