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* Dome: ~500eu
* Dome: ~500eu
* Monkeyhut: ~300eu
* Monkeyhut: ~300eu
* Truck/bus rental: .. eu
* Truck / bus rental: ~2200 / ~900 eu
* ...
* ...

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Website https://idiopolis.org
Contact dreamer
Description An idiopolis is a city of idiots, where weirdness, creativity, freaks, connectivity and the quality of life combine to create dynamic local madness.

In effect, idiopolis are cities where those who can choose where to hang out, choose to freak out.

Members Anus, Arda Xi, Aurel, Benry, BuZz, Cha0z97, Chr( ), DeeTwo, Dmt, Dokterbob, Dreamer, Hellekin, Itzmjauz, Jaromil, Madeddie, Mattronix, Meier, Moro, Msil, Nathan7, Nooitaf, Peetz0r, Petraea, Phicoh, Psy0rz, Realitygaps, Red Devil, Stef, Tg, The Niz, Torn, Ultratux, User:zmatt, Zarya
Projects DroneMotels, EspLight, Geodome, IJduino, Idiocubator, Monkeyopolis, NurdNode, QtPass, Quadcopter drone modding, Tesla Coil, Weather Station
Self-organized Sessions Funix double feature picture show, Hackbases meetup (live-in hackerspaces), Teledildonics
Related to village Village:Chaos West, Village:Synthesizers, Village:DeFEEST, Village:Mononoke, Village:Slackers on holiday
Tags idiots, nurdspace, ijhack, dome, party, workshops, music, lights, slug, laglab, domes
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions Yes
Other villages by tags...
Location 0, 0
Orga contact dreamer@puikheid.nl
Citizens 50
Needs network 3) more than normal Villages describe network needs Among other things we hope to do Radiopolis, a streaming radio broadcast.

We might include video with that.

Also we are able to bring network infrastructure for our camp.

Needs power 3) Village with up to 60 citizens (32A CEE 400V)
Power comment Lots of citizens, lots of projects.

Lighting, sound, projectors, kitchen, and the occasional laptop-charger.

Village plans ... play loud music and party, ... bring light installations, ... build up a big tent, ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... run a kitchen for our citizens, ... run a bar for our citizens
Village constraints We are playing music and like to party, We will provide space to hang out for other camp participants on our village, We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans We hope to build some domes (~70m2 + ~35m2 + ~30m2), have an army-tent 'cave' (~70m2) and a so called 'monkeyhut' (~120m2) as common area.

Usually we tend to cluster with familiar friends, so this can grow the village considerably.

Likes to rent a tent No
Descibing tents to rent
Likes to rent chairs 10
Likes to rent tables 5
Provides transport for goods
Has plans with tracks not yet, but the longboard-subvillage could use some ride-able road nearby
Size needed 400 500
Has order interest No
Planning notes Over previous years our village has usually grown organically by clustering with friends and combining infra using big tarps and lots of ducttape.

This year we hope to organize a bit better and set up some proper infrastructure with some big tents/structures and accompanying power/network distribution.


For many, the road to this village already started long ago. For its second arrival at CCC, here are the idiots.

And we're bringing IJduinos! Expect a lot of chaos and unfinished projects. Be ready to be taken by suprise.


How/What will (we) get to CCC ...


We need some .. stuff ... moved. And people too!


  • Truck: infra + personal bags -> rest carpool?
  • Charter-bus for people+stuff: 'delivery' + 'pickup'?
  • ...
  • Tardis
  • Portal
  • Stargate


Please add here; what you need moved, and an estimate of weight and size, example supplied.
Only add what you want to be taken along with -communal- effort, not handluggage etc.

  • My suitcase of heavy stuff, 100KG , 1m3
  • Dome(s). $1 kg, $2 m3
  • Monkeyhut, ~120 kg, ~4m3 (~4.5m long)
  • Kitchen-infra, $5 kg, $6 m3
  • DeeTwo - 3 flightcases with DJ gear (only if there will be none) Tesla Coil, Personal stuff....
  • ...


Please add here; how are you coming to CCC?

  • buZz - unknown/hitchhiking/carpooling/teleportation?
  • dreamer- unknown/carpool/train
  • DeeTwo - Car or driver of a small truck if small truck needs a driver. When driving own car can take extra ppl + luggage
  • ...

Idiocubator Services

An Idiocubator is a village that helps new and startup villages to develop by providing services such as training or space.

We will be assisting new and exciting disruptions with:

  • Coffee/Tea
  • Lipo charging
  • Lipo suction (discharging of Lipo)
  • Meme creation
  • Laughter
  • ...



  • We have THREE dome tents, one of ~70m2, and two of ~35m2
  • One big-ish monkeyhut (probably; ~105m2)
  • OR if we fail to build the monkeyhut, we will bring a 5x10M armytent
  • Kitchen area (one end of the monkeyhut; table + grill; fridge/coolbox?)
  • Power (need to bring '32A CEE 400V' power-mushroom)
  • Network (1->moar switches + cables)
  • ...

Total area needed: ~400m2 excl sleeping tents, ~500 incl


We tend to get very social:3.0

Day Time

  • Showing off selfmade structures (tent, monkeyhut, DMX lights, electric longboard, etc)
  • Hosting talks/workshops/social

Night Time



In order to organize transport, infra and rent of stuff we need to put some funds together:

  • Fixed infra-dues?
  • Donation-something?
  • ...

Buy an Idiot

Costs we're making, and need saving:

  • Table/Chair rental: 150eu
  • Dome: ~500eu
  • Monkeyhut: ~300eu
  • Truck / bus rental: ~2200 / ~900 eu
  • ...