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Description much coin, reach moon
Has website
Persons working on, Rootzoll
Self-organized sessions
Tags Blockchain, Dogecoin
Located at village Village:Bitcoin
Other projects... ... further results

such mission statement:

open for all things doge

wanna join? have questions? get in contact with Rootzoll

Dogecoin Moon Bounce

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to the moon

one mission could be: create dogecoin transaction and send it to the moon with a little help from Project Moonbounce during the camp ... let us know if you know someone from Project Moonbounce. would be wow to make this happen - just an idea yet ... but lets see if we can make it happen :)

As an intro into moonbounce tec .. here is the video from last camp: Moonbounce Radio Communication - camp2011

Other possible ideas

If you searching for a hacking project during the camp (on or off location) ... grab one of those ideas - we are glad to assist you: