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Present 2011/08/08 till 2011/08/14

Citizen of Neighbor Camp
Part of Project Food_Hacking_Base

I have started experimenting with cooking and different attitudes to food and nutrition when I was about 18 and it culminated in me becoming a vegan roughly two years ago. I have been doing cooking workshops and presentations, working in alternative food places and just sharing my own experience for quite some years now and that is what's the plan at CCC too.

Na zemi.jpg

This person will get engaged in

  • cooking, baking, steaming, frying, freezing, pickling, jamming, grilling and the like
  • Role-playing (RPGs in other words)
  • Drawing comic
  • Thinking
  • All kinds of dead and useless languages

2011 yearofrecovery.jpg A sketch of the FHB logo? Only in pencil, feel free to comment on

The Earth