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Human dating

Generic Speed Dating Sessions


  • About myself: I am just an average person. I am bad at describing myself, I hate talking about myself. I like fun.
  • Hobbies: I am open-minded and will try anything once (but for some reason “anything” does not include anal).
  • You should message me if: You want to.


  • OKCupid (add [[CCCamp15]] to your profile)
  • Planetromeo (add cccamp15 to your profile)
  • ...?

Hacker seeks Hacker


  • About me: 23 yo male from Stuttgart
  • I like: to build circuitry, write software and social stuff as well
  • Contact me for: whatever you're up for. Just drop me a line.
  • Contact options: can be found on my user page.


  • About me: 23 yo male from Berlin
  • I like: Podcasting, Web development, Soccer
  • Contact me for: whatever you're up for. Just drop me a line.
  • Contact options: user page / GayRomeo: gglnx / OkCupid: [1]

havok =

  • abtut me: 34 yo male from Berlin
  • I like: Pi Hardware hacking,Web developing, racing bike, motorbike, sailing, many things more
  • contact me for: have a beer, swimming in one of the lake around, have a chat, practice kinky stuff
  • contact options: user page / gr:altaire

Hacker seeks Haeckse

  • cisM26 here. Tagging doesn't work as expected for me, so visit my profile directly. Don't have A-list, so write me a line or two. Not so much into trans*-persons atm. If you can explain the way okcupid handles the tagging thing to me, please write me as well. For me, it seems to be broken. Can only see the first 5 search entries, then it brakes down.

Haeckse seeks Haeckse

Haeckse seeks Hacker


Hacker seeks *


  • male, 1997, colored hair,
  • About myself: I just graduated from high school and will start studying in Hamburg (Computer Engineering). I'm really into hardware an low level software. You can meet me at the AfRA subvillage of the BER village.
  • Hobbies: soldering, circuit making, gaming, in the future I will resume martial arts training
  • location: right now in Ahrensfelde (near Berlin), will move to Hamburg in September


  • about me: 28 yo male from Hamburg
  • likes: climbing, tripping, code, gaming, manga & anime
  • contact me for: talking about interests while/or cuddling
  • contact information: on my profile profile page.

User:Bitnapper & User:burnus

  • about us: shy couple
  • likes: OpenStreetMap, Freifunk, hiking
  • contact me for: talking about interests, playing Carcasonne or dominion (not very experienced players)
  • contact information: 53.03035/13.30275 or tel: 8934 or 8936

User:Uli sucht Alex(andra) aus Berlin

Wir haben uns auf dem Congress kennengelernt, aber das Handynetz funktioniert nicht. Du kannst mich unter erreichen.


  • About me: 33 yo male from bavaria
  • Contact me for: nacktbaden in der Nacht / skinny-dipping in the night
  • Contact options: alwis @ #camp @

Haeckse seeks *

* seeks *


  • about me: trans, androgynous, kinky, feminist. Yes, that is a dick.
  • likes: philosophy, comic book culture, getting fed junk food
  • contact me for: asking about queer/kinky stuff, cuddling, soul-warming, heavy petting, pony play
  • contact information: on my profile (amply provided)


I am a tiny anxious fish. I'm looking for a very kind and respectful person to swim in the overwhelming ocean with. You can contact me via DECT or Engelsystem.

dura and his hair

Searching for hackse who want to play with my hair. And search for people who want to play (cards)games. okcupid: _rubin_ / DECT: 3-8-7-2 / Threema: 2B7C5H73

Robotic dating


  • about me: I'm a female SMS chat bot
  • contact me for: talking
  • special functions: Send a message with "!help" for special commands
  • contact information: 4662 (SMS)

Chat dating


  • Port 6667
  • Channel: #camp-dating

Generic dating

Hacker seeks fun/gaming

  • Looking for old school console/arcade gaming (NES, SNES, Mega Drive, NeoGeo, pinball..) Koston @IRC
  • listen to 103.6MHz, FM. :) pls tell me, where you can receive the signal!

Hacker seeks thorough discussion

Hacker seeks hardware

  • rad1o badge: want to buy a badge for a friend who can't visit the camp - contact: User:slacc
  • Day 4; 1800 kids space needs blinky throwies for Helium ballons.
  • Looking for a MicroSD to SD card adapter. Also for a rad10 badge for a friend who did not make it to the camp. User:danrl
  • Looking for a ThinkPad Trackpoint Cap. No matter which style or if new or used. contact: User:Felicitus
  • Thinkpad X60s Battery (@herzi)
    • i've found one in the recycling bin at work, it was still in a sealed bag. It's a Cheap Chinese battery, you can pick it up in the Caravan Area near the Swiss flag no warranty! it may explode. (User:Obri)
  • Kritis (DECT 1822) is searching for a null-modem cable. Call if you have one!
  • looking for some green herbs for relaxing, if you can spare some give me a call DECT 4577
  • looking for an old school Siemens mobile charger (or just the plug) or a Nokia Communicator 9300 batterie. I can exchange for an old Siemens phone or a Communicator, depending on which one I will be able to use. --Steeph (talk) 16:55, 11 August 2015 (CEST) (DECT 5862)
  • looking for an universal TV remote or a Panasonic TV remote, if you have on, contact xoQUox or come to the Frankonian Village. If you bring us one, we give you a free cold beer or Mate.
  • looking for long ethernet cabel: contact 7938 (DECT) or hpfmn
  • looking for a TV with HDMI-in where we can put up our WiiU for some gaming with strangers and/or friends timotimo
  • looking for some green herbs for relaxing, if you can spare some give me a call 7442
  • looking for micro sim adapter and zweikomponentenkleber (u can have a club mate or 1 ethereum) give me a call 9514
  • looking for a simple 0815 kitchen radio, because my radio wecker is not loud enough and we can't hear anything from the broadcasted camp radio station. :( Please call 4252
  • also looking for some green herbs for relaxing, if you can spare some give me a call 8593
  • I'd like to join in with the green herbs for relaxing, if you can spare some hit me up on jabber
  • and one more hacker is desperately looking for herbs, contact me on
  • looking for a ws2812 led string, conntact me on jabber
  • rad1o: want to buy a badge, thx from munich- contact jabber:
  • also looking for relxing, delicious green herbs. pleas contact 6467
  • looking for a remote control for a standard led-light-belt. it has rgb-leds and needs an ir- remote control. any idea and/or help? DECT 6060
  • looking for 100 Ohms Trimmers (The tiny ones who must be addusted with a screwdriver) User:Yolo
  • looking for a Nintendo screwdriver (tri wing), please contact DECT 5551
  • looking for a rubber connector (like those you power your desktop computer with). Please contact 4252
  • also looking for relxing, delicious green herbs. pleas contact 4442
  • looking for USB to Power connector User:Yolo lost his
  • looking for ballons and leds (soldering 4-pin rad1o) contact jabber:
  • searching a usb-gamepad for playing on my modded retro-gamecube - please call 4442

Hardware seeks hacker

  • for sale: Original Thinkpad 68+ 6-cell battery, 6.6Ah 72Wh for T440/T440s/X240 (maybe also W550s/T550/T450s/T450/X250/L450) P/N 0C52862, Mfg Date: 2013-10-28, never used, just opened the box to see it doesn't fit my T440p. Contact: slacc
    • @unknown person who came when I wasn't at the tent on wednesday: you can try again at 32c3 ;)
  • Anyone has a mesh firmware/source code for ESP8266 MESH? I have some ESP and i want to build a mesh wtih them. Contact Zimb3000
  • Hacker looking for a C++ template wizard who can help me with getting my programs link if using explicit instanciation and without resorting to including the whole template definitions into the compilation units. Long compile times suck. Contact datenwolf
  • wts: 1-person tent: "Wechsel Pathfinder TL", color: sand. Used, good condition, contact: User:Trurl
  • micro USB cable: USB-A to microUSB-B HK @bytewerk village
  • USB OTG cable: USB-A(receptacle) to microUSB-B HK @bytewerk village
  • Helium xor @bytewerk village
  • 2 USB-Hubs, PCMCIA WLAN/GSM-Card, Dual-Sim Phone for free, but we collect donations for talk to Yolo
  • We have some threaded rod and nuts (M3) to screw the case of your radio badge (if you already have a top and bottom part of the case) together. Call DECT 3742 or contact @fheusel via twitter. To cut the rod to right length you could ask the (real) LOC (Lights Operation Center) for a saw.

Lost bitcoins

Must have fallen out of my pocket. If you find them, send to 1G3AYRksj5iQMEZEPcaEtWTENnBw5jxzxP :)


  • Digital Radio Transmitter look for content, channels to broadcast (locally produced preferably and without copyright issues).

Carbon dating

More info here.

Safe Sex Supplies

Stuck at camp without access to a nearby store for condoms? Dial "GUMI" (4864).

Gadgets / Toys / Gizmos / Things

I have a budget of 500€ to spend on totally random things.

Surprise me - I want to buy crazy stuff :) I'm @stefek99 -

Camp's T-Shirt fabulous exchange

I have an XL Green t-shirt of 2015 camp and I am willing to exchange with an L t-shirt (of 2015 camp obviously), Panda -