A Message from your Mom

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I know this is bound to sound like your mom, grand-mom, grand-dad or something.. but... there are certain items you will really miss once on site if you don't pack them now. And then I would tell you "I told you so, but you never listen to me... and never call... bah!" :)

I have a great experience of forgetting useful stuff to camps, so I hope my mistakes can spare you some...

  • WARM LAYERS (aka "petite laine") are often VERY necessary if nights are cold. And they can really be. Two nights ago (5th of August), after a warm and sunny day, Berlin felt like it was suddenly 15 degrees, with a very cold wind. Weather forecasts (I usually pay little attention to them, but some venerable camper told me that with such a weather had in July, 7 days forecast now may actually be reliable) look like there could be 15 degrees drops between day and night (and very warm days)


Imagine being out all night with such weather! Take at least one warm pull-over and a wind-breaker. You really need BOTH. especially as the wind-breaker is usually also..

  • RAIN CLOTH like *really* waterproof garnments. We know there will be storms. Seriously. like lots of water falling from the sky... Try to have at least one piece that covers your full body (like those "emergency ponchos" you find in any sports/camping store for 2€, or a more solid one that can be got from 20-40€)
  • PROTECTION AGAINST THE SUN shall be used all the time. We will be exposed each time we would walk around, even through some materials that may appear like they provide protection (such as clouds for instance), etc. A hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. (we will need to be careful to stay hydrated all the time also!)
  • A SWIMSUIT if you want to dive into a lake, there is one right next to camp site. Cold, I heard..
  • A SLEEPING MAT to put on the ground, under your sleeping bag, not only to be more comfortable, but also less cold at night...
  • A TOWEL, for various obvious reasons
  • BABY WIPES (lingettes), as sometimes you may not feel like taking a shower... and toilet paper, because, who knows...
  • TRASH CANS to help yourself and others take care of their waste
  • LAMPS, and maybe you can hook some to the TeaHouse ;)
  • AN ELECTRIC PROLONGATOR, A network cable (loong), a micro-USB cable (for the rad10 badge) if you need them.
  • WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY or stimulates your intellect or whatever that you want to share with others. A Ukulele, a soldering iron, books, a synth, a video game console, a rare ingredient to cook, a beautiful piece of cloth, booze, excellent cheese, hard disks (full), etc.

Feel free to add other things to this list. <3


  • A FM RADIO RECEIVER because, who knows...