Chaos Communication Camp 2007 - Presale proceeding at full speed, schedule published

Veröffentlichung: 10. Juli 2007

76 lectures in 5 days

With 28 days left until opening day, the schedule for the Chaos Communication Camp (known as the Fahrplan) has been finalized and released to the public.

The 76 lectures in 5 days cover a broad range of interesting topics in the global hacker community. "From more political topics like the growing surveillance of the individual, through nanotechnology, up to attacks on GSM mobile networks and other security-relevant topics, there is always something exciting in the schedule", says Julia Lüning, camp-coordinator. Some talks are out of the ordinary, like the one on telepathically controlling a bed through brain waves. Others are highly anticipated, such as the lectures on drones and selfbuilt quadrocopters--the ones that caused a "flying sensation" at the last congress of the CCC in December. As always, security topics are the core of the schedule: Decryption of mobile calls with open software or attack vectors on flash-applications in the WWW today are part of a large group of promising talks. One two-hour session deals with bugs in software that modern laptops have pre-installed--and are vulnerable out of the box.

The continuously updated Fahrplan can be found at

Village Building

Conference participants are organizing thirty themed villages at the campsite. From villages focused around showcasing hacker culture from a particular country or region, to those built to share common interests, each village is like a "camp within a camp", allowing for many unique possibilities for participants.

One example is the Audio village, organized around the many intersections of technology and music. Audio village will present various large concerts, like the US sensation "Dual Core"--Hip-hop artists int eighty and c64 have hit it big in the USA, and are on the move to conquer Europe.

Blinken area will take care of the art of lights with a full color laser-light show at night using one of the largest and most elaborate systems deployed at the camp.

Ranging from the Italian Village and BSD-area to the self-organized Kindergarten or the Astronomy Village, there is something for everyone at camp. Even the "book-crosser" initiative has its own village, hoping to inspire people to carry out the simple idea of leaving read or unwanted books behind so that other interested people can read them.

Presale Up and Going Strong

Presale has started, also. Until July 22nd, tickets can be purchased for 100-135 euro. "The number of orders so far is exceeding our expectations", says Florian Holzhauer, projectleader of Camp. "If presale tickets keep selling like this, we will have a record number of visitors, too". Tickets will also be available at the camp gate for slightly more.

Contact Information

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Please direct press inquires to the Chaos Communication Camp press team, either by emailing or by phone at +49 157 738 24267.

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