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Fixme is a hackerspace in the Lausanne region, Switzerland. We will be at CCCamp as part of the Lemanicus village.

Our weekly meetings are on Wednesdays from 19h, electronics meetings are on Fridays from 19h, and we're also open any time a member is present (see opening status on our site!). Feel free to come for a visit!

The Fixme hackerspace in the Lausanne region welcomes you with open arms. We host weekly general and electronics meetings, as well as events on other days, such as meetups, workshops, debates, CTFs, and more. The hackerspace can be accessed by foot (15 minutes from Renens-VD or Prilly-Malley), bus (Bus 17, Renens-Village; Bus 32/33, Chêne), or car. It is located in the IRL+ building, on the "2ème étage" (that's the 3rd floor in English), in the Univercité space.

Recent Events

  • NASA SpaceApps Challenge weekend hackathon that focused on creating apps that would advance scientific goals
  • Insomni'Hack 2015 participation to the Insomni'Hack live CTF hacking contest & workshops in Geneva
  • ElectroJam quarterly organised night for electronics hacking, where you come and work on your own or group projects
  • Raspberry Pi Weekend big weekend organised for the public, with lots of talks, presentations, and workshops
  • Defcon CTF Qualifications qualifications for the big Defcon CTF