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est. price for a model rocket kit is max ~64Eur (this is almost 1:1), think of the usual model rocket kits where just a papertube and some plastics is included - will cost 40 euro or so.
BUT this is a handmade high quality product! NOT comparable to these pieces of sh.... made from plastic, contains no launchpad, has cheap materials and isn't worth its money.
Every Kit includes at least 1 or 2 Rocketlaunches at the Campsite.
The Startbox includes nice PCB, pre soldered LEDs and Switches, stainless steel laser engraved frontpanel and wooden box
est Price f. Startbox is 96Eur!!! yeah, this seems very expensive, but the price is 1:1 and i earn nothing! it will last for the rest of your life.

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Description i will bring 30 +x very cool model rocket kits with adjustable launchpad and ~10 +x kits for startboxes.
Has website http://www.raketenclub.de
Persons working on Bigmac, Kalle, Liliacea, Mcarne, Raketenclub, Xukashi
Self-organized sessions
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  1. mccc


Located at village Village:SpaceVillage
Other projects... ... further results

More Details coming up soon! --- yeah, that was the plan, but since im on campsite... i stcuk a bit. but just come and have a look at the model rocket kit.


FB https://www.facebook.com/Raketenclub

TWITTER https://twitter.com/RaketenClub

YT https://www.youtube.com/user/Raketenclub

Please see Self Organized Session for a Timeline : https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/Session:Model_Rockets

like in 2011, i will bring some (30+) self made high quality rocket model kits we can build together.

i also have some very nice startboxes.

please add this project to your profile if you want to participate in the workshop. OR come on day0 and grab your model rocket kit.

workshop starts at day1, please have a look at self organized sessions for a flightplan.

the cost for a model rocket kit is 'somewhat' higher than at the last camp, but i have very nice new selfmade model rocket kits with lots of extras (flame resistant fabric, handcrafted silk parachute etc, though the wall fin mount!) that will be reuseable hundreds of times and last for years (if not lost!) - including a handcrafted rock solid tripod mountable launchpad!

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i will add much more information and details about the kits soon. for now, please see my very outdated homepage, archiv and wiki.

additionally i will bring lots of spare parts to pimp your rocket with led, etc, bring your toys and spy pens to mod your rocket.