FHB Tuesday 9/8/2011

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Today I've done a major shopping in Metro for roughly 800 EU plus another 100 EU for a Bosch food processor. I've arrived around 15:00 and finally met with Evina. We have unloaded the car, I've took a short brake, moved the perishables to a secret fridge and we started to prepare food for roughly 20 people - dinner option with helps of several others namely House, Martina ...

The dishes of the evening were vegan curry, tandoori chicken, mashed potatoes with cream, butter and bacon, carrot, apple and nut salad and several others. I've attached few pictures for you to get an idea.

We should be able to build up tomorrow the basic food hacking core, we will see how it goes.

So talk to you soon,



PS Thanks a lot to House for the photo documentation!

Wok in action ...
Vegan curry as a final delicious product ...
Apples for the salad ...
The Earth