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Description Who likes to join our wild cybersex camp?

We are feminist future enthusiasts. We are looking for speakers about vr topics, the porn industry, the conflicts and of course: 3d and cybersex hardware/software. We would like to offer hard- and software testing. Who could help with that? We also offer fun stuff like Pfeffi-Roulette, "Nudistenumtrunk" etc.

Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Tags cybersex, 3d, wheel of fortune
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions Maybe
Other villages by tags...
Location 0, 0
Orga contact
Citizens 10
Needs network 1) wifi Villages describe network needs
Needs power 1) Only one or two tents (up to 10 citizens)
Power comment
Village plans ... play loud music and party, ... bring some special machines, ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... run a bar for our citizens
Village constraints We are playing music and like to party, We will provide space to hang out for other camp participants on our village, We would like to have trees on our village area
Village comments plans Not sure yet, if we play music and have a bar yet. It depends on the people who join and on your conditions.
Likes to rent a tent Yes
Descibing tents to rent Maybe, it depends on the price. Ca. 5x5 meter.
Likes to rent chairs 0
Likes to rent tables 2
Provides transport for
Has plans with tracks
Size needed
Has order interest No
Planning notes