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Have you got what it takes? Are you a photoshop wizard? Got a sense of humor? Test your skills against your fellow campers and win fabulous prizes and fame the world renowned! Here's how it works: We give you 8 suggestions for what we think some darn funny pictures might be about. Take these ideas as far as you can, or write in your own. Small prizes for each category, and one big prize for the the best of show! No need to sign up, submit as many as you like! The game ends 20:30, Day 4 (Saturday) at Camp Anaconda.

Get started today!

  1. Karl Marx Brothers
  2. Tony Blair Witch Project
  3. A Bird in the Hand is Better Than Two George Bushes
  4. iPhonograph
  5. Mickey Mouse Club Maté
  6. Great Balls of Firewall
  7. Berlin Wall-mart
  8. NOC on Wood
  9. OS XXX

[edit] Judges


[edit] Participants

Link to your work here, and be sure to include your name or handle and which "suggestion" your art is about.

[edit] Winners!

The game is now closed, and a big thanks to everyone for playing! All of the entries are hilarious!

Prleu, Cosmo, and t0rx, please come by camp anaconda tonight durning the party, find b9punk, and get your fabulous prize!

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