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Our hackerspace in Linz, Austria features an MQTT controlled Winkekatze (Maneki-neko). To be more precise, it can be triggered by giving a Hi5 to the shopping window from outside. Watch the Video. The hands are captured and recognized with a Kinect Camera. See my project CraftUI for more details (

I will bring another Winkekatze to the Camp which will be triggered with the same public MQTT topic. So people in Linz can wave and say Hi to the camp (wish us good luck or whatever). As a next step I want to grow this into a World Wide Winkekatzen network and interconnect more cats and triggers. Let's have one at each hackerspaces and wave to each other. Let's interconnect through our network of cats!

Also if it's on a short notice, It would be great to see more Maneki-nekos on the camp. Just use a microcontroller, (small arduino or ESP) and a cheap RC-Servo.