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Description „Das ist ja widerwärtig!“ – „Und illegal.“ <>
Members Buckket, Dnklgr, Erlehmann, Fengor2015, Libellula, Nienor, Plomlompom, Powl, Sproodl, Waxmuth
Projects Speed Dating
Self-organized Sessions Hobelschlunzen Cinema, Hobelschlunzen-SpeedDating Session, Postapocalyptic schmuck
Tags dating, food, freesoftware, magicthegathering, sex, art, icarly, psychedelic installations
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions Yes
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Location 0, 0
Orga contact
Citizens 10
Needs network 1) wifi Villages describe network needs
Needs power 1) Only one or two tents (up to 10 citizens)
Power comment
Village plans ... build up a big tent, ... bring some special machines, ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... have any other unusual installations, ... run a kitchen for our citizens
Village constraints We will provide space to hang out for other camp participants on our village, We would like to have trees on our village area, We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans We will have at least one sandwich maker. We also want to have a speed dating area, needing outside space for approximately 10 chairs. We may show weird videos with a small video projector.
Likes to rent a tent No
Descibing tents to rent
Likes to rent chairs 10
Likes to rent tables 1
Provides transport for
Has plans with tracks
Size needed 96 256
Has order interest No
Planning notes We are unsure regarding space constraints. We did include space needed for our speed dating sessions.

Also: We have one big tent which has a T-shaped footprint.

We wish to be situated far away from systemd developers.


The Hobelschlunzen village attempts to enhance the social, æsthetic, culinary, sexual, and cognitive experience of the Camp.

We will provide speed dating sessions, using the enterprise software solutions speeddating-formgen and speeddating-pairgen.

We will also provide sandwiches and showcase a novel modular cubist approach to prepare food in an æsthetically pleasing way.

We will display art inspired by the iCarlyist tradition and the works of Spencer Shay, and maybe some trippy stuff.