Hacker Stock Photo Contest

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Welcome to the Official Chaos Communication Camp Hacker Stock Photo Contest!

Are you tired of the cliché stock photos that are used in news articles whenever it cybers? You know, people with gloves and bandanas in front of laptops in a half-lit room, that kind of nonsense?

We know we are!

So we're going to have a little contest here. These are the rules:

  • Photo must be taken on the Camp premises
  • All people on the photo must agree to publication
  • Photo must be published on this Wiki page, under a CC BY 4.0 license (or less restrictive)
  • Points are awarded for every media usage (1 point for random blog, 3 points for large news website, 5 points for print or TV)
  • Winner will be determined on 32C3

Pro-tip: publishing the picture on Wikimedia Commons, with proper licensing information and good keywords, will increase your visibility towards journalists and editors. Put a link on here, for good measure.

Hacker (CC BY 4.0 Andreas Bogk)

(not taken on camp, not an official submission, just an example. :) )


Hacker Yoga (WTFPL)

(my favourite items in stock are body and mind)


Flying cape (WTFPL)

Flying cape (resized).jpeg