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|Has start time=2015/08/14 14:00
|Has duration=120
|Has duration=120
|Has session location=Village:Foodhackingbase
|Has session location=Village:Foodhackingbase

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Description This workshop will be about skin creams, their contents, how they can be made with basic tools and ingredients.
Website(s) https://github.com/Joaz/cosmetics recipes
Type Hands-On
Kids session No
Keyword(s) inside, hacking
Tags cosmetics, DIY
Processing village Village:Foodhackingbase
Person organizing User:Jaga, User:Jglauche
Language en - (g)english"en - (g)english" is not in the list (ab - Abkhazian, af - Afrikaans, an - Aragonese, ar - Arabic, as - Assamese, az - Azerbaijani, be - Belarusian, bg - Bulgarian, bn - Bengali, bo - Tibetan, ...) of allowed values for the "Held in language" property.
en - (g)english
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Starts at 2015/08/14 14:00
Ends at 2015/08/14 16:00
Duration 120 minutes
Location Village:Foodhackingbase

Skin creams are used to moisturize, soften and protect the skin. They help with dry skin, rashes, sunburns and cold weather.

A simple skin cream is a mixture of oils, water, emulsifiers and a perservatives. With those key ingredients, anyone can make a cream at home. On top of that, there is a number of ingredients that can be used to presonalize these creams. The workshop will cover various ingredients starting with basics and building on that. Each participant will make their own cream and get to take a jar of it home with them. This workshop is donation based. Please donate €10 to help us cover the costs of ingredients and hardware needed in the workshop.