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* [[Static:Safety and Security|Safety and Security]] Safety and Security at Camp
* [[Static:Safety and Security|Safety and Security]] Safety and Security at Camp
* [[Static:Design]] – Logo & Templates
* [[Static:Contact]] – how to contact us
* [[Static:Contact]] – how to contact us

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Note: This wiki is still work in progress. As before every of our events, all informations will be provided as soon as they are available. So if you cannot find anything you like to know you might just wait some days or weeks and come back again.

Some informations are also announced via our event-blog. So this is also a good location to check for news.

If you have questions about this wiki you might visit our irc-channel: #camp-wiki on irc.hackint.org . Do not forget to use SSL ;) .

The Event

The Chaos Communication Camp is an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms. It provides a relaxed atmosphere for free exchange of technical, social, and political ideas. The Camp has everything you need: power, internet, food and fun. Bring your tent and participate!.


  • Fahrplan – schedule of the official conference program
  • Static:Calendar – a calendar containing all events taking place during the congress including the talks in the main halls and all self-organized sessions
  • Static:Tickets – pricing and information on ticket sales
  • Static:Location – how you get to the Camp Location and Informations about it.
  • Recordings – watch or download talks