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Lost or Found anything? Please add it to the lists so the owner can get it back. The Lost and Found place is located now at the <s>[[Static:Infodesk]]</s> [[Static:Heaven]] (ask the shift coordinators).  
Lost or Found anything? Please add it to the lists so the owner can get it back.  
The lost and found pile is now in Berlin, please write to camp2015-lostandfound@cccv.de and if an of the found items listed below belong to you. Please write some details about your lost thing, so that we can be sure that the item actually belongs to you. Thank you!
== Lost ==
== Lost ==

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Lost or Found anything? Please add it to the lists so the owner can get it back.

The lost and found pile is now in Berlin, please write to camp2015-lostandfound@cccv.de and if an of the found items listed below belong to you. Please write some details about your lost thing, so that we can be sure that the item actually belongs to you. Thank you!


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    Hat, light brown, fester Stoff, 1000 Geocaches Achievement Pin (backside engraved with "xro"), lot's of buttons on it, each one a memory.
    actually forget the hat, I just want the buttons back.
    e-mail/xmpp: xro@realraum.at
  • Multitool Leatherman Skeletool. Contact Twitter: @dergigo
  • USB Stick 32GB ScanDisk Ultra Fit Schwarz/ Metal Contact: info@ulf-matzen.de
  • Large black portable power charger power bank with CCC rocket printed on it. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00TDGC9WY If found, contact twitter @man0jn
  • Black singletail whip with rotating shaft. Last seen in Kinky Geeks Village. Contact User:Felicitus or felicitus-camp2015 (ät) felicitus (dot) org
  • lightly knitted sweater, cream white with golden threads woven in. wide collar, size s or xs catcosmo at posteo dt de
  • graumeliertes Zippy twitter: @booxberg
  • blue plastic ball, size more or less like soccer ball with soccer-like imprint, family area, contact dorina at gumm punkt info
  • sun glass, black-brown, ray ban twitter: @sivane
  • Asus netbook charger with blue Led alina-found@webkeks.org
  • nice blackish vest with a beautiful print: [[1]]
  • purple synthetic towel
  • Kid's sun protection scarf+hat-thing with lots of rockets (User:mii_ja)
  • 2in1 Express Shampoo --Niklas (talk) 12:23, 13 August 2015 (CEST)
  • Peli 2370 LED Flashlight --Jwacalex (talk) 17:17, 13 August 2015 (CEST)
  • a small children's Pocketknife (blue with white letters on one side, a tweezer, a cork opener, a screwdriver, a knife), contact Espero
  • Germanflag for Region Saarland [2]User:Ash523
  • Vaporizer (4222 ask for thorin)
  • small pcb board, telemetry receiver, please call DECT 2530 (lost on the way from Paparazzi-Village to Airfield)
  • Microsoft LifeChat headset earpad
  • ANIMAL Aviator style sunglasses --Lexicality (talk) 12:47, 14 August 2015 (CEST)
  • the hamock garden looks for hamocks
  • GSM Flipphone silver Call 5264
  • Nexus 4, Backside cracked (mail@yocky.org)
  • dark brown/black leather purse, lost evening of day 2, ID inside Martin Miller, please call DECT 3589 (FLUX)
  • key ring with 4 to 5 small and normal keys, and 1 yubikey on it, probably lost in some backstage area behind a bar, please call DECT 529 (KAY)
  • ray ban sun glasses (call doko)
  • Sony Xperia Z Ultra, lost at the train tracks opposite of c-base (if found: freiboiker (at) posteo (dot) de )
  • DECT phone, black, Gigaset. number 4824. If found please call any of the 3 numbers from agenda (root, mrmi, geod)
  • red, big power generator is missing/has been stolen from the frankonian village. Please bring back :( Looks like this one Power Generator on amazon.de. xoQUox Frankonian Village / Call DECT-Vanity: TACH if you have information regarding the place of the generator
  • blutooth-Kopfhörer, Plantronics, blau (call DECT 2184, Hetchbend)
  • HP printer power supply - Call DECT: 7473
  • camouflage wallet with driver's licence & ID card, four letter last name embroidered in black on wallet (proffi@gmx.net)
  • brown leather wallet with keys attached (email to mik3cap@gmail.com)
  • 10 l backpack with red farcry 4 karabiner beim Ziegelofen (5467)
  • red knife around family area (2259)
  • beige jute/tote bag with clothes in it. grey and black tshirts, socks, etc. (twitter: @mspro)
  • brown wallet (fredd fredd@trasformatorio.net)
  • brass foldable knife with red rope attached (also fredd)
  • Nexus 5, black Plasticcase (DECT 4200)
  • wallet, dark grey with zipper (015117510479)
  • ceramic soup plate, spoon and fork (call 4688 if found)
  • Yotaphone 2 - music player of the Freifunk Village is gone, please call 4502
  • flag-pin w/ dutch flag (red, white, blue) (bring it to the infodesk)
  • kleines schwarzes Leder-Portemonaie in EC-Karten-Grösse (ina.jarocki@strukturwald.com)
  • Rad1o badge of woodstock - it has a purple band, LEDs and contains the nickname - Frubar Village (DECT 6003)
  • CCCamp2015 black zipper jacket XL - Frubar Village (DECT 6003)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 EFF Sticker on the back (lost at Saturday) contact tunabananas@gmail.com
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, black. Maybe flight green baggage sticker still on the back, (lost Monday), pls contact giannicarabelli -at- gmail.com
  • Nexus 5 contact DECT 7315 alex-k@hamburg.de
  • self sewed outside dark mauve, inside beige smartphone bag @pegx_
  • sun glasses, Ray-Ban alike, black (017693551465)
  • Laptop Power Supply Packard Bell 2 Pin/Euro possibly lost at Chaos West contact 6770
  • Vößlauer Mineral Water, sparkling, 1l, lost near CERT (6200)
  • small brown bag lost at the western showers
  • Water bottle aluminum bamboo top with a sticker "hanno" on in . hanno@liem.cn
  • black sunglasses brand oklay heavely scratechet (contact honkhase)
  • wallet blue themed star wars includes a german ID "Maximilian Hotopp" (call 9899328)
  • jumper leads (Swiss Village)
  • key with big blue head (lost in the rain near BER) contact 9512
  • black Timbuktu backpack
  • orange Camelback backpack
  • Samsung Smartphone, with yellow Eventphone sticker on back with number 7799. Call DECT 7744 or mail st.n[at]gmx.de
  • Thin golden wedding ring lost in family village contact 06-52430987 or jeroen [at] vanveen.name
  • CAP, grey, brand Mammut with flap on the back. DECT 2389 found
  • kids sandals, white
  • Radio badge glitter around display, name is pisush, LED's soldered, antenna connector soldered contact xen@c-base.org
  • Necklace with round marble (uranium) contact @visarz (Twitter)
  • Silver ring with spiral (hromi@giver.eu)
  • Stainless Steel ring with engraving reading "Kim" (@kcirtapw)
  • Black/dark sport shirt
  • Green tote bag with a grey Adidas (I think) washbag inside. Inside the washbag: Blue electrical razer, and my electric toothbrush andy@koeln.ccc.de / Twitter: @G33KatWork
  • Supersoaker CPS1500, contact Village:Idiopolis or buZz@nurdspace.nl
  • Grey/silver pocketknive (Walther) - call koex/5639 or mist/6478
  • iPad Mini, Black Front, black Leather case, lost near heaven or south tent (christian -at- ansatzweise.de)
  • Brennenstuhl Garant S IP44 Kabeltrommel outdoor 50m - Bitte bei schinken@bamberg.ccc.de melden
  • Power Adapter 3Ph. CEE 16A to 3x Schuko (made-up with Lapp Ölflex cable) - please contact mail -at- jalr.de
  • 4 sunbeds (2 white, 2 black with Pro Idea logo) disappeared during night 2; medium cooking pot with nice drawn chickens on a side - disappeared during night 4 at Confidence camp site area near press tent. Just tell us - why? (User:tex)
  • CCCamp 2011 Hoodie (blue with Fairy Dust and lots of 0s and 1s on the back), lost between Milliways and CCC-CH Villages. (michi.schwarz@gmail.com, @feuermurmel)
  • htc vision (htc desire z) - disappeared on 19.08. between 12:00 and 20:00 - email txt.file ÄT txtfile.eu found
  • Jack Wolfskin Hat olive green with elastic strap - email fussel AT fusselkater.org
  • 20m black cat5e at DK-Berlin
  • Black leather Wallet(ID-Card: Christian Regnery)christian@regnery.biz
  • Smartphone: Motorola Moto G in black Otterbox casing - email: qvdb -at- qvdb.be
  • Doctor Who Booklight (Tardis) Bitte Nachricht an info@literaturschock.de


  • Sunglasses (Model: Pilot, brown), found at Marketplace/Rocket
  • iPhone, found at ICMP Village
  • graumeliertes Zippy --> a "Zippo" Lighter? ijon[at]c-base.org is missing a Zippo. twitter @aegrereminiscen
  • black SNOM M65 DECT phone (found in golf cart W4)
  • black Philiips in-ear headphones / earbuds (found in heaven)
  • Black Nokia phone
  • Black hat ohm 2013
  • sun glasses, borderless, metallic
  • White watch with black strap
  • Smartphone with blue cover (toficzek222@gmail.com)
  • Bag with passport (Giannopoulou Konstantina)
  • Camera Lens sun shade (Tamron)
  • Wallet (Peter Eckersley)
  • high peak sleaping bag
  • Wear-LED Badge
  • Small Key with keychain (No. 50)
  • picnic blanket (2x)
  • german children's book ("Findus")
  • congress zipper hoody
  • right foot sandal
  • white briefs
  • Packet of tobacco, found in big lecture tent
  • blinking children's shoes
  • biker glasses
  • Wear-LED Badge
  • some protective gloves
  • sun glasses
  • glasses
  • pocket knife
  • power cord
  • comb
  • camp ticket + shirt printout
  • visa card
  • multitool
  • led flash light
  • screwdriver set
  • flashlight
  • keys w/ pendant
  • power cable
  • brown shirt "life is too short"
  • Zipper jacket, orange, found in big lecture tent
  • Cap, brand "Atlantis", olive-green, found in big lecture tent
  • nike red cappy with a white C on the front. found at vortragszelt 1
  • Cap, black, "DJ"
  • Cap, blue, myrtle beach
  • Keyring and iPhone headset, forgotten by male patron at lounge bar
  • black vest
  • fancy red earring/ear near Quadrature
  • rubber bicyclemount for smartphone (call 8934)
  • Head light (Mountain Warehouse) of David S.
  • small bag (Tatonka) found near Yalow Yard
  • angel badges: phessler, ligi, tolleNW, HAXE (NOC), Step21, deBaer
  • red lighter
  • Camp2015 Hoodie size L
  • Xiaomi Mi fitness tracker
  • Scarf
  • Sim card Base
  • Power Plug
  • grey hat (main entrance)
  • straw hat labeled PUEBLO
  • white drinking bottle alfi
  • angel badge of puppe
  • Wallet
  • Flashlight
  • cap
  • smoking purse (Discofloor)
  • black Tom Tailor shirt, found in partyzug
  • headlamp, found near oblivion village/track north
  • key (Milliways)
  • mobile phone (entropolis)
  • 3D-printed Camp-Logo
  • dynamo light
  • trailer cable / Anhängerkabel
  • IKEA kitchen knive
  • Silver ring - call Henrik on DECT: 7247
  • Pebble Charging cord
  • Mikro USB Kabel
  • E-book Reader (found near hammocks)
  • one water wing (Schwimmflügel)
  • black sunglasses with prescription (probably near Norwegian village)
  • SEAT TO SUMMIT fork, spoon and knife on a carabiner
  • key ring with ubikey (nähe Stromkasten)
  • glasses (Gebauer cleaning cloth)
  • White Micro-USB Cable (15 cm), probably Samsung. Found (15.08., 20:00) in Workshop 2 just before the GnuRadio-Workshop. Call 2990
  • schwarzes Hemd
  • Esprit Brille (beim Family Village gefunden)
  • Egg boiler, eggs, food
  • in ear phones in a blue box
  • Bottle sodastream
  • Sigg Bottle Viavia
  • SD card, has RaspPi debian (great choice, btw!) on it, phi****@ar*** according to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • Tabaktasche
  • Canon Objektivdeckel
  • Black HTC MicroUSB Cable
  • green back pack (Northface Logo)
  • small black flashlight
  • glasses (make: enjoy)
  • Thermocafé Cup
  • Small stainless steel cup, found in Project 2501
  • Acidburn's rad1o
  • Sleeping pad, one side green, one side blue, found around C-Base
  • LED-lenser LED-light
  • power blaster lancher (yellow platic toy)
  • A Binatone PMR (kind ow walkie talkie) near the camper overflow area
  • Sandalen Grösse 29 (sehr wahrscheinlich für Kinder)
  • pink T-Shirt
  • audi car key (10111 Tent at hardware hacking)
  • SD Card has Tails on it. (found near the watchtower)
  • multitool (found day 1 or 2 near market place)
  • Black Opel car key (manual)
  • silver Sunglasses (Pilotenbrille)
  • Black Zipper Hoodie "we come in peace"
  • Water Bottle SIGG found at the tower
  • Camera hood
  • black Sunglasses (BER Lounge)
  • dark grey hoodie found near heaven
  • Lumix lens cap 46mm
  • head attached flashlight green
  • car key Ford found near CERT
  • mobile phone with number 4041 found (call 3988/pcdog)
  • radio, brand AUDIOLINE, mode PMR16, colours yellow and black
  • yellow water bottle
  • a grey H&M sweater
  • a silver water bottle
  • UK power plug + data projector cable + cable for loud speakers + batteries
  • Drinking bottle aluminium 0,33l, white with a sticker
  • orange collapsible umbrella (Knirps)
  • wooden arm bracelet
  • swiss army knife
  • action figure with sound
  • yellow lighter
  • red lighter
  • pulse sensor (from some kind of fitness bracelet)
  • white lighter
  • blue fishbone hat
  • fiat key (with license plate number attached)
  • key|smart
  • White bag with personal belongings of Lisa N. (call 5639 or 6478 / ask in CERT for mist)


  • Drinking bottle ( Soda Steam, transparent, grey bottom, grey top) User:hbr


  • Tent (call 8934 or 7499)
  • Sleeping Bag (call 8934)
  • Folding Cot (call 8934)

Would like to obtain

I was - https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/User:Stefek99 - the guy running lost & found during the teardown phase (do-ocracy). At the same time I was running free shop... Some people confused these two and wanted to obtain valuable items without owner permission. I highly respect ownership that is why I would like to ask a question - is it possible to obtain items on the image below? (specifically the action figure that is uber-cool) Lost-items.jpg