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Description These are DMX connected, 24V powered RGB led spotlights, mounted on a pan&tilt head.
Has website
Persons working on Cha0z97, Petraea
Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Tags lights, dmx, infrastructure, Idiopolis
Located at village Village:Idiopolis
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We have always had rgb lights at NURDspace, and they are a great way to fine-tune atmosphere. As such, we have become accustomed to having them around.

As we were planning out the Projects:Geodome, it dawned upon us to incorporate this aspect of delight into the finished project.

Thus, this project was born.

Early on it was planned to become a 2.4ghz wireless system, but we moved to DMX along the way, as we had to run powerwires to all of them anyway.


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In Village:Idiopolis there is a dome, about 4 meters high, you should be able to spot it. Look inside. :)

Also, they are for sale in the Idiocubator. (we made about 50 to sell, price TBD)