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Lightning Talks are concept which was introduced at 21C3. Lightning Talks are 5-minute talks by various people combined in a set of 10 talks in one hour.

There will be one slot at Day 2 (Aug 9th), 21.30pm, Shelter Bar of two and a half hours for Lightning Talks.

If you want to give a Lightning Talk at the Camp go ahead and enter your offer below. Please state:

  • the exact title of your talk
  • the language your talk will be held in
  • your name (make a link to your user page with contact information as we might have to get back to you)
  • a short description (use full sentences, no keywords)

Also, submit your slides in pdf file format via mail to the moderator,, or bring them on an USB stick to the event. It will not be possible to connect your own computer to the beamer via the Lightning Talks.

[edit] Day 2

Number Title Language Speaker(s) Description
1 Chaos macht Schule - Schoolproject English yorn This talk will present a project that aims on not losing the war. The Chaostreff Mannheim has a schoolproject running that tries to sensitize pupils to topics concerning IT security, data mining and so on. If you want to do a similar project, visit this talk or contact me for further information.
2 OpenStreetMap English Jeroen Dekkers OpenStreetMap is best described as a wikipedia for maps. People drive/cycle/walk around with a GPS and create a free (as in freedom) map.
3 The United Transnational Republics English Georg How to put democracy into globalisation. The United Transnational Republics as first "3GO" (Global Governmental Grassroots Organisation) is developing an open source system of global democatric citizen representation.
4 Second Life English Emzy What is Second Life. What can you do there, even without money. Programming and building stuff there. The Virtual Second Live Village for the Camp.
5 Gozerbot Lightning Talk English ]V[ What is Gozerbot, what can it do and what YOU can do with the Gozerbot.
6 Why you should develop for the OLPC XO Laptop English Simon The fabled $100 Latop. Why you should consider developing for it and where you can try one out at the camp.

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