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Human dating

SpeedDating Sessions


  • About myself: I am just an average person. I am bad at describing myself, I hate talking about myself. I like fun.
  • Hobbies: I am open-minded and will try anything once (but for some reason “anything” does not include anal).
  • You should message me if: You want to.


Robotic dating

Generic dating

Hacker seeks fun/gaming

Hacker seeks thorough discussion

Hacker seeks hardware

  • rad1o badge: want to buy a badge for a friend who can't visit the camp - contact: User:slacc
  • Thinkpad X60s Battery (@herzi)
    • i've found one in the recycling bin at work, it was still in a sealed bag. It's a Cheap Chinese battery, you can pick it up at Village:CCC-CH no warranty! it may explode. (User:Obri)

Hardware seeks hacker

Lost bitcoins

Must have fallen out of my pocket. If you find them, send to 1G3AYRksj5iQMEZEPcaEtWTENnBw5jxzxP :)