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File:CCCamp2015-MeTA-714-b02m1.jpg|Human and Machine in Peace
File:CCCamp2015-MeTA-714-b02m1.jpg|Human and Machine in Peace
File:CCCamp2015-MeTA-016-b03m2.jpg|CCCamp2015 Machinery of Light
File:CCCamp2015-MeTA-016-b03m2.jpg|CCCamp2015 Machinery of Light
File:CCCamp2015-MeTA-092-b02m2.jpg|Hacker Earthship Bionics
File:CCCamp2015-MeTA-114-b02m1L.jpg|Know Your Machine

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There will be live coverage, at least from the two main tents. Regarding the streaming formats most will be the same. And we have a shiny web player with some additional features.

See Streams for more information.


The following events will not be streamed/recorded:

  • Keys? Where we’re going we don’t need keys. - 2015-08-14T12:00:00+02:00
  • Politische Lösungen für technische Probleme? - 2015-08-14T16:00:00+02:00


The recordings will be available in different video- and audio-formats.

Current status: Releasing started. (last updated on Thu, 13 Aug 2015 18:11:44 GMT)

Official recordings are available at:

If you prefer a classic file listing:

If a filename contains multiple language marks like de-en the video contains two audio tracks: native room audio and a translation.

  • de-en means the talk was held in german and translated into english.
  • en-de means the talk was held in english and translated into german.

Please don't upload released talks to YouTube, we do this ourself.

If you upload one of our recordings to external video services, please

  • ensure that you provide all metadata especially the correct title, speaker names, licence and language.
  • disable ads for this video
  • check regularly if new subtitles are available and add them


Podcast Feeds


Please, add a link to your gallery here!
If you can license (some of) your photos as CC-BY-3.0,
so they could be archived on media.ccc.de, we would be most grateful :).

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