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CCCcamp15 Poster

This is Version 1.1 of the Logo Package.



  • NERIS at fontsquirrel.com


  • Poster ZIP 1.9M
    MD5 (cccamp15-poster-mainvisual-150710.zip) = e7673a3a88c4ffbe1df5da3638325f2f

Color Scheme

  • Color Scheme PDF 404K
    MD5 (cccamp15-colorscheme.pdf) = 8c5922ee40d9a9cd9da7d0155734cf6f

Hexagon Elements


  • Icon Set ZIP 1.4M
    MD5 (cccamp15-icons-150709-1.0.zip) = 48121fe2d7165f4a4fce9fec419b8f79


  • Signs v1.2 ZIP 3.0M
    MD5 (cccamp15-signs-150710.zip) = 3a4a234a73950d9dd891cb211060b886

Version History

2015-07-17 Updated Signs to Version 1.2 Includes new templates for villages.

2015-07-10 Version 1.1

2015-07-01 Version 1.0

  • Logo Package v1.0 2.0M
    MD5 (cccamp15-logo-package.v1.tar.gz) = cab3bab091c5398a6d078283776dbd90