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Pronunciation Nation

Can you say Donauerdampfschifffahrtskapitänsgesellschaft? Speak the language... we double-dog-dare you! German has some notoriously long words, and difficult pronunciations. Think you Germans can stump the rest of us? Here's how it works: we form two lines, one of germans, and one of non-germans. Germans step up and write a word for the person in the non-german line to pronounce. By audience response, the non-german who gets it wrong is "out". Those who get it right move on to the next round. The last 3 non-germans standing, and the germans who bring the audience's favorite german words receive fabulous prizes!

Idea: why not doing it for other languages as well? ;)

Great idea! Strike that and reverse it... Let's try to stump the Germans with our awfully inconsistent English language.

Dutch sounds like it would be fun too... let's see who shows up?

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