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[edit] IRC on a Plane

Here's an excerpt of the log from #hoap on the first ever 39,000 ft IRC server!

18:26 -!- curiosity [~cwright@] has joined #hoap
18:26 -!- Topic for #hoap: IRC on a plane! "If assholes could fly, IRC would be an airport." -- Some Dude
18:26 -!- Topic set by yotta [~yotta@] [Mon Aug  6 17:48:41 2007]
18:26 [Users #hoap]
18:26 [@yotta ] [+delay] [+JackRadical] [ bre      ] 
18:26 [+b9punk] [+eliot] [+samj       ] [ curiosity] 
18:26 -!- Irssi: #hoap: Total of 8 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 5 voices, 2 normal]
18:26 <@yotta> b9punk: I still am amazed that airport security didn't bat an eye at that device.
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18:26 -!- Channel #hoap created Mon Aug  6 16:48:20 2007
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18:26 -!- rj45 [~telekomma@] has joined #hoap
18:26 <@yotta> but it can't push enough current to run my laptop, so enjoy
18:26 < rj45> hi there :)
18:26 -!- JackRadical [~user@] has joined #hoap
18:26 -!- yayvm [~yayvm@] has joined #hoap
18:26 samj [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186449979 504392
18:26 samj [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186449982 472445
18:26 samj [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186449984 120193
18:26 samj [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186449986 386
18:26 samj [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186449987 720596
18:26 samj [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186449990 24507
18:27 samj [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186450024 768548
18:27 -!- mode/#hoap [+vvvv bre curiosity JackRadical rj45] by yotta
18:27 -!- mode/#hoap [+v yayvm] by yotta
18:27 <+rj45> just so you know, i am the journalist being with you 
18:27 <@yotta> ah
18:27 <+curiosity> L00k! Phenterm1n3! Ci@l1s! V14gra!    SPAM ON A PLANE! :)
18:27 <+bre> yay, it works!
18:28 <@yotta> I'm 99% sure that this is the largest airborne IRC network ever.
18:28 <+eliot> I'm amazed at how easily you typed that spam
18:28 <+delay> He has talents.
18:28 <@yotta> don't make me set +m :P
18:28 <+eliot> I can't seem to get the stream
18:28 -!- samj [~grutz@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:28 -!- parity [~Eric@] has joined #hoap
18:28 <+curiosity> heh
18:28 -!- samj [~grutz@] has joined #hoap
18:28 <+curiosity> so, where's the stream coming from?
18:29 <+delay> samj> udp multicast: - not rifftrax'd
18:29 <@yotta> vlc
18:29 <@yotta> i have not tried
18:29 -!- mode/#hoap [+vv parity samj] by yotta
18:30 <+samj> stream back
18:32 -!- nickfarr [~Nickfarr3@] has joined #hoap
18:32 -!- samj is now known as grutz
18:33 -!- mode/#hoap [+v nickfarr] by yotta
18:33 <+eliot> ah snap, got it
18:33 -!- yotta changed the topic of #hoap to: IRC on a plane! "If assholes could fly, IRC would be an airport." -- Some Dude | Welcome to the world's largest flying IRC channel
18:33 <+delay> Hey, seems t be working.
18:33 <+delay> No, I spoke too soon.
18:33 grutz [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186450353 433562
18:33 <+nickfarr> (By the way, the power on the plane is really, really dirty.)
18:33 <+nickfarr> And I am almost out of batteries.
18:33 <+nickfarr> Is anyone here?
18:33 -!- dataworm [~bla@] has joined #hoap
18:33 <@yotta> yes
18:33 <+grutz> bl00p
18:33 <@yotta> we love you ndf!
18:33 -!- mode/#hoap [+v dataworm] by yotta
18:33 <+dataworm> 9
18:33 <+dataworm> 8
18:33 <+dataworm> 7
18:33 <+dataworm> Hi
18:33 <+rj45> nickfarr, will there be power on the bus? 
18:34 -!- JackRadical [~user@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:34 <@yotta> for what?
18:34 <+grutz> i'm having a big lag problem
18:34 grutz [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186450391 858011
18:34 <+dataworm> Will there be internet on the bus?
18:34 <@yotta> my battery pack can charge cell phone at least
18:34 <@yotta> b9punk is currently running a hard drive off of it.
18:34 <+bre> ok, we should have gotten snakes on a plane and all watched copies of it and mystery 3000'd it!
18:34 <+delay> If not, why not?
18:35 <+curiosity> heh
18:35 <+curiosity> can't get to the stream
18:38 <@yotta> bre: yes. we should have.
18:38 grutz [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186450470 638397
18:38 grutz [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186450487 646248
18:38 <@yotta> but the other passengers would have hated us for it.
18:38 <@yotta> where are we right now?
18:38 <@yotta> rj45: I have portable AC power, but it can't run laptops, it seems.
18:38 grutz [~grutz@] requested CTCP PING from #hoap: 1186450503 286024
18:38 <+bre> doh!
18:38 <@yotta> oh.
18:38 -!- parity [~Eric@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
18:38 <+bre> in 1:05 I will be ircing from the bathroom
18:38 -!- Georgyo [~georgyo@] has joined #hoap
18:38 -!- nickfarr [~Nickfarr3@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
18:38 <@yotta> [obligitory attempt to send n00bs to goatse]
18:38 -!- b9punk [~b9punk@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
18:38 <@yotta> is this thing still on?
18:38 -!- peter [~rytus@] has joined #hoap
18:38 <+eliot> ping
18:38 < Georgyo> me wants voice
18:38 -!- mode/#hoap [+vv Georgyo peter] by yotta
18:38 <@yotta> no begging :P
18:38 -!- grutz [~grutz@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:38 -!- mode/#hoap [-v Georgyo] by yotta
18:38 <@yotta> ;)
18:38 -!- b9punk [~b9punk@] has joined #hoap
18:38 -!- mode/#hoap [+v Georgyo] by yotta
18:38 -!- peter [~rytus@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:38 -!- dataworm [~bla@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
18:38 <+bre> watching one flew over the cuckoos nest
18:39 -!- mode/#hoap [+v b9punk] by yotta
18:39 -!- grutz [~grutz@] has joined #hoap
18:39 -!- mode/#hoap [+v grutz] by yotta
18:39 <+Georgyo> Laag is extream
18:39 <+bre> does anyone have the stream of 300 working?
18:39 <+grutz> no more vlc stream, it kills the mother fucking plane
18:39 <@yotta> motherfucking plane :(
18:39 <+Georgyo> LOL
18:39 -!- delay [~delay@] has quit [Quit: EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE]
18:39 -!- user_ [~user@] has joined #hoap
18:39 <+curiosity> hehe
18:39 -!- mode/#hoap [+v user_] by yotta
18:40 -!- delay [~delay@] has joined #hoap
18:40 <@yotta> delay: No daleks allowed!
18:40 -!- mode/#hoap [+v delay] by yotta
18:40 <+delay> Tell that to them, see how far it gets you!
18:40 -!- rytus [~rytus@] has joined #hoap
18:40 -!- mode/#hoap [+v rytus] by yotta
18:40 <+rytus> hi
18:40 <+curiosity> daleks on a motherfuckin' plane?
18:40 <+Georgyo> hi
18:41 <+eliot> fucking kid just moved to the empty seat just to recline into me
18:41 <+curiosity> a/s/l?
18:41 <+delay> If streaming didn't destroy the network I'd stream some episodes of Dr Who.
18:41 <+Georgyo> thats talnet
18:41 <+user_> KICK HIM
18:41 <+curiosity> heh
18:41 <+rytus> in the face
18:41 <+Georgyo> The people behind me punch my chair when I go back
18:41  * yotta screenshots
18:41 <+curiosity> I thought the germans were supposed to be polite now?
18:41 -!- b9punk [~b9punk@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:41 <+grutz> punch them back in the face
18:42 <+Georgyo> Naw
18:42 <+eliot> ""/kick fucking kid
18:42 <@yotta> hahaa
18:42 <+Georgyo> It feels kinda of good
18:42 <+eliot> didn't work
18:42 -!- Topic for #hoap: IRC on a plane! "If assholes could fly, IRC would be an airport." -- Some Dude | Welcome to the world's largest flying IRC channel
18:42 -!- Topic set by yotta [~yotta@] [Mon Aug  6 18:33:27 2007]
18:42 <@yotta> yeah, get him on irc so i can /kick him
18:42 -!- user_ is now known as JackRadical
18:42 <+Georgyo> they got tired
18:42 -!- You're now known as curiosity_30K
18:43 <+curiosity_30K> figured I'd start a convention - nick + seat #
18:43 <@yotta> oh
18:43 <+eliot> the seat used to be ours maybe we can just force him to gtfo
18:43 <@yotta> fuck yes.
18:43 -!- delay is now known as delay_31a
18:43 <+curiosity_30K> heh
18:43 -!- Georgyo is now known as Georgre_32A
18:43 -!- grutz is now known as grutz_ONDAWING
18:43 -!- yotta is now known as yotta_28D
18:43 <+grutz_ONDAWING> there's a man on the wing of this plane!
18:43 <+eliot> yeah, but 30K sounds awesome
18:43 <@yotta_28D> true
18:43 <+eliot> not like 29A
18:44 <+curiosity_30K> now if I knew any tcl I'd write a bot to map everyone by seat # :)
18:44 <+delay_31a> 36C would be good too.
18:44 -!- grutz_ONDAWING is now known as grutz_26Hz
18:44 <+eliot> wait, where am I?
18:44 <+curiosity_30K> hells yeah - I'm from the future!
18:44 <+bre> anyone got a gps to hold out the window to check elevation?
18:44 <+curiosity_30K> hahaha
18:44 <@yotta_28D> It's /nick newnamehere if you don't know.
18:44 <+grutz_26Hz> have to look at the tv monitors for that info
18:45 <@yotta_28D> yeah, i know, moving your head is so hard
18:45 <+grutz_26Hz> i got whiplash
18:45 -!- eliot is now known as eliot_28G
18:45 <@yotta_28D> IRC @ 39000 feet
18:45 -!- JackRadical is now known as JackRadical_25H
18:45 <+grutz_26Hz> a new low!
18:45 <+Georgre_32A> The extream geeks
18:46 <+bre> -50 Celcius
18:46 -!- yotta_28D changed the topic of #hoap to: IRC on a plane! "If assholes could fly, IRC would be an airport." -- Some Dude | Welcome to the world's largest flying IRC channel (39000 ft)
18:46 <+Georgre_32A> worlds larges flying IRC server
18:46 -!- yayvm [~yayvm@] has quit [Quit: I was fake anyway]
18:47 <@yotta_28D> bre, rj45, rytus: conform please :)
18:47 <+rj45> thx for now
18:47 -!- rj45 [~telekomma@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:47 <+eliot_28G> shun shun shun
18:47 <+Georgre_32A> Rytus is busy on iptables
18:47 <+delay_31a> Typical reporter, get what you want and then run.  :p
18:48 <@yotta_28D> what, a bunch of hackers acting like hackers on irc?
18:48 <+grutz_26Hz> (.)(.)
18:48 <+Georgre_32A> heh
18:48 <@yotta_28D> (.Y.) < much nicer :P
18:49 <+curiosity_30K> ^_^
18:49 <+grutz_26Hz> those are just pushed together
18:49 <+delay_31a> camwhore shot.
18:49 <@yotta_28D> um, anyway....
18:49 <@yotta_28D> haha
18:49 <+curiosity_30K> wow, so elevation does not have a direct correlation to the level of discourse.  duly noted.
18:49 <@yotta_28D> heh
18:49 <+grutz_26Hz> hey these macbooks have isights
18:50 <@yotta_28D> well, we ARE all high.
18:50 <+grutz_26Hz> we could camwhore on a plane!
18:50 <@yotta_28D> wow.
18:50 <@yotta_28D> just.
18:50 <@yotta_28D> wow.
18:50 <+curiosity_30K> hahaha
18:50 <+delay_31a> wow.
18:50 -!- rytus is now known as rytus_32c
18:50 <+Georgre_32A> Super High
18:50 <+JackRadical_25H> Good point 
18:50 <+curiosity_30K> turn on bonjour?
18:50 <+delay_31a> Some things are best not contemplated.
18:50 <+curiosity_30K> ichat bitchez
18:50 <+bre> shall we all cough on the count of 3?
18:50 <+curiosity_30K> heh
18:50 <+bre> 1
18:50 <+curiosity_30K> or yell yahtzee
18:50 <+bre> 2
18:50 <+grutz_26Hz> 4
18:51 <+Georgre_32A> iirc
18:51 <@yotta_28D> 7
18:51 <@yotta_28D> oh
18:51 <@yotta_28D> so
18:51 <@yotta_28D> 0, 1, 2, 720! < what's the next number in the series?
18:51 <+eliot_28G> shitcock, ichat did not like being turned on
18:52 <+curiosity_30K> i'm trying it now too
18:52 <+Georgre_32A> man typing with this great amount of arm space is great
18:52 <@yotta_28D> :'(
18:53 <@yotta_28D> ok
18:55 <+delay_31a> Yeah, that didn't work.
18:55 <+curiosity_30K> hey eliot
18:56 <+eliot_28G> hey
18:56 <+eliot_28G> it just says starting
18:56 <+curiosity_30K> hey eliot?
18:56 <+eliot_28G> yes?
18:56 -!- Georgre_32A is now known as tiredKid_32A
18:56 -!- tiredKid_32A was kicked from #hoap by yotta_28D [tiredKid_32A]
18:56 <+eliot_28G> cancelled it
18:56 -!- tiredKid_32A [~georgyo@] has joined #hoap
18:57 <+curiosity_30K> ok
18:57 <@yotta_28D> ;)
18:57 < tiredKid_32A> who kicks me
18:57 -!- mode/#hoap [+v tiredKid_32A] by yotta_28D
18:57 <@yotta_28D> you were'n the one who wanted someone kicked?
18:57 <@yotta_28D> sorry then
18:57  * tiredKid_32A throws a keyboard at yotta_28D
18:57 <+curiosity_30K> adium doesn't support video does it?
18:59 <+grutz_26Hz> where does osx store its http docs?
18:59 <+eliot_28G> vee are german yotta ov course vee have teh chocolate
18:59 <@yotta_28D> heh
19:00 <+eliot_28G> comp says I only have another hour of this fun; are we there yet?
19:01 <+grutz_26Hz> for some real art. bekinski, geiger, van eck, etc. boring!
19:01 <@yotta_28D> no
19:01 <+eliot_28G> 33% done
19:01 <+tiredKid_32A> heh, I have 7 hours of bat life left
19:02 -!- parity [~Eric@] has joined #hoap
19:02 <@yotta_28D> i should have 3 hours left or so
19:02 <@yotta_28D> hmm
19:03 <+curiosity_30K> hey parity
19:03 < parity> yo
19:03 <@yotta_28D> charging state:          discharging
19:03 <@yotta_28D> present rate:            13645 mW
19:03 <@yotta_28D> remaining capacity:      16830 mWh
19:03 -!- parity is now known as parity_30E
19:03 <@yotta_28D> I have a battery with 52000mWh still
19:04 <+eliot_28G> Im in ur itunes lisnen to ur girl talk
19:04 -!- mode/#hoap [+v parity_30E] by yotta_28D
19:04 <+curiosity_30K> heh, grutz - I like the header: Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80
19:04 <+grutz_26Hz> pwn the osx
19:04 <+grutz_26Hz>
19:04 <+curiosity_30K> XSS on a plane!
19:05 <+delay_31a> Yeah, my itunes library is shared; not much in it, I only store stuff I recently ripped on the laptop, main library is at home.
19:05 <+grutz_26Hz> so where's the wiki so we can mass deface it and argue more?
19:05 <@yotta_28D> i don't have the wiki software
19:05 <@yotta_28D> i thought i downloaded it, but i failed to do so :(
19:05 <+grutz_26Hz> jaegarmeister shots anybody?
19:06 <+curiosity_30K> sure
19:06 <+eliot_28G> sounds good, you want my tylenol pm?
19:07 <+tiredKid_32A> sounds like a party
19:07 <+grutz_26Hz> oontz oontz oontz oontz
19:07 <+parity_30E> the germans call it 'doof'
19:07 <+parity_30E> doof doof doof
19:07 <@yotta_28D> I have excedrin
19:08 <@yotta_28D> it's got caffine in it
19:08 <+grutz_26Hz> claritin
19:08 <+parity_30E> i missed my flight to black hat on wednesday --
19:08 <+parity_30E> -- so i could get a root canal
19:08 <+parity_30E> hence, i have vicodin
19:08 <+curiosity_30K> ouch
19:08 <+grutz_26Hz> now that's a party
19:08 <+curiosity_30K> heh
19:08 <+delay_31a> Root canal or vicodin?
19:08 <+curiosity_30K> let's trade drugs
19:08 <+curiosity_30K> on a plane
19:08 <@yotta_28D> dude
19:08 <@yotta_28D> talk about that shit in PM
19:08 <+curiosity_30K> heh
19:08 <+grutz_26Hz> the fedz are watching irc
19:08 <@yotta_28D> yeah
19:09 <+tiredKid_32A> wait till we hit international waters
19:09 <+grutz_26Hz> install OTR man
19:09 <+curiosity_30K> oh noes
19:09 <@yotta_28D> the NSA is watching
19:09 <+tiredKid_32A> then let the drug trading begin
19:09 <@yotta_28D> well
19:09 <@yotta_28D> this irc server is actually it's own counrty.
19:09 <+rytus_32c> as long as you don't say bomb ull be fine
19:09 <@yotta_28D> dude
19:09 <+grutz_26Hz> canada is canabis ok
19:09 <@yotta_28D> people can read my screen
19:09 -!- gotszlin [~gotszlin@] has joined #hoap
19:09 <+rytus_32c> oh snap!
19:10 <@yotta_28D> it's da fed, hide
19:10 <@yotta_28D> hekko!
19:10 <+curiosity_30K> well if I believe what I see in movies, right now at this exact moment, an f-117 Stealth fighter is using an untested docking collar to connect to the underside of our plane with a crack team of special forces onboard, led by Steven Seagal and they're going to take our lunch money
19:10 <@yotta_28D> hello
19:10 <+eliot_28G> yeah, we should set up a tor node if you want to talk that shit ;-)
19:10 < gotszlin> spot the undercover reporter
19:10 <+grutz_26Hz> change your seat number in your nick
19:10 <@yotta_28D> haha
19:10 <+grutz_26Hz> they'll never find you that way
19:10 <+grutz_26Hz> harrison ford is onboard?
19:10 -!- gotszlin is now known as ICECommander_19
19:10 -!- ICECommander_19 is now known as ICECommandr_19E
19:11 <+curiosity_30K> heh
19:11 <+parity_30E> so i bought the current issue of Rolling Stone
19:11 <+curiosity_30K> anyone running mrtg to graph our bandwidth?
19:11 <+tiredKid_32A> Heh, it would be funny if someone connected to HoaP network thinking they can get internet on this flight
19:11 < ICECommandr_19E> haha
19:11 <+tiredKid_32A> I am sure someone has
19:12 <+parity_30E> let's see those dhcp leases
19:12 <@yotta_28D> probably
19:12 <+curiosity_30K> well it says Hacker right in the name...
19:12 <+eliot_28G> that's what I'm sayin, give them a splash page...
19:12 <+curiosity_30K> serves 'em right
19:12 <+eliot_28G> that looks like gmail ;)
19:12 < ICECommandr_19E> even if the rest of this journey sucks, IRC on a plane will still have made my week
19:12 <+grutz_26Hz> YOUWILLBEHACKED has never stopped anyone from connecting to an AP
19:12 <+curiosity_30K> heh
19:12 <+grutz_26Hz> goatse on the plane!
19:13 <+curiosity_30K> i thought of that but didn't say it out loud
19:13 <+parity_30E> so anyway, about that rolling stone
19:13 <+parity_30E> it features an article about the same dateline nbc show that sent the chick to defcon
19:13 <+grutz_26Hz> goatse at 39,000 ft
19:13 <+parity_30E> they are some slimy fuckers
19:13 <+grutz_26Hz> awesome
19:13 <+parity_30E> and the really rich irony is
19:13 < ICECommandr_19E> hmm "power water"
19:13 <+parity_30E> at the end of every show, they bust somebody
19:13 <+tiredKid_32A> well, in order toget that someone would have to mirror goatse
19:14 <+parity_30E> and make them do this walk of shame on camera
19:14 <+tiredKid_32A> And mirroring goatse would be werid
19:14 <+grutz_26Hz> are they passing out olive oil?
19:14 <+parity_30E> which although i've never seen it, i imagine must look a lot like the walk that chick got to do back to the parking lot
19:14 <+curiosity_30K> the water they're handing out looks like something like a nitrous canister
19:14 <+tiredKid_32A> naw water
19:14 <+eliot_28G> I think it's an enema
19:14 <@yotta_28D> I count 21 people
19:14 <+eliot_28G> I said no
19:14 <@yotta_28D> gotten leases
19:14 <+delay_31a> Yes, yes it does.
19:16 <+delay_31a> It's also designed to splash water on you.
19:16 <+parity_30E> yeah, i did it twice
19:16 <+parity_30E> no more power water for me
19:16  * parity_30E is switching to fire water
19:16 < ICECommandr_19E> here's a fun experiment: get an airtight water bottle and close it when taking off
19:16 <+bre> if you squeeze it you get more fizzy
19:16 < ICECommandr_19E> open up at 35000 feet
19:16 <+curiosity_30K> ahah, I just looked at the water bottle and the word 'alive' looked like 'saliva' to me
19:17 -!- mode/#hoap [+v ICECommandr_19E] by yotta_28D
19:17 <+tiredKid_32A> it tastes like saliva
19:17 <+grutz_26Hz> salvia bottles
19:17 <+grutz_26Hz> that would be fun
19:17 <+ICECommandr_19E> so, who put drugs in their baggage?
19:18 <+curiosity_30K> I put drugs in someone else's baggage...
19:18 <+grutz_26Hz> not over international waters yet, can't tell ya
19:18 <+tiredKid_32A> that is the way to do
19:18 <+ICECommandr_19E> apparently they do when you fly out of Columbia
19:18 <+ICECommandr_19E> s/do/do that
19:19 <@yotta_28D> I have perscriptions for all of mine
19:19 <+curiosity_30K> I have to meet someone in the bathroom later to get the rest of my balloons...
19:19  * ICECommandr_19E 1 hour of battery life remaining
19:19 <+curiosity_30K> anyone else on here see the syringe disposal box in the restroom at the airport?  That kinda creeped me out...
19:19 -!- bre [~Bre@] has quit [Quit: bre]
19:19 <@yotta_28D>      Battery 1: discharging, 38%, 00:56:11 remaining
19:19 <@yotta_28D>      Battery 2: charged, 1%
19:19  * parity_30E is diabetic
19:19 <+curiosity_30K> 43 minutes of powah
19:19 <@yotta_28D> curiosity_30K: insulin, obviously
19:20  * curiosity_30K is too
19:20  * parity_30E likes those thoughtful syringe disposal box people
19:20 <+tiredKid_32A> If anyone got an IBM T series
19:20 <+curiosity_30K> well yeah, but it's just something I see a lot
19:20 -!- h1kari [~h1kari@] has joined #hoap
19:20 <+tiredKid_32A> I have a spare batterie
19:20 <+curiosity_30K> heh I meant NOT
19:20 <@yotta_28D> i have a spare
19:20 -!- ioerror [~ioerror@] has joined #hoap
19:20 <+curiosity_30K> hey hikari
19:20 <@yotta_28D> ioerror: hi!
19:20 < h1kari> wassup
19:20 <+curiosity_30K> tired: for what kinda machines
19:20 <+eliot_28G> about time lzy asses
19:20 <+ICECommandr_19E> seat numbers in nicks please
19:20 < ioerror> What's the root password on this server?
19:20 < ioerror> ;-)
19:21 -!- mode/#hoap [+v h1kari] by yotta_28D
19:21 <+eliot_28G> we're running out of power
19:21 -!- mode/#hoap [+v ioerror] by yotta_28D
19:21 <+h1kari> go to the restroom
19:21 <@yotta_28D> i'm good for at least another three hours
19:21 -!- ioerror is now known as ioerror_20k
19:21 <+grutz_26Hz> they yell at you for taking the laptop to the restroom
19:21 <+parity_30E> yep
19:22 <+curiosity_30K> heh
19:22 <+grutz_26Hz> hide it under your shirt
19:22 <+parity_30E> flying alone once i didn't want to leave my laptop unattended
19:22 <+parity_30E> took it to the restroom
19:22 <+tiredKid_32A> why would they yell
19:22 <+curiosity_30K> crotch it
19:22 <+parity_30E> got a ration of shit
19:22 <+tiredKid_32A> if you break it, thats your problem
19:22 <+ioerror_20k> If people can have sex in airplanes, surely you can charge your laptop
19:22 <+eliot_28G> keister it
19:22 <+grutz_26Hz> they don't like that either, ioerror_20k 
19:22 <+h1kari> ioerror_20k: people do that??
19:22 <+grutz_26Hz> fuddy duddies
19:22 <+ioerror_20k> Hopefully later!
19:22 <+ICECommandr_19E> I don't see how two adults can fit in an airplane bathroom
19:22 <+ICECommandr_19E> the mile high club is a myth
19:22 <+delay_31a> ICECommandr_19E: Carefully.
19:22 <+ioerror_20k> Is that a bet?
19:22 <+delay_31a> And no, it isn't a myth.
19:23 <+eliot_28G> to io they're essentially the same
19:23 <+curiosity_30K> jackradical has the only device on the plane (afaik) that you could use irc from the bathroom with
19:23 <+grutz_26Hz> we can try to see how many we can fit.. like in a vw
19:23 <+h1kari> well, while you're doing it, you might as well charge your batteries too
19:23 <@yotta_28D> I'll help test that one!
19:23 <+ioerror_20k> I bet you will.
19:23 <+ioerror_20k> Ok, you can blow me in the bathroom
19:23 <+ioerror_20k> Technically it's not gay, I won't enjoy it for a moment.
19:23 <+grutz_26Hz> charge your laptop, discharge your....
19:23 <+curiosity_30K> heh
19:23 <+grutz_26Hz> not gay if the balls don't touch
19:23 <+curiosity_30K> conservation of matter and energy or some shit
19:24 <+ICECommandr_19E> its in international territory, it isnt cheating
19:24 <+tiredKid_32A> whoa
19:24 <@yotta_28D> haha
19:24 <+tiredKid_32A> time for me to tune out
19:24 <+curiosity_30K> heh
19:24 <+grutz_26Hz> oh shit, this isn't the nc-17 channel?
19:24 <@yotta_28D> it's irc
19:24 <+tiredKid_32A> No it is
19:24 <@yotta_28D> irc is all nc-17 all the time
19:24 <+ICECommandr_19E> que up the ascii pr0n
19:24 <+eliot_28G> what you didn't see the (oYo)?
19:25 <+tiredKid_32A> well
19:25 <+curiosity_30K> I was just going to say "I'm gonna bail when my battery is down to 30 minutes" but that really takes on a new meaning here :)
19:25 <+tiredKid_32A> technically, nc-17 would be nc-12 on irc
19:26 <@yotta_28D> ioerror_20k: you wouldn't enjoy it because I'm male, or because it's fucking uncomfortable in there
19:26 <@yotta_28D> uh, hold on, battery swap time
19:26 <@yotta_28D>      Battery 1: discharging, 4%, 00:06:21 remaining
19:26 <@yotta_28D>      Battery 2: charged, 1%
19:26 <+ioerror_20k> I don't mind, I'm bisexual. I just don't find you attractive.
19:26 <+eliot_28G> I think both are considered fucking uncomfortable
19:28 <+curiosity_30K> did the server tank? this point the Wireless Access Point did die while the batteries were being changed in-flight. --Curiosity 09:50, 8 August 2007 (CEST)

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