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Human dating

Speed Dating Sessions


  • About myself: I am just an average person. I am bad at describing myself, I hate talking about myself. I like fun.
  • Hobbies: I am open-minded and will try anything once (but for some reason “anything” does not include anal).
  • You should message me if: You want to.



  • OKCupid (add [[CCCamp15]] to your profile)
  • Planetromeo (add cccamp15 to your profile)
  • ...?

Robotic dating

Generic dating

Hacker seeks fun/gaming

Hacker seeks thorough discussion

Hacker seeks hardware

  • rad1o badge: want to buy a badge for a friend who can't visit the camp - contact: User:slacc
  • Thinkpad X60s Battery (@herzi)
    • i've found one in the recycling bin at work, it was still in a sealed bag. It's a Cheap Chinese battery, you can pick it up at Village:CCC-CH no warranty! it may explode. (User:Obri)

Hardware seeks hacker

Hacker looking for a C++ template wizard who can help me with getting my programs link if using explicit instanciation and without resorting to including the whole template definitions into the compilation units. Long compile times suck. Contact datenwolf

Lost bitcoins

Must have fallen out of my pocket. If you find them, send to 1G3AYRksj5iQMEZEPcaEtWTENnBw5jxzxP :)

Carbon dating

More info here.