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[edit] Thawte assuring

[edit] Assurers

name email DECT points (*) notes
JBrinx 0000 35 none

(*) maximum number of points the assurer can issue

[edit] People wanting to be assured

name email DECT notes
Mr. Template 0000 none
Fabrizio Tarizzo fabrizio(at) 6161 Italian Village - Jabber:
Tobias Kral tobias {at] kral [dot} ws 4683 (INTE) none

[edit] Things to bring

[edit] Assurers

  1. A sufficient number of thawte Statements of Validation forms (

[edit] People wanting to be assured

  1. Valid Government-issued identification document with photo (passport, national ID card, driving license).
  2. Photocopies of the identifying documentation (one copy for each assurer, the assurer will retain this copy for 5 years)

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