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Description Cryptographic contracts are scripts which run on the blockchain, either public one - like Ethereum, or a private one - like tendermint design blockchains. Contracts themselves are typically written in Solidity, but one can also use Javascript to interact with the contracts.

We will be playing with Eris' blockchain-client - basically using ur own throw away blockchains consisting of a Tendermint node wrapped by a simple server. The server allows requests to be made over HTTP - either using JSON-RPC 2.0 or a RESTlike web-api - and websocket (JSON-RPC 2.0). There are also javascript bindings for the RPC methods

Type Workshop
Kids session No
Tags DAO Space, blockchain, cryptocontracts, contracts, js
Processing village Village:DAO Space
Person organizing User:Opn
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Ends at 2021/06/25 06:41
Duration 120 minutes
Location Village:DAO Space