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Contact freenode:,cccamp15 #neo900 DocScrutinizer

Description Your own phone, your own OS - project meeting, friends of Openmoko
Members Dos, Joerg, Matokla, PaulK, Sidd, Wernerh, Wpwrak
Projects Anelok, Neo900, Replicant
Self-organized Sessions Neo900 - the smartphone against backdoors, Replicant: software freedom and privacy/security on mobile devices
Related to village Village:Osmocom Village
Tags electronics, embeddedsystems, free your android, hardware, network, open source, privacy, radio, security, phone, neo900, beer, gsm
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions Maybe
Other villages by tags...
Location 0, 0
Orga contact
Citizens 10
Needs network 2) normal wired Villages describe network needs
Needs power 1) Only one or two tents (up to 10 citizens)
Power comment
Village plans ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... run a bar for our citizens
Village constraints We like to be placed on a central location where many people are crossing, We would like to have trees on our village area, We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans "camping level", normal fridge for cold beer, and not only Werner likes booze in general ;-)

<200W power, so no power hog

Likes to rent a tent Yes
Descibing tents to rent 3x6 with wooden floor
Likes to rent chairs 12
Likes to rent tables 3
Provides transport for
Has plans with tracks
Size needed 30 150
Has order interest No
Planning notes sidenotes:

members: Sebastian Krzyszkowiak <>, Werner, Joerg Reisenweber; Martin, Livia, Imi ... Martin/Livia bringen ein grosses 6 mann zelt das wir evtl ganz gern in kurzer distanz zum gemieteten zelt aufstellen wollen. Imi wird wohl auch eigenes zelt bringen, dann noch 2 order 3 leute. Anreise erfolgt mit campingmobil, moeglichst kurze distanz zw. village und camper waere toll Kontakt/Naehe zu den leuten/village die das GSM netz aufbauen (Harald Welte? Sysmocom?) waere nett - man kennt sich ;-)


Neo900 project members and friends/supporters meet here and are available for all sorts of discussions. We will have cold beer for visitors

Werner Almesberger plans for a talk which will either happen repeatedly at our village for a small number of interested visitors, or on lightning talks, or we might be lucky to gain an abandoned slot in "official talks" schedule