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The Camp takes place at the location of the Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt, next to the Airport Finow. So if you like, you can directly fly to the Camp.

The coordinate of the location is 52.8317,13.6779 (Click to view the location in OpenStreetMap) (Google Maps). Alternatively, you can use this KMZ placemark file with Google Earth or this Landmark file with Nokia Maps.

The postal address is "Museumstr. 1, 16244 Schorfheide". It features a lot of civil and military planes in its museum section, offers four former airplane shelters for our event, and has lots of cool features and infrastructure - even sightseeing flights above the campground for a small fee in an Antonow An 2.

The nearby town Finowfurt provides all necessary infrastructure like several ATM, Gas Stations, a big supermarket and a rather big Hardware Store (read: Hardware as in wood, nails and camping equiment, not as in motherboard).

See Getting there for a list of ideas how to get to the camping ground from various countries.

[edit] Map of the Location

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Exit on this map is the ENTRY (for cars)! The Entry on this map is the EXIT (for cars)! Please respect the signs set up, and the angels telling you where to drive your car. Thanks! (Reason: It worked out better this way trafficwise.)


Most of the villages will be located within the camping areas.

[edit] Some Pictures of the Location


The Art and Beauty shelter. On top is a radar dome from the NSA listening station at the Teufelsberg in Berlin.


The rear of the hackcenter. The shelter is about 250 square meters.


One of the lecture shelters in the background.


A helicopter in one of the exhibition shelters.

More pictures at the website of the Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt.

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