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Be advised, this FAQ is highly WIP and subject to change


Where will it be?
The camp will take place in an old brickyard near the village of Mildenberg. See Static:Location for more information.
How do I get there?
see Getting there
Where do I find [smtg.]?
see map on Guide


When will the Camp take place?
August 13, 2015 11:00 to August 17, 2015
The opening event will be 11:00 on August 13, 2015.
The closing event will be 18:00 on 201-08-17.
Is it ok to arrive early or stay longer?
Yes, you are welcome to arrive early or stay longer if you help with building up or tearing down the camp.
See Arrival/Departure for more information.


Who is organizing this?
The Chaos Communication Camp is organized by people somehow associated with the Chaos Computer Club. See Static:Contact to find out how to contact them.


Tickets will be available soon (aka 'when it's done').

Waste, trash, garbage

Please avoid waste/trash!

Other questions

Which hashtag is recommended for chaos camp-related tweets?
Please use the hashtag "cccamp15" to tag all things related to the "Chaos Communication Camp 2015".

Is it ok to bring my dog?
We ask everybody not to bring dogs. There are at least three problems we had with dogs on events in the past:
1. Dogs mark their territory by peeing at tents.
2. Attendees have problems with dogs. Be it by allergy or by phobia.
3. Dogs who have problems with people. They get scared in a crowd or by some odors.
So if you do bring a dog and it causes any trouble then we will ask you to remove it from the camp site.

What to bring

see Things to bring
Power Cables. long. > 10m. for outdoor use.


Cars and Camper Vans

Where can I park my car?
There will be a parking lot right beside the camp, there will be no parking on the campsite itself.
Is it ok to come with a campervan/caravan?
There will be a dedicated area for campers and caravans. Keep in mind that you must NOT park next to your Villages.
Is it OK to drive the car to my place for unload staff for the village on arrival?
Depends on when you arrive. People arriving later than Monday the 11th will probably not be allowed to drive on the camp ground. But the parking area is next to the camp ground and we plan to provide carts and similar means of transportation between the cash desk and the rest of the camp ground.
Will there be campers/caravans allowed at the FamilyVillage/Silent area?
( child + camper van + noisy area = sleep depravation )
The camper area has MANY silent places.
The Family Village is filled to the brim with campers and caravans


I am an Angel but have no DECT compatible phone. Can you borrow me one?
Ask nicely at the POC maybe they have some, but don't count on it. Also, you can bring a GSM Phone this time. Also, you do not NEED a DECT phone to help as an Angel.
Will ther be a private GSM Network?
Yes, see GSM.

Not so Frequently Asked Questions

Please add your further questions here. We will answer them as soon as possible.

What about food? Do I need to bring cans and cans of "tinned food" or is it enough if I take money with me? Will there be some Food Service that offers cooked meals? If so, what times do they serve?
Please read Concerning Food.
Please note that the Food selling places in the camp site are not running now, they are setting up like all the regular visitors.
Are there plans to use online platforms to enable remote participation as well as to supplement in-chaos camp communications? I'd like to organize sightseeing and geocaching trips, ask around if anybody got a CA-42 cable, offer to sell some old hardware I brought with me.
What kind of online platforms / remote participation do you have in mind?
There is the camp discussion mailing list, see Contact. And you can use #cccamp15 for twitter.
I need to buy a tent. Where can I do that?
See Connect for ideas
the Real store had a full palette of 3 person tents as of aug 8 10 am
Will there be Gigabit Ethernet in the Datenklo?
TBD but most probably not, gigabit ports are always very sparse on CCC events. According to the NOC page you should contact one of the coordinators if you really depend on a Gigabit port.
Will there be chip music workshops?
No, not until now, but if you think you can teach a couple of people you can create one at the Workshops page.
Will Angels stay at the same place like 2011?
No. Beacause we switched to an new Camp Location The heaven will be .... See Angels for more information.

Will there be a water uplink available at the beginning of the camp to fill our pool and paddle pond (planschbecken)?
Probably yes. We are in contact with the local fire fighters. But it also depends on when you want to fill your pool. The earlier the better.
Where do I put my tent if I do NOT participate in a Village ?

There is no info on the Map concerining any fire prevention corridors, the places of the next dataloo/etherjohn (Datenklo) or any other info whatsoever Just simple Markers for the Villages.

Put your tent wherever you like. There is a detailed map with the larger villages in the Campguide. The positions of the Datenklos is not fixed yet.
This is my first Camp, so I don't know anyone. Where can I put up my tent? Do I have to choose a village or is there a "non village camping zone"?
You don't need to be part of a village to come to the Camp. You can put up your tent up where ever you like. But villages are also a good way to find like-minded people - don't hesitate to join a village if you are interested in it's projects and/or inhabitants. They are no closed user-groups. Another good way to get to know more people is by helping as an volunteer.
BUT ! You'll need to keep off the regions reserved for bigger Villages, so simply 'anwhere' is not ok.
How difficult will it be to leave the CCCamp and come back (ie. to get suppies rom downtown)?
Absolutely no problem.
Will we be required to wear such idiotic doggytag wristbands as on the congresses ? I hate them ...
If you want to leave and come back you have to.
Beginning at 12:00 (Noon) on Day 1 controlling wristbands on campsite is enforced. So, yes there are wristbands and yes you'll have to wear them.
opening hours? My group will arrive at wed 3am by car - if all goes well. so can we enter at such a time? Anyway I think it would be also very helpful to know also for the bars. Even when you can only give rough times.
The camp will be opened 24hours a day. There is no access by car during nighthours, from monday evening there will be no access by car at all.
Valuables? Where can I bring my valuables? Should I just leave my stuff unattended in my tent or ask the next good fellow to watch out for me?
Yes, you have to take care of your valuabels yourself.
What about drinking water?
Will there be a hookup for campers?
There is no visible Water infrastructure for campers or anything else..
How will drinking water be distributed?