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Camp is still ON! (a message from your weird hippie uncle)

(Message initially sent on Village:La_Quadrature_du_Camp's mailing-list)

So this one may sound like its coming from your weird and awkward hippie uncle, or whoever, but it seems important to me.

The Camp is not really "over" by now, and this immense amount of extraordinary moments we shared together is now inextricably connected with everything we care for... and even some of who we are now.

All these moments of amazing entropy (aka "camp magic") when things happen just at the right time, when so many people around just take care of problems when they arise by sharing knowledge and tools, when benevolence is the rule ("be excellent to each other"), where everyone is welcome to contribute with their skillsets and resources.. theses moments are part of us now.

They are a multitude of moments influencing a multitude of trajectories of a multitude of ideas, projects, initiatives and curiosities. All of these are going on strong, and they will go on stronger and stronger over time... we now hold this as a certainty.

In the end, these moments shared together, whether to address the standard austerity of camp life and the scarcity of resource, or to resist the infuriated elements, by being lived in such an harmonious collective and connected way, may have enabled us to get to know more about our own selves.

So here is my point: Rejoice! Camp is still on... in our hearts! <3

I thank you all so much! We've been the most amazing team ever and have achieved together something immensely beautiful! <3 <3 <3


PS: PLEASE! Take lots of rest, check with friends who were at Camp as well, maybe watch some talks you missed together... Take it easy, think of what you've learned... why not stretch, do a bit of yoga, or a massage? <3