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The airfield is the designated place to start and fly your flying objects. It is

Where is the airfield?

There are currently three options: two north of the camp, and a small area east of the camp. Stay tuned for final decisions. (Depending on local owners)

Flugfeld auf

What can I fly at the airfield?

  • Can I fly anywhere else?
  • Under what conditions can I fly at the airfield?
Generally: if you have an electrically powered object with less than 5kg, then yes. If the object is heavier or powered by a combustion engine, or generally does not fall into the legal definition of "model aircraft", and you will need special permission ("Aufstiegsgenehmigung").
Also take note that federal regulation requires that all aircraft that are flown need a proper insurance, regardless of their size, power and operating altitude. A standard private liability insurance ("Privathaftpflicht") is usually not covering damage caused by remote controlled aircraft. The insurance through a membership in a model aircraft association is the preferred procedure.
  • Can I fly FPV at the camp?
FPV flying is subject to german law; the exact conditions for FPV flying are subject of discussions, but in general you will need a second person (a spotter) that has the flying object in sight at all times and is able to take control at any time. The safe variant would be a buddy-box system.
In any case you will need to coordinate your use of analog video frequencies. Only transmitters in the 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz range are legal with an amateur radio license. 2There are very few channels available; some channels do overlap. We are working to organize a channel reservation system at the designated flying field.
Do not, under any circumstances, switch your FPV transmitter on without first checking with your receiver that the channel is unused, even if you have a frequency reserved!
Please enter your name and frequencies into the table below.
  • Can I fly with an analog remote control? (35Mhz, 433Mhz)
You will need to coordinate with other analog users. Please enter yourself into the list below. We will try to set a method of sage frequency distribution. Be aware that the camp is not exactly a radio emission free zone.

Frequency List

If you plan on flying anything, you can enter yourself into the list. In case you plan to use analog frequencies, be sure to make an entry. You do not need to specify channels, just frequency bands (except when you're unable to change them).

Who DECT/GSM What? FPV frequencies RC frequencies (dig/analog) Comment
Enno ? mini hex 5.8Ghz 2.4GHz Like this.
Enno, Volker ? 7m blimp 2.4GHz only when there is no wind
User:Raketenclub NOGO Rockets (P1) maybe xbee for telemetrie only when there is no or light wind